Saturday, July 13, 2013

IBB Makeup Challenge: Alter Ego

This July, like every months, Indonesian Beauty Blogger hold a Makeup Challenge. This month, the Makeup Challenge is sponsored by Maybelline, and the theme is so interesting: Alter Ego.

The theme really excites me. Unlike IBB MUC previous themes, this kinda needs an effort to just make my imaginary look popping up in my mind. But when first knowing the theme is about alter ego, Hollow Ichigo came into my mind. Ya! It's Kurosaki Ichigo from the famous manga 'Bleach'. He has a hollow (bad spirit) side of himself even though he's a shinigami who supposed to beat all hollows out. In this manga, Ichigo is often told to fight with his own hollow to get the control of his power.

Not only that, another image also appears, related to Alter Ego theme. It is one of my Goosebumps' cover. The story is about a boy and his evil 'twin'. The cover shows a face with two expressions; at one side, the boy is smiling, and the other side, the boy is EVILLY smiling. And now talking about Goosebumps, I'm missing those books so much. I only have two series of them, and the rest, I've read all of them at my junior high school's library. They have complete series of Goosebumps *feeling excited by imagining those books on the shelf*.

I keep thinking, maybe I have an evil side of myself by keep imagining those evil looks. And also, you don't want to know the evil things that I can be done *evil smirk*; from stealing candy from babies to becoming an Emperor of Evil..........ahhh~ I play too much The Sims 3.

So this is my usual look.

I am a cute girl who always says sweet and nice things, keeps smiling to everyone, and keeps pouting for pose.

I usually wear a pair of fake eyelashes, and mascara for my lower lashes. Thus it makes my eyes cute and bigger. For blush, I use my favorite red blusher. And also peach tint for my lips.

Then, it's time to show what's inside me. Let the curtain opened to show the true self. Here's my alter ego.


To make face look evil, I create smirk lips, inspired by scary clown and Joker. But I prefer to create sharp edge to make it more evil. The same sharp edge is also applied to how I draw the eyeline.

Here's the details:

Don't ever try to get in my way, or I can do something cruel and evil that will never ever be forgotten. That's how you remember me.

Products I used:

1. Dollywink Pencil Eyebrow #2
3. NYX Single Eyeshadow #Dark Brown
4. NYX Triple Eyeshadow #White,Grey, Black (evil look)
5. Beautystyle Pencil Eyeliner #White (evil look)
6. Naris Up Mascara
7. NYX Pencil Eyeliner #Black (evil look)
8. Geo Princess Mimi Almond lens (usual look)

1. EOS Lip Balm #Lemon Drop (usual look)
3. Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick (evil look)
4. NYX Pencil Eyeliner #Black (evil look)


  1. woaaaa different person :D
    good luck kak, semoga menang challenge nya


  3. wahhh keren banget hasil makeup alter egonyaa. Bisa aja kepikiran bikin makeup kyk gitu. hahaha xD
    Two thumbs up for you! :D
    Good luck yaa, smoga bisa menang :)


    1. mungkin karena....this is my true self. hahahahahahaha.
      thank youuuu

  4. beneran keren , good luck dear :)

  5. ka sumpret ini serem banget.... TAPI KEREEEEEN!!!

    1. wahahahaha, lumayan kalo dipajang buat nakutin tikus. XD
      makasiiiih <3

  6. Serem bener, bener-bener seperti beda orang ^_^
    Semoga menang ya sai ^_^

    Salam Kenal, Luci