Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hello 2014

Another year has been passed. 2013 just went away like that without leaving me something nice to be remembered, or even something awful or very terrible to be laughed at. A dull year,...or a dull me. This year, I've just been sitting at the same spot and bitterly watching everyone's going to their own next level of life.

I realized I even didn't write or tell resolutions for 2013. Back then, I thought it was too mainstream to tell a whole world what are you going to do in the new year. It's not everyone's business, right?! Why must tell everyone?! Who the hell cares?!

As the result of my cockiness here, I even don't remember what are my resolutions back then, and why I have not achieved anything now. FML, right?!

And now, I'm gonna be mainstream, I'm gonna be annoying, because I'm gonna tell you (whoever read this) my resolutions for this year specifically.


1. Get my bachelor degree. This one must be my priority for this year, and must be checked as soon as possible, on May I hope. Pretty, pretty please, God and Goddess!
2. Right after graduation, go abroad and start studying something new. I've been planned this for almost two years but get stuck on my to-do-list because I haven't given a check mark for the point no. 1!!!

1. Keep half of my income every month or week in my treasure box. I've considered a piggy bank instead but treasure box seems cooler.
2. Getting more focused in business I've done. This one has some serious targets to be achieved this year. Cannot tell here, company's secret. Hohoho
3. As for NUWA, I also want to be more serious. Must diligently promote this online shop. Yeah, like NUWA's page, and stay tune for new collection to be uploaded on January! I really consider to have a store this year in Jakarta.

Fakdisyit! Next..

1. Do exercise every morning. 2014 for flat tummy and skinny legs!
2. Eat healthy. I went diet and it resulted nothing because I only stand to not eat too much for couple of days and the next day I'll put soooo much things into my mouth. I have such a huge monstrous appetite. Therefore, I think I just need to keep an eye on calories I've consumed every day and change menu from carbo to fruits or veggies. 2014 for flat tummy and skinny legs!

1. Dye hair. Ahhh~ I've missed my dyed hair so much. I think I will start to dye my hair ash, and then go for wild colors next, orange maybe.
2. Do routine purchase for beauty stuffs and fashion. 2014 for stylishly dressing up!

1. Learn how to swim. LOL! But seriously!
2. Learn how to drive a car, but not use a car in every moments. Just need to know how to drive it. Just in case.
3. Get back to continue my writing hobby and be a super rich like JK Rowling. I've been having this hobby for a decade and not even have a single finished work (lame!). Maybe I can finished two novels for 2014, and many short stories.

1. Write at least 10 posts per month.
2. Get 150,000 pageviews or more.
3. Go to events and make some friends there.
4. Get a new camera for a better quality picture for my blog. Need to save so much money in my treasure box.
5. Related to my writing skill resolution, I'm going to post a very short story here on my blog every month, and it will be in English.


Yosh! That's all I think what I need to write here. I don't know maybe tomorrow I'm gonna regret it and mock my self for being like a teen girl who post resolutions on her own blog. But too late, it's gonna be posted on 11.55 P.M. (who read blog on new year's eve?!). I will bookmark it and let's see how much I've checked in the end of 2014.

Happy new year everyone!

stolen the most childish one from Google Image photo.elsoar.com

Friday, December 27, 2013

Photo Diary: Christmas

Date: December 25th, 2013 (It's Christmas!)
Location: Lotte Shopping Avenue, Jakarta

Started with a photo of my Mom and my little sister, Alin.

Photos with Santa.

"Santa, I'm a good kid~".

Mama also begs for a present.

Fake snow

Fake phone


Too lazy to think of a nice caption.


I don't celebrate Christmas, but I always think it's such a nice thing to say 'Merry Christmas' to friends who celebrate it. And it will be not nice to say you cannot congratulate them because it will disturb your faith. You say you appreciate those who celebrate Christmas by letting them celebrate it. However, I think, it's not an appreciation, because you have put someone in the distance, and drawn a border in between. That is the cruelest thing you've done to humanity.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Why Blue?!

Today is the day of Winter Solstice Festival or Tang Cheh. Therefore, my grandma made Tangyuan. This is a ritual that must be done every year. Tangyuan is balls made from glutinous rice flour, cooked in sweet and warm soup. Originally, there will be much ginger added in it, but I don't like ginger because it will be too hot for this weather, my throat burns.

Usually, I, with my sisters, will help my grandma in making it. But today, I came home late so every things for tomorrow's tangyuan cooking had been settled. 

Then I found something's weird.

Why blue?!

Every year, my grandma will make three-color-tangyuan: white, red, and green. But this year, why blue?!

Grandma then told me that she used unusual food-coloring that had been kept in the fridge. She mistakenly took the blue, thought it will turn out to be green. That food-coloring actually was used to color chocolate which my sister bought almost a year ago. She became kinda pissed off seeing her tangyuan blue, and threw the food-coloring away later. LOLOL

Well, actually I think blue is cuter, isn't it?! I think next year, it's gonna be great if the tangyuan is made in rainbow colors. Only if my grandma agrees.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk

It feels like decades since I've written beauty products' review. And now I'm back with Dear My Blooming Lips-talk from Etude House. It's not a new product. Old one. But I've been wanting this since its first launch. Well, just now I was given the chance (read: money).

I bought two shades #OR211 and #RD303. I spend minutes (or hours) in the store choosing which shades should I pick. Now I'm sure: when it comes to lip color, I always end up choosing the orange one.

I think, the main reason why I want to buy these lipsticks is because their cute packaging. I'm not a fan of pink but I can't stand the cuteness.

Now, let's see the color. Here's the swatches:

Left: RD303
Right: OR211

OR211 is orange-y nude. This shade of lipstick has been on my wishlist since I'm obsessed with Lime Crime's Babette. I suddenly became nude lips lover. Well~ OR211 and Babette is different. Babette is more into pink than orange. But I always doubt Babette will look good on me since I have pale and yellow skin. I'm afraid I'm going to be like an ill girl. So, for warming up to greet Babette, I try this one from Etude House. Hahahaha. And I'm really happy it turns out good! I like the color!

It's a bit pale in the picture, but in real, I think it's a really nice color, warm nude orange that looks so sweet.


Next, RD303

This lipstick is a combination between red and orange. The color is fun and bright. When people say, don't combine bright lip color with bright cheek blusher, I feel like I should be against it when I try this lipstick on. I think it's really perfect to create such a playful look with red blusher.

The cons maybe it won't really last long on lips. However, I'm quite satisfied with this product. I love the colors.

Which shade is your favorite?

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Nayy Nayy Nayyyyyyyy

The title sounds really annoying, right?!

I've just followed @ootdindo on instagram. I'm amazed that so many people in Indonesia dare to be what we call 'fashionista', because we all know the feeling when we just dress up a bit and go to the street, thousand eyes will look at us, judging or staring like perverts. Big yay for these people and whoever made this account!

But...I'm also amazed by so many 'nayy nayy nayy' comments on every posts they uploaded. 

Even more stupid, I once found some comments that state 'how can you wear that outfit in Indonesia?'. Heyyy~ why not?! As long as that people don't use too much fur in this tropical country, I think it's okay for them to wear anything they like.

Then, there also comes debate in which the 'nay nay' commentators will say that they JUST want to speak up their opinion, and it goes to 'hail freedom!' and some 'democratic stuff' that too tough for discussed until my brain cannot handle anymore.

When you meet a stranger who dress up in a really not-your-style on the street, do you dare to say 'nayyyy' in front of her? I bet you not, because we all have learnt about something named etiquette. I think so many people forget about this etiquette in cyber world. Or...maybe they forget that there is a real person in every username, who has a real heart, mind, and emotion.

So we're not supposed to say 'nay nay' merely because it's not our style and preference. Even if we don't like it at all! Moms, Dads, teachers must have taught us how to politely talk to someone. Well~, don't make their effort useless. Speak nicely everywhere, and of course must comment nicely too. Just like many people have said, treat someone like the way you wanna be treated.

Oh! By the way, I don't make the photos, usernames, and comments blur deliberately, because you may curious about their high-class fashion taste and go to their accounts to check.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Gloomy Salad Days

It's an old Taiwanese drama from 2010 that I've just watched it now in 2013. I actually love the fact that Taiwanese Drama still sticks to fantasy genre instead of just feeding us, the audience, with a lame romantic story of the rich and the poor. I'm sick of that kind of drama. And to be honest, I love fantasy drama, even though they have a very very ridiculous story-line. I still can enjoy how the stories are made without any similar pattern with other stories. I mean, at least I don't see that rich boy and that poor girl anymore.

Back to the show! 'Gloomy Salad Days' is also known with 'Death Girl', and IT IS the story of the Death Girl, named Du.

Below is quote taken from the opening of the drama:

"So, you're the Death from the legends?"

"I'm just the guardian of this bridge.
Only when you can't cross it, would I then become Death."

The quote refers to the legend of Death as the guardian of Bridge of Helplessness. To keep the bridge for not falling down, she must go to the world to find people who are willing to be her rock to support her bridge in exchange to she granting their wish. The wish is usually related to the disappearance of  someone. Thus, Du will take someone's lives. Here it is when someone get stuck in between life and afterlife, at the Bridge of Helplessness, due to their inability to cross the bridge and walk past their own barriers, asking help from Du instead.

There are 20 episodes with several different stories that are taken from social issues happened in reality. Go to Drama Wiki or Wikipedia to see the summary. The main thing of this drama is Du's rock that taken from Bridge of Helplessness. Only who speaks of death and keeps that rock will summon Death. The main character is Du and Shen Qi. Shen Qi is a sickly boy who is able to see Du without the rock, and later he falls in love with her.


Shen Qi

What I'm gonna write from now is just my comment about each story in it. And it contains SPOILER.

Episode 1-2: Huang He and Xiao Qing

I love this episode because of a shocking twist in the end. And it was really really tragic how Huang He, a top star student both in academic and his juvenile delinquency, committed suicide because of the emptiness he felt after reaching great score in his study and making so many chaos and hatred in his gangster life. Huang He found Du's rock in abandoned area of their old school building. He once said, 'my score cannot even getting any better, I also cannot do anything worse than what I do now.' He had reached his limit, and ironically, felt guilty of his sin for asking Du to get rid of his illegitimate child with her science teacher, whom we would know later that the baby was still alive and it was even not his baby. Tsk! This young mafia already did so many sins in his life, but felt guilty of a sin that even not exist.

Episode 3-4: Xiao Lin

This is the saddest and the most tragic story of all episodes in Gloomy Salad Days. My tears kept flowing down seeing a dying Xiao Lin, alone in her dorm, starved to death. Xiao Lin was a new student who placed Huang He's desk in which Du's rock was put before. She asked Du to make her able to be together again with his father who has affair with a young bitch, and her mother who's stressed and become a drunkard, therefore both of them neglected Xiao Lin. Du granted Xiao Lin's wish because that girl could not make it happens by her own. Du took her life and her parents'.

Xiao Lin

The weird thing of this story is the appearance of Ah Jie, a graffiti lover and the son of famous calligraphy writer. I thought he's gonna be the main character for next episodes since he also has problem with his father, but he doesn't appear again until the last episode.

Episode 5-6: Nicole and Xiao Tang

Shocked by the tragic endings of previous episodes, I had no hope in seeing someone will live happily ever after at the end of the story. However, these two episodes made me relieved. Nicole and Xiao Lin was friends. Xiao Lin promised Nicole everything's in her room would be Nicole's if she could be together again with her parents. Du's rock was now in Nicole's hand. But, although Nicole asked Du to make her drunkard and abusive father disappear, she didn't end up turning into a rock. She now lives happily in the city, Taipei, starting her new life. Xiao Tang who likes her so much is also there, studying at NTU for the bright future. I was happy with this good ending, but as you can see, I couldn't write much about this.

Episode 7-8: Li You and Ah Guo

Because of her current positive view of life, Nicole was able to pass her barriers. She threw the rock out of the window. Later, a new student found it and kept it as his lucky stone. He's Li You. Li You is my favorite character in this drama, besides Du, of course. I love how he can be so wise and understanding so much. I even think if Li You exists in this world, and he tells me that he likes me like he likes Xiao Ju in the drama, I think I can change my sexual orientation. Yes, Li You is a man who trapped in a woman body. I was glad at the end of this story, even though Li You decided to move out from school, he was still alive, love and be loved by Xiao Ju.

Li You

Xiao Ju

Episode 9-10: Xiao Ju and Qiao Qiao

Happiness can't last forever. You know the feeling when your favorite character's life is ruined by some other characters, you won't put any sympathy for all of those. That's what I feel for Xiao Ju and Qiao Qiao. I don't care with the fact they are lesbians and getting bullied by netizens. I just think they are stupid by selfishly act on their own, ignoring the possibility of getting things better, even making situations worse, worse, and worse until everyone couldn't handle it. I hate how Xiao Ju loves careless and troublemaker Qiao Qiao more than she loves the wise Li You. In this episode, Li You killed his self. Glad Xiao Ju and Qiao Qiao ended up by drowning them selves into the sea after asking Du to bring them away from this world. They left the rock on the sea shore. Shen Qi who wants to prevent another's life taken was not able to come on time. He picked the rock and kept it.

Episode 11-12: Xiao Dao and Li Qiang

At first, I didn't find these two episodes interesting. I also started to miss the tragic happened on first episodes of this drama. The story is getting common. BUT, Xiao Dao died in a way that I could say I would appreciate it. Accidentally, the rock was put in his bag when he visited Shen Qi at the hospital. He was now able to meet Du. For the sake of friendship and justice, he asked Du to get rid of Kou-san, a powerful and rich man who harmed so many people including Li Qiang and his family. Du reassured Xiao Dao about his wish and told him the consequence of becoming her rock to support the bridge. Xiao Dao accepted whatever it is in order to make Kou-san go from this world. Then, he bumped his bike to Kou-san's car, resulting the death of both of them. I started to like Xiao Dao when he died. By the way, Xiao Dao is also good looking, just like the characters from Final Fantasy. Okay, this story is not as bad as I thought.

Xiao Dao

And the rock was picked by Pei Pei, Xiao Dao's god's sister, and she put it on the table in her new motorbike club's room as the remainder of Xiao Dao.

Episode 13-14: Xiao Lun and Da Dong

After meeting lesbians in episode 7-10, now appears Xiao Lun who is gay and sissy. This case is kinda popular in this reality, a sissy boy is getting bullied by 'the man'. People will force the boy like Xiao Lun to change to be the real man, because if he doesn't, he will always be bullied wherever he is. Instead of trying to accept Xiao Lun with his characters and sexual orientations, people tends to force him to change.

When he was bullied, he ran away into a class room to hide. The room was the motorbike club in which the rock was there. He met Du. The rock once again changed hands.

Xiao Lun and Da Dong

Then, something's tickling happened. Da Dong, the bully, in fact, is also a homosexual. Before this, he was shown being so proud of his masculinity. He bragged to his school friends that his brother is a National Boxer and he wants to be like him. He bragged to his family that at school, no one dares to bully him because he's strong. The fact is he's the same like Xiao Lun, a gay. No matter how hard he tried to suppress his feeling, this secret was still leaked. He forced kiss Xiao Lun inside the haunted house. He beat him until faint when Xiao Lun kept saying he is a gay, and helplessly asked Du to not let Xiao Lun woke up in order to keep his secret safe. Xiao Lun was in coma after that. Later, Da Dong regretted it and asked Du to bring back Xiao Lun. And this time, it's a relieving ending once again.

Shen Qi, once again, took the rock and together with Xiao Lun and Da Dong buried the rock in the school yard. Days later, his brother Shen Quan worked there as the new substitute teacher and he found the rock.

Episode 15-16: Ya Zhen and Shen Quan

I don't want to say much about this story. It's really too much and becomes ridiculous. The producer has lost his ability to make the good one. At least it teaches a good moral: 'responsibility'.

Episode 17-18: Du He and Gao Chao

I think the producer is agree with my opinion of the last two episodes. Therefore, he decided it was enough to tell a story of someone else's life. Now the story focused on Du He a.k.a Du a.k.a Death Girl. Behind Du's cold way of speaking to her 'rocks' so far, she was actually a girl who also cannot cross the bridge, confused whether it's better to live or dead. Du He's body lied at the hospital, being coma for 5 years. 

And Gao Chao! Gao Chao is Shen Qi! No..I mean Gao Chao is also Aaron Yan, who acts as Shen Qi. It's kinda confusing why they choose the same actor to play totally different roles. It's not even about reincarnation because there's only a 5-year-gap between Gao Chao and Shen Qi. Later, Shen Qi also found out that Gao Chao is still alive and currently lives with her new fiancee in Japan.....this makes me think Gao Chao is a jerk. The only connection between these two is they both have a crush on Du...at different times.

One possible reason why Gao Chao and Shen Qi are played by the same actor is they want to build romantic couple of Du and Aaron Yan, which somehow is failed because they suddenly force Gao Chao to go and replace him with Shen Qi. Du and Shen Qi's romantic scene is limited since they lives in two different worlds. Therefore, this feeling is kinda over-exposed in Gao Chao and Du He's story. Hugging, kissing, passionate bed scene happens during Gao Chao and Du He's scene. But what happens after?! Gao Chao left to Japan without Du He, and even leaving her in coma. Now, Shen Qi comes. Even though they are both Aaron Yan, I cannot be trapped. They are different person. This Gao 'Aaron Yan' Chao is too weird to exist in the story.

Du He and Gao Chao

Episode 19-20: Du and Shen Qi

Shen Qi lost his rock, and at the same time, he met Du He, who had awaken from her coma. The End.

In my opinion, the ending is too flat for that supposedly to be a drama who provides tragic from the beginning. Well, not even a single happy ending will satisfy me.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Lancôme Happy Holidays, and Grand Opening of Lancôme counter at Lotte Shopping Avenue

Finally, I blog again. Too busy to blog recently.
That was an excuse actually. I don't even know what I'm busying with.

On November 23rd, Lancôme invited me to their counter grand opening at Lotte Shopping Avenue. I came late because I could not find a cab to bring me there. When I arrived, the situation already felt like Paris and super romantic. Why? Because there was music and dance: two ballerinas, an accordionist and a violist. They changed the mall into one of an alley in Paris.

This flower added the romanticism of Paris. Lancôme specially gave white roses to everyone on that day.

Lancôme's new counter was designed by a famous architect, Peter Marino. The counter is soooo bright, and glamorous. Just take a look!

First, we head to the skincare area:

The bling bling gold for Absolue

The fact you need to know is this Absolue L'extrait contains up to 2 million Lancôme rose native cells. No wonder why they said it's the ultimate rejuvenating elixir.

This is the best seller skincare series from Lancôme : Genifique

Then, time to move to another area. This time is fragrance. Who doesn't love perfume, and its bottle?! See how this part of counter looks like it's made of glass.

The new La Vie Est Belle. This perfume has an elegant scent, very perfect to be a Julia Roberts wannabe. 

Talking about perfume, when I was in elementary school, I loved to collect perfume bottles. They looked so glamour and unique. Therefore, I always kept my Mom or my aunts' empty perfume bottles and arranged them nicely on the shelf. Too bad, they're all gone, thrown away by myself.

Next, we go to the consultation area. This is the place where you get consultation with the BAs and decide which products will suit you well.

There's also some kinds of dressing tables where you can apply Lancôme makeups and get the makeover.

Last, heading to my favorite part, the makeup area. I'm always getting excited when I come to makeup display in a counter. I love seeing so many colors of lipsticks, eyeshadows; many shades of foundation and powder. That is what must be called the magnificent sight, in my opinion.

The star of the day is the limited edition Lancôme Happy Holidays collection.

I really love how they make the blush really special. Do you agree?

That's all. That was my day touring at the new Lancôme counter. It's December already. Christmas and New Year will come really soon. Happy Holidays for you all! But before I end this post, here it is: my face of the day

And of course you can't forget my outfit of the day

Merci et au revoir!