Sunday, June 30, 2013

Black Hair

Hi there! I announce you that I'm back to black! Black hair, I mean.

After more than a year having light brown hair, I've finally decided to dye my hair back to black.


Because one day, my...umm...boss(?!)/supervisor(?!)...whoever he is...looked at me for such a long time, and then he approached me and said, "If you wanna go work again, dye your hair black, okay? Because the rule can't allow you to have orange hair."

But, what did he say?! Orange?! My hair looked orange?! 0.o
It was light brown!

At first, I thought I don't wanna be back to black haired. Never! Ever! But well, my ORANGE hair was really annoying since I couldn't achieve an even color. Dyed hair is hard to maintain *true story*. However, wait until the time comes, I'm gonna bleach my hair to the salon. Hahahahahahaha.

This, what I used to dye my hair black: Syoss

Not hard to achieve black hair, but what happened to me is, again, uneven color. My tip is darker than my root. Sigh!

Kinda weird having black hair again. Everytime I wanna take a pic, I feel like I wanna be an emo. LOL! But glad makeup helps. I assure myself that I still can be kawaii with black hair, like Kurumi Nakada and Saki Sato from Harajuku Kawaii TV. Hahahahahahaha.

Black hair also means more chances to wear any color of lipstick. Yeah, with ORANGE hair, I usually stick to soft pink or soft orange lip color, because the hair itself already becomes a center of attention. Though I know these days 'crazy' makeup becomes a trend; crazy colorful hair, with bright lips, and bright blusher.

Anyway, black hair makes nude lip color looks cool. It seems so pale, but still cool, right?! It emphasizes dark and white: the hair color and the skin color. 

Or, wear red lipstick!

Tadaaa, more contrast I get! Black, White, and Red.

Which lip color suits me best?

Nude lips.

Or red lips?

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Movie Time! with Kiehl's

On June 21st, I went to Pacific Place, Jakarta, to attend Movie Time! that was held by Kiehl's Indonesia. We were gonna watch Man of Steel. Superman yayy! Thanks sis Carnellin for the invitation, and of course thanks to Kiehl's.

Outfit of the day: Nothing special, just wearing red red red.

I asked my sister, Alin, to accompany me going to the event. But, I just knew that we could not buy the ticket by our own for the same show. The entire studio had been booked for this Movie Time! only. Hahahahaha. So, later, I bought Alin ticket to watch Monsters University. She watched it by herself then, and I think she had a really good time. Who doesn't love Monsters University?!

Arrived there earlier than I thought. We decided to take a walk first before going to Galleries Lafayette in which the new Kiehl's store located.

This is the pic of Alin with the Eiffel. Wow she went to Paris. LOL!

While walking around, we bought some ice cream. We argued about what flavors to pick. Alin already chose coffee. She didn't like matcha, but I insisted to add a scoop of matcha ice cream. Later, Alin liked it and she was the one who eat all up. Meh!

So,after spending all time waiting for the event, we headed to Galleries Lafayette, on Ground Floor. Here's the sneak peek of Kiehl's store.

Meet Mr. Bones

Maybe all of you has known from the pic above that Kiehl's was established in 1851. Wow! Even our grandmas have not been born yet. What is the secret to be long-lasted? Isn't it obvious?! Trust! Kiehl's has build the trust to their customers, guaranteeing the very good quality in every products. 

Kiehl's gives all their care to our skin, not only for face but body also. This brand has been famous of the anti-wrinkle treatment. But you may take a look at other products. They also provide all other treatment such as treatment for acne, pores, oily skin, to dry skin.


Here's the beauty bloggers; me, and Tia, and Meylisa.

At there, these pretty macarons were always waiting nicely to be eaten. Guess who's excited?! Alin! Her eyes dilated seeing those macarons, and I think in total, she had eaten five of them (or more?).

Finally, it's the real Movie Time! We went up to Blitz Megaplex on 6th Floor, and we were ready to watch Man of Steel.

I waited with Alin because though we were going to watch different movies, both the movies started at the same time.


Man of Steel, in my opinion,....yaaa it's pretty good, though I dislike that the fight scene seems over-exposed. Henry Cavill is handsome, but I prefer him with beard and mustache. So cool! Huehehehehehehe.

Oh! I went home that day bringing goodies from Kiehl's. Happy happy! Can't wait to try the products they gave.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

About the Haze

Everyone must know about the DISASTER that happens recently. Yes, the forest burning that takes place in Sumatera, Indonesia, affects other countries; Singapore and Malaysia. The wind brings the hazardous haze to those countries, attacking everyone who's still breathing. Even I hear that the haze has reached Thailand. Although I live in Jakarta which isn't affected by this haze, I feel like...I want to talk about this.

My very first feeling right after hearing about this haze was I feel attacked as an Indonesian.

Why?! I first heard about it from my favorite public figures that are from Singapore. They kept talking about it and poured their anger to their tweets, instagrams, and their blogs. They spread hatred towards the forest burner. But, I found myself feel disappointed with those rage they said, because many of them, generalize this problem as the enmity between Indonesia and Singapore, and later Malaysia. When reading all the rages they uttered made me think that they consider Indonesians, ALL, are guilty.

It became worse when our minister, Agung Laksono, said that Singapore act like a child. Woah! All the rages, curses...all seems like they're gonna explode. At that state, I felt like when I showed up telling them that I'm Indonesian, I would get punched.

Words are mind. I believe what they say reflect their mind, in this case, their thinking about Indonesians. I hate the feeling that comes up in me after hearing all of those complaints, though I sometimes question myself why I'm being so offended by their words. Because I'm Indonesians?! Because they are Singaporeans and Malaysians?! Because they and I are bordered by region?! Country?!

However, I feel so glad that there are still many Singaporeans and Malaysians that are wise enough to not referring the forest burner as all Indonesians. Their words say that. They hate the haze, they hate Agung Laksono calling them 'a child', but they, cautiously, control all the words they speak up. Someone never mentions 'Indonesian', some other one focuses on health issue and sincerely hope this will be over. They may be angry, but they know that this is the problem about border called country, and so it makes this problem 20++ times more sensitive to be talked. I appreciate them more than the ones who blatantly and brutally spread hatred and rage toward the minister and government which sounds addressing to the Indonesians, without exception.

And as time passes, finally, all Indonesians seems awake about this too, and now we all talk about it. Once again, I'm disappointed. Why?! Because once again, Indonesians also see this problem as the enmity, never-ending conflict, between Indonesia and Malaysia (and Singapore also). The companies that are investigated due to the forest burning are related with Malaysia (or owned by Malaysia??). So, many people think our neighbor countries deserve to be suffered by the haze. This is the impact of the thing they make by their own selves by building their business here in Indonesia.

O-kay. I may not understand about this dirty business thingy, but one thing I know: No one deserves to breathe this hazardous haze.

Here, people keep saying, not even a single thank Indonesia get from those countries for the oxygen we give from our beautiful forest, but now by this little haze, they keep crying and raging to stop this. What I wanna say is: This haze is not a little thing. It's a serious problem. It's not a joke.

Recently, Indonesians are more concerned to why our president, SBY, must apologized to Singapore and Malaysia?! Indonesia protests this apology because it is our neighbor countries' 'fault'. O-kay. One thing! This is happening in Indonesia, it should be our authority to begin investigation or whatever to solve this problem as soon as possible. One 'sorry' doesn't make us a runt. What the victims of this haze really need right now is the promise to quickly solve this problem. And take a note that the victims not only people who are in Singapore and Malaysia. People in Sumatera also suffer from this. So, please value their life. This apology is not what we should talk about.

Instead of questioning who to blame, who to apologize, why don't we just stop this hatred?! I keep imagining that it's like two children playing with the leaves and fire, but only one child who affected by the smoke. The child keeps coughing and begging to stop the fire, but the other child always blame his involving in starting the fire and even laugh at him. Why don't they just stop the fight and put the fire out, and promise they will not light the fire again?!

Eh wait, children?! Yes, blaming and fighting is like children. Who's the real child now?!

Now, the enemy should be the only one, the forest burner, whether they are Indonesians, Malaysians, Singaporeans. That moron must be slapped with a raw fish.

Oh, for Indonesians who keep laughing at the victims and telling that they deserve this, maybe you should try to see through their eyes. Ben and Cheesie have ever written about this. Yes, they are Singaporean and Malaysian, my favorite bloggers too. Maybe you will know that the haze is not a joke, and maybe you will know what is really important now is too cool our head down and think how to stop the haze.....and the hate.

Monday, June 24, 2013

(Shopping) Wonderland

Last Thursday, my family and I went to Grand Indonesia. At the Ground Floor, we saw this wonderland. I thought we need to pay to enter it, but then, when we asked the boy in charge there, he said "Because it will be closed in a few minutes, it's free to enter." What?! O-kay.

So we entered. Mumpung gratis.

Sorry for blur pics. Sometimes I think I need a good photographer or at least someone who can took a good photo whenever I want to take a photo of full body of mine. Hmmm...

There was an old style phone box.

Ted Baker background. Oh, please mind those huge flowers.

In a cage (Ted Baker background)

After taking some photos, the boy in charge came to us and said, "It will be closed.". Oh okay. Enough. Bye!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Schwarzkopf Fresh Light Foam Color: Lemon Blond

I've finally dyed my hair again after four months not dye it. Ahh~ imagine those four-month-old black roots. Cannot? Here's the pic.

From this angle, all I can see is black hair, while actually my hair color is light brown, with yellow-orange tone.

I usually prefer the usual cream hair dye not the foam dye, because I've ever tried Liese Prettia Foam Dye. It turned out good, evenly dyed my hair, but it faded after weeks. This time, yeah I just wanna experiment with this Fresh Light hair foam dye, so maybe I can compare with the Liese one.

Weeks ago, at the end of May, I went to Guardian to buy shampoo, facial wash, and other stuffs. I checked on the hair dye shelves, and saw they held discount sale for Fresh Light products, only IDR 69,999, and for the foam dye, only IDR 79,999. But that day, I felt I already bought much, and I didn't feel like I gotta dye my hair soon because I need to be interviewed for a job-You must know, interviewers don't like bright color hair. But I also don't know why I have such a silly thought like that because my hair is light brown. Light brown is light brown, though the roots are black-. So less then a week later, I went back to Guardian to buy hair dye. Guess what?! The discount was over. It was already June. The promo was valid only until May. Damn!

No choice. I brought one of those hair dyes to the cashier with a heavy heart. IDR 30,000 price difference was really significant. I could have two KFC Attack's meals with that money.

Lesson: Always grab all the discounted goods with no doubt!


Here's the Fresh Light Foam Color in Lemon Blond.

As always, I choose the lightest color I've seen.

The chart shows darker color than the color of Blythe's hair showed on the box. Blythe is the name of the doll, by the way. She's the model for Fresh Light hair dye.

Inside the box, there are:

1. Hair Color (numbered 1)
2. Developer (numbered 2)
3. Pump
4. Conditioner or After Color Treatment
5. Gloves
6. and, the Instruction Sheet

What's good from foam hair dye is the easy application.

1. Pour in the hair color (1) to developer (2). Mix it by shaking the bottle left and right. Do not shake it roughly to any directions. It will make the foam appear inside the bottle.
2. Set the pump and squeeze it to get the foam.

3. By wearing gloves, apply the foam dye to hair just like shampooing.
4. Wait 20-30 minutes (but I always leave it for an hour)
5. Rinse the hair and don't forget to apply conditioner.

Although it can be used  as easy as shampooing, I still think dividing hair into parts can help to make the color turns out even. And what I always do besides parting the hair is dyeing my roots first, then, I leave it for 10 minutes, after that, I continue to dye the rest of my hair.

The result is quite good. It covered my black root, though I think my black roots has grown to be stubborn one. I was satisfied with the first. But then, I feel disappointed because it fades so quickly. I postponed taking the result pic. Maybe after several days, I finally took the pic. Then I realized the color has faded a bit. 

As you can see, my roots stubbornly stay in the darkness side. Well, I think I should dye it again, next month maybe to make the hair color looks even.

Overall, I conclude that most the foam hair dye fades so quickly-but I think Liese Prettia is better than this-. However, the benefits of the foam dye is one box is more than enough to cover all of my hair, while one box of the usual cream hair dye do it pas-pasan. I even think one box is made for two people with medium-length-hair.

That's all. Bye!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Girls 101

First to say, I fully realize that I'm 100% girl too. But a thing that must be known, here, I'm not gonna talk about the common girl term you usually refer to human who has vagina, and still virgin.........or not. What I wanna write about is those exclusive 'girl'. So for now on, let me put the punctuation to build the exclusivity for 'girl', to differentiate those special 'girls' with the common girls.

I feel like I wanna write these things about 'girls' because I am in the environment which forces me to see them and also interact with them. And I've been there for years. I think I've become an expert to make this 'Girls' 101.

So, let me tell you :

Let two'girls' who do not know each other be together. They will introduce their names. As time passes, they will talk about; abusive boyfriend, a nice affair, the cannot-move-on ex, the bitchy boyfriend's ex, and many other sweet things about love. Love is in the air!

Minutes later, one stranger appears and ask one of the 'girls', "who is her name? (pointing to another 'girl')". The 'girl' will answer, "I forget her name (but I know her love story)."

Two 'girls' who become besties is a common thing. They seem so close with each other, going everywhere together, sharing their story together, and doing 'girls' stuff together.

When a stranger appears between them, one 'girl' will say behind her besties' back "You know (her besties' name), right?! She's totally a bitch. She likes to flirt...bla bla bla..."

"Oh wow! But I heard you're best friends."

'Girl' says, "Yes, but she's a bitch."


Seniority is a must!

No, we cannot treat many 'girls' the same way. They must be distinguished. The old ones must be respected, though all pay the same amount (at school), or be paid with the same amount (at work). This fact is ignored. Earlier you enter the place, more respect-or should I say 'rights'- that you gain.

Newbies, you won't get the same treatment as seniors. Accept that or go out. Don't try to be friend with seniors, because they will simply ignore you. No benefits seniors will get from newbies. So, newbies should just be silent. Seniors also won't give a damn to teach anything to you. They will give you 'stupid' label for the lack of experiences. Nothing you can do besides accepting that label with a kind heart.

Besides seniority, popularity is also important. 'Girls' can gain the same respectful treatment the seniors have by being popular. Having a car can boost the popularity.

Being cool leads to the girls' acceptance. You belong to the girls if you're cool enough.

And how to be cool? It's easy. Just say "Do you have a cigarette?" every time meeting someone new. The more you say "asem banget nih mulut", more cool you are.

'Girls' love drama so much. That's why they like to share their love story. Sinetron happens in their life. So bear your ears to listen live sinetron in a conversation with them, or worse, bear your eyes, when you befriend with them on the internet. They love sharing their sinetron life there.


Gracefully accept 'girl' as the part of the world. That kind of human really exists. It can't be denied. But when reaching the limit, I think it's not wrong to say out loud to them, "Bitch, use a little bit of brain that God has given!"

Saturday, June 15, 2013

It's June 15!

And it's my birthday!

Ahh~ I'm 23 now. I just hope everything I have planned will be going well without such a heavy odds.

Birthday, now, feels like a deadline. It feels like a day when I need to have achieved something in my life. 20+ syndrome I think.

People usually make resolutions on their birthday, listing what to do for a year ahead. So do I. But I'm not gonna say a word about my resolution. Because it makes me feel good, and I think it's not good.

Well, enough said. Happy birthday me! And happy June 15 everyone!

By the way, now I feel so broken-hearted because I cannot see GD's performance today at MEIS. Who feels the same?

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ulzzang Eye Makeup

When people see my selca or selfie pic, most of them will say, 'You look so Korean!'. No offense! But for me, I don't like being told like a Korean. Maybe because I'm not into Korean style. Yeah I know most of my makeup stuff comes from Korea. It's simply because Korean product has good quality and good price, and also easy to get here in Indonesia. But using Korean products doesn't mean I'm into Korean makeup style, right?! People should know that Chinese or Chinese-looking-girl who wears circle lens and eyeliner is not necessarily a Korean-craze. There are many many many styles outside Korea, like feizl, gyaru, visual kei, manba, etc. 

So, I'm gonna show how one of the makeup style existed in Korea looks like. This is the real Korean look.

Yap! As the title has said, this post will be about my attempt in being an ulzzang. Ulzzang means best face. It's derived from Korean, 'eoljjang', that also means best face. Best face is best face, so ulzzang is literally someone who has best or pretty face. They are famous because they upload their pretty picture to the internet, and many people see it and like it, and they become online celebrity.

I bet now there're so many people that are really really familiar with this term. I can see it from seeing how many ulzzangs wanna be on facebook. I've been knowing ulzzang since a long time, and I also ever had big interest into this. Even I have written an essay about it for my assignment. Hahahaha. I have some favorite ulzzangs too, like Park Tae Jun, Jungroo, Lee Jung Ha, Hong Young Gi. Yeah, I know they're kinda first or old generation ulzzangs. Pardon my.....age.

So, this ulzzang has their own style. Mostly, the style is about makeup. The trademark is the big eyes. Ulzzang usually wear circle lens that have big diameter so it will make their eyes look big and cute. Not only circle lens, ulzzang also plays much in eyeliner. 

Okay, I'm not gonna say a word anymore. This is 'attempt to achieve an ulzzang eye' step by step:

1.) Wear circle lens. I use Princess Mimi Almond that has 14.5 mm diameter. It also has black outer ring that can make big difference for eye. It will appear big and cute like a doll eye.
2.) Apply a bit of brown eyeshadow. It will help to enlarge the eye because it makes the illusion of bigger eyelid. But not too many please, ulzzang doesn't play much on eyeshadow. Natural eyes, but big!
3.) Just a look of the eyeshadow when I close my eye.
4.) Line the upper line with liquid eyeliner. Don't wing it, just make it longer following the eyeline.
5.) Time to line the bottom line. Line it until reaching the half of the eye. I use pencil eyeliner because it's easier to line the bottom line with that. After that, I define the line with liquid eyeliner.
Before finished.) Use white eyeliner or tear drop liner from the tear gland to the end of the black line. It emphasize the eye more and also make it looks bling bling but innocent, because it's kinda teardrops.

And..finished! I got my ulzzang eye.

Oh, apply mascara or natural fake lashes if necessary. For more ulzzang look, you can make the gradient lips. Just a bit of lip tint or lip stain to the lips.

Here it is, my ulzzang look.

But you cannot be an ulzzang without the pose.

The famous pose of ulzzang (my version):
1. Pouty face or duck face

2. Cute V or peace sign

3. Aegyo, or (trying to) look cute

4. And (awkward) hand pose

Okay, I hope I don't fail too much in being an ulzzang. Don't vomit please. Here the bonus! Pic of me again!