Friday, September 26, 2014

The Story of My Hair

I've been wanting to dye my hair blonde since years ago. Having a thought of it always makes me satisfied. Dyeing hair also means a step further to look stylish and cool from head to toe. I know it's the matter of personal taste, but I always find someone with light colored hair, or even crazy colored hair, looks way more awesome than other people. 

However, having light hair color needs a lot of efforts. Achieving light colored hair is not an easy job. Moreover we also need to maintain the color. It will need extra extra cares. And it won't be cheap.

Back then, I thought someday I would go to hair salon and get my hair bleached there. But then, I watched many tutorials in youtube about how to get blonde hair, silver hair, white hair, and many more, my confidence grew and I thought I can do it by my self.

I went to Pasar Baru with my sister and purchased these.

Surprisingly, they are not as expensive as I thought. I forgot how much exactly they cost, but for 250g bleach powder, bottles of developer, and a box of hair dye, I think it only costs IDR 200,000. Compare it with going to salon!

But still, please note that I won't recommend to bleach your own hair at home! The result can be shocking, unpredictable, and damaging, so the safest way is just let the experienced hands do it for you. One more thing: please make sure that you go to the most expensive and recommended salon you've ever found. I once dyed my hair at a not-expensive-but-still-expensive salon. Even though they were doing good, I was not satisfied by the result because it wasn't what I wanted. Don't expect to get blonde or ash hair at salons like that.

For bleaching, I chose bleaching powder with an assumption that it will make the most significant result. And for the companion of it, I bought 40 vol. developer. It is the strongest one. Perhaps it will do good for virgin hair, but beware for uneven color.

So the process began. I mixed the bleaching powder with the developer. There was no precise measure. I just made sure the cream looks like the one I look on youtube.

Let me explain my hair condition first.

I have thin hair. Not only that, but every single hair looks really thin, light, and fragile. But it's actually not, it's light but not fragile. I don't have severe hair loss. I have very smooth hair that people call it 'baby hair'. I'm proud of how smooth my hair is, but it also brings trouble because wind can easily mess my hair. It always looks tangled. However, when people touch my hair, they can be surprised that their fingers can make it through the tip and it feels really smooth. This, what I called baby hair, also affects the dyeing and bleaching process. It can easily absorb any substances without causing too much damage. Glad I have this kind of hair.

Therefore I think it's important to know what kind of hair we have before deciding to bleach it by ourselves. The results vary, though we can try to predict how it will turn out. For example, my sister's hair is in the opposite condition with my hair. She has deep black hair, thick, and a bit dry. The bleach didn't do well on her. The risk of having uneven hair color might be bigger on this type of hair.

This is the before picture of my hair. I've bleached it once at the salon. The maximum result was like this, reddish brown color.

If you wonder dafuq with that ugly black roots, yeah it was the longest black roots I've ever had. I had tried to touch it up by dyeing with Freshlight Hair Dye, but nothing happened. Freshlight only gave a slight of reddish brown color but not light enough to cover my black root. You can see clearly there are three layers of color, from light reddish brown, to dark reddish brown, to black. That's why I decided to bleach my hair again.

The process continued. Once the bleaching had evenly spread to all over my hair, I left it for about 45 minutes. My hair became really dry, and tangled, until I felt there was no way to untangle it.

After that, I rinsed my hair, poured so much conditioner, and dried it. This is the result.

Yohooo, orange headed! Very bright! Such a shocking orange!

My roots was brighter than the tips. I did my roots first because from my experience in dyeing hair, roots will absorb dye really fast. But still, this uneven color was unavoidable. 

I really hate that orange tone I've got after bleaching. It can damage everyone's eyes. Fortunately, I was prepared for it. That's why I also bought Fresh Light hair dye in ash color, because I know bleach + light brown only make the orange tone worse. So make it safe! Choose ash color for eye safety!

The orange tone then changed to yellow. However, under the sunlight, it still looked so orange. 

A week later, I decided to dye it again with Ash. This time, I chose the foam color because the color will be absorbed fast and can resemble the result chart.

At first, I worried the result would turn out to be too dark. My bleaching process would be in vain. But after rinsing and drying, it turned out good. It looks more blonde now than orange, and there's also ashy tone. For the first time in my life, I have ashy toned hair color. I was so touched.

The red tone still looks obvious, especially on the outer part of my hair. I don't know why it happened, but overall, the color is even and I'm proud of myself (and my sister who has helped) that I can bleach my hair at home, without going to salon.

Now how about my hair condition after bleaching it with 40 vol. developer?!

In the first week, it made my hair really dry. It used to be so oily if I hadn't washed it for three days, but this time, on the 4th day not washing it (ewh!), it was still okay. I gave it hair mask and vitamins regularly. Days after, the natural oil has returned. Now I need to wash it every two days. My hair is still smooth and still can be called baby hair. However, the tip can be messier than ever because it's dryer than it used to. 

Now almost a month after the bleaching process, the hair dye fades really quickly, well~ typical foam hair dye. My hair is back to reddish orange blonde. But it's still calmer than the right after bleaching color. That one could hurt my eyes. LOL! I think after this, I want to try white hair color like Manic Panic Virgin Snow. I'm serious!

And for you who wants to try something with your hair color, I would like to say 'Good luck!'.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Tokyo Ghoul Has Ended??!!!


Honestly, I feel like I'm doing it wrong. Writing consecutive posts about Tokyo Ghoul?! What will this blog become?! But..I NEED to write it right now.

Just this early morning, I knew that Tokyo Ghoul Chapter 143 had been released. The title of that chapter is 'Ken [End]', but I was still innocently thinking that nothing's more terrible than the current state would happen, and perhaps I would find some clues about Kaneki's whereabouts, Hide's, and Amon's, and etc, etc.

In contrary, hell happened. I also found out that it has been announced, this will be the end of Tokyo Ghoul. 

The sum up of chapter 143:

First, Tsukiyama who had been longing from the beginning to eat Kaneki couldn't get over Kaneki's non-existence. He just lied down, lamenting his lost obsession. Nishiki was there. I don't know but I think although he acted cool, he also felt down. He was there, comforting his biggest enemy, Tsukiyama!! 

Then, Shinohara is in a vegetative state. Juuzou, on a wheelchair, came to him. Suzuya Juuzou, who raised by a ghoul and had heartlessly killed for fun, now felt sorry about it and said goodnight to his superior who will never wake up anymore.

Next is Akira, who always seems calm and cold. She was confronted of being heartless knowing that Amon (her partner) and Takizawa (her former classmate) have died. But then she showed her real expression, stating "Give me a break, won't you? I loved them both." and cried in deep sorrow.

Tatara, Eto, and Dr. Kanou were shown in a lab. They regretted the dead Kaneki because they thought Kaneki was an interesting research subject. Then, Eto a.k.a Takatsuki Sen a.k.a One-Eyed-Owl said that it wouldn't matter because they could make Kaneki again, while revealing a tank in which the manager, her daddy, was inside.

Then, Arima got a new quinque. With a data profile of Kaneki being crossed with red line and stamped 'ERASED', there's an assumption that what's in that briefcase is Kaneki,....or Kaneki's part.

And...., Itori, Roma, Nico, and Souta were having a party, celebrating the mess they had made. Roma was kind of disappointed though knowing Kaneki was dead, because she wanted to see more depressing scene. Surprisingly, Uta was also there, saying that tragedies aren't popular, living means to have fun. As Itori said, the last laugh goes to the Pierrot. That's the only scene which looks 'happy' in this last chapter.

Lastly, Yomo and Touka were standing in front of Anteiku debris. Touka, on the very last page, believes that Kaneki (I assumed that 'he' there refers to Kaneki) will go back to Anteiku. She will keep her faith in him.

It's ended just like that.

All are twists. The ones whom I never give my sympathies before fall deep to sorrow, and make me feel pity to them. The ones who deserve happy endings will never get it. The most disturbing twist is the fact that Pierrot is the mastermind. Souta, Roma, Nico were just minor characters who appeared rarely. Itori was a woman character I adored. Uta...oh my....Uta was my most favorite character in this manga. He has cool tattoo, calming voice (in anime), and he seems wise despite his scary appearance. He was the coolest person in manga world, or so I thought. Just in one page, his real character was revealed. He was the one who made Kaneki's tragic life?! For fun?! It's so unforgivable. Besides, what the hell is the Pierrot?! This gang just appeared in the very last chapter.

There are so many discussions about this 'ending'. Some believe Ishida Sui will make the sequel, but some also believe that Ishida is a sadist who can end his manga just like that after the main character has been stated DEAD (even though I still believe it's never stated obviously).

So, this manga is about a normal boy who has tragically become not normal. As he tried to reveal everything, the situation got worse on him, until he died. Now, the bad guys from nowhere laughed over his tragic death. The End.....Or not!! *signing the petition to tell or threaten Ishida Sui to make the sequel in which Kaneki will be alive.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 11

I wasn't even fully aware right after I had finished watching the newest episode of Tokyo Ghoul, I just clicked 'new post' on Blogger dashboard. Here I am, typing whatever comes in my mind. Currently, my mind is overloaded by feels and thoughts. (°ヘ°)

You may go to my previous post about Tokyo Ghoul. I've introduced the story, and told my thoughts there. The story is still going on. I've read all chapters of the manga so far, and now is waiting for Chapter 143. Also, the latest episode of the anime version has been aired last night. I just watched it!

And what I'm gonna say is I'm DISAPPOINTED with the anime version. When I started to play Episode 11, I was like "W..wa..waitt, where is it? Did I skip an episode?". I found out that it wasn't me who skipped an episode but they skipped too many parts of the manga which are important, or, in my opinion, will be significant to the continuation of the story. Moreover, they messed up with the characterizations.

Like in this newest episode, they just skipped the scene when Kaneki was brought into Aogiri's leaders. The leaders discussed whether they can 'use' him instead of the real Rize or not. Until finally, Tatara said there was no use of Kaneki, so Yamori took him and played with him. Not only that, but before Yamori took him, supposedly Kaneki tried to save Banjou and his fellows and bring them out of Aogiri's hideout, but failed. So he gave himself in order to make others safe.

Now how could they explain about Rize? And how about Banjou's position in 11th Ward and in Aogiri? And about Kaneki himself, what's the point of him being kidnapped? How could they explain about the feeling we should have that someone's powerful is behind Aogiri?

This is just too fast. Few hours ago, I was still very confident that I won't see white-haired Kaneki in this episode. But the slight sight of it proved that I was wrong.

Oh, N..NO NO NO NO! Not now!!

The scenes when Banjou and a couple of ghouls appeared also irritated me so much. They said, "Kaneki, don't give up. We will save you." over and over again, but nothing happened.

'A while'?! He's gotta be kidding me.

Kaneki sat there, being tortured, his toes ripped off many times, a centipede crept into his ear, and later, (if they would follow the manga) the one who will 'save' him from Yamori is 'himself'. I would like to state that I like Banjou. But why the anime makes me want to punch his face for being a super weakling?! I don't get it why this Banjou is so...urgh! He was right there, couldn't do anything besides mopping Kaneki's blood, without any further explanation why he can't save Kaneki. There was no bond between them.

Lastly, I'm gonna say that the anime seems wanting to make Kaneki's character even more fucked up. I can imagine that the ones who don't read the manga will think how unfortunate he is, he's always trapped in the worst condition, how can someone's life being as dreadful as his, and they will wonder if he really hopes Banjou save him and wait for it.

Even though it is true that his life is tragic, the manga placed his character as the one who is playing hero. As he knows more about everybody, more miserable he becomes. He wants to act as a hero for that everybody, so it's okay to make himself hurt, and later he wouldn't mind to get rid everyone who is in his way to become strong and protective. There he contradicts himself. That's the paradox. Isn't it the main idea of what we so called 'Tokyo Ghoul'. Why can't I feel it in the anime?!

Ahh~ I don't want to see white-haired Kaneki this way. No need to rush, Anime!