Thursday, July 25, 2013

IBB Makeup Challenge: The Sequel

Remember I joined this July Indonesian Beauty Blogger Makeup Challenge?! Read my post here.

Now, the submission is over. It comes the voting time. And yeah I made it! I become the five finalists that can be voted to win the Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks! Ahahahahahaha

This is the first time I win a competition like this. What I feel is happy...happy...happy. Three times of happiness. I actually don't think I will be picked as the 5 finalists. I think everyone's makeup submitted for this challenge are all awesome. And what did I do?! I just doodled my face, making joker lips, and yeah something that I feel not so special, but...okay I made it. And before this, I never expected to win because I have my own favorite finalist too. Hahahahahaha.

But, who knows maybe I can win those lipsticks. So vote for me!!! *sudden ambition*. Click here to vote.

This pic to remind you how me and my alter ego looks.


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Skin Food Hydro Fitting Yeast Mask Sheet (Pore Care Type)

Mask Sheet is always be my favorite skincare product due to its simplicity and its instant result. Few months ago, on March, hahahahahaha such a long time ago, I bought a box of Skin Food Hydro Fitting Yeast Mask Sheet. You can see this product is listed as my March Haul.

There are three variants of this mask. It can be seen on the package box, there are three pics: Yeast, Seaweed, and Snail. Seaweed is soothing type, Snail is hydrating type, and Yeast, this mask sheet I've used is pore care type. This mask sheet suppose to give care to pore, tighten pores and minimize sebum. 

A box consists of five mask sheets, and I think it costs about IDR 70,000, quite affordable.

How to use: it's so simple, just wear it on. Even though in every mask sheet's instruction they will always be 'leave it for 10-15 minutes', I keep violating this rule by leaving my mask sheet on my face for an hour, until I feel it's all absorbed to my skin.

Besides My Beauty Diary Mask, this Skin Food mask sheet also becomes my favorite. I've tried other Skin Food mask sheet, but I thing this Yeast Mask is the best! It helps to soothe the tired skin, and when I wake up the next day, skin feels so firm and supple. Feel so fresh! This mask sheet also comes with the eye lid, like you can see at the pic. When I just wanna relax myself, I just close my eyes, close the lids, and let the mask soothe it. How can it be so relaxing?! And then when I feel I must check my phone, I just open the lid, and open my eyes. Hahahahahaha

But I just wanna make a complaint about the size of this mask. For me it's not wide enough to cover all my face. The are near my ears, are still exposed. Kinda a bit annoying.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Stay Focus

One day, Papa asked why I don't write anymore. He knows me well that I love writing; short stories and novels since I was in middle school. I just went silent in response to his question.

I've done a lot of things, but I also get nothing. I forget too much about me, about things I really want.

What is it now?! Can I just say I wanna stay focus?!

Stay focus. Remember myself. Remember my ardor.

I'll only do these things; blogging, writing, teaching, selling fashion and beauty stuffs and other cute and pretty things, and no selling cigarettes. Ya! No selling cigarettes.


Saturday, July 13, 2013

IBB Makeup Challenge: Alter Ego

This July, like every months, Indonesian Beauty Blogger hold a Makeup Challenge. This month, the Makeup Challenge is sponsored by Maybelline, and the theme is so interesting: Alter Ego.

The theme really excites me. Unlike IBB MUC previous themes, this kinda needs an effort to just make my imaginary look popping up in my mind. But when first knowing the theme is about alter ego, Hollow Ichigo came into my mind. Ya! It's Kurosaki Ichigo from the famous manga 'Bleach'. He has a hollow (bad spirit) side of himself even though he's a shinigami who supposed to beat all hollows out. In this manga, Ichigo is often told to fight with his own hollow to get the control of his power.

Not only that, another image also appears, related to Alter Ego theme. It is one of my Goosebumps' cover. The story is about a boy and his evil 'twin'. The cover shows a face with two expressions; at one side, the boy is smiling, and the other side, the boy is EVILLY smiling. And now talking about Goosebumps, I'm missing those books so much. I only have two series of them, and the rest, I've read all of them at my junior high school's library. They have complete series of Goosebumps *feeling excited by imagining those books on the shelf*.

I keep thinking, maybe I have an evil side of myself by keep imagining those evil looks. And also, you don't want to know the evil things that I can be done *evil smirk*; from stealing candy from babies to becoming an Emperor of Evil..........ahhh~ I play too much The Sims 3.

So this is my usual look.

I am a cute girl who always says sweet and nice things, keeps smiling to everyone, and keeps pouting for pose.

I usually wear a pair of fake eyelashes, and mascara for my lower lashes. Thus it makes my eyes cute and bigger. For blush, I use my favorite red blusher. And also peach tint for my lips.

Then, it's time to show what's inside me. Let the curtain opened to show the true self. Here's my alter ego.


To make face look evil, I create smirk lips, inspired by scary clown and Joker. But I prefer to create sharp edge to make it more evil. The same sharp edge is also applied to how I draw the eyeline.

Here's the details:

Don't ever try to get in my way, or I can do something cruel and evil that will never ever be forgotten. That's how you remember me.

Products I used:

1. Dollywink Pencil Eyebrow #2
3. NYX Single Eyeshadow #Dark Brown
4. NYX Triple Eyeshadow #White,Grey, Black (evil look)
5. Beautystyle Pencil Eyeliner #White (evil look)
6. Naris Up Mascara
7. NYX Pencil Eyeliner #Black (evil look)
8. Geo Princess Mimi Almond lens (usual look)

1. EOS Lip Balm #Lemon Drop (usual look)
3. Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick (evil look)
4. NYX Pencil Eyeliner #Black (evil look)

Friday, July 12, 2013

Etude House Collagen Moistfull Cream

Because I already decided to not going to meet dermatologist, I must try to give such a huge effort to maintain my skin. My skin is troublesome, really really troublesome. I may not need to fight acne, but I need to deal with sebum, clogged pores, blackhead, whiteheads, and many more. Going to dermatologist for a few months gave a significant change. However, after several months, it was stagnant, no changes anymore. So I decided to stop.

Then, I looked back at my skincare products that had been not touched while I was using the dermatologist' products. And I found this...Collagen Moistfull Cream from Etude House.

At first, I didn't hope too much from this cream. I had been using this before I went to the dermatologist, and it didn't work so well to me. But I thought, still better than not giving any care to my skin.

But amazingly, this time, Etude House Collagen Moistfull Cream does a really really good job. I use this as my night cream, and every morning I get up, my skin becomes firm and smooth. No kidding! No lebay!

The texture of the cream is not oily and watery, but just like the name, it gives the moist to the skin. The scent is also lovely, but not too strong. What I like most is it doesn't feel sticky when I apply this cream to my skin. Instead of oily and sticky effect, it gives the feeling washing my face with water, gives cool and refreshing effect, but also calming.

See, see, see?! I almost spend a jar of this cream. Repurchasing is a must. I've never been this satisfied using the cream. All creams that I've used are just so so. Except this! So in love with this product.

About the price, I think this cream has an affordable price. I forget the exact price, but it's not more than IDR 200,000.

So far, I haven't found anything bad about this cream. Love it!

Monday, July 8, 2013

My First and Only Comic

When I was in the bus last Thursday, I stared through the window as usual. Like most people said, bus window is one of the best philosophy class in the world, besides shower and toilet. I'm used to thinking the meaning of life there, LOLOL! But don't know why, that day, randomly I recalled my elementary school life. 

I really really loved drawing at that time. Seriously! I found it's so weird now I've grown up and really suck at drawing. Besides drawing, I also loved making story. Maybe this skill survives until now. I made story in everything I'd seen. I remember I got very excited when my aunt brought home plenty of home ads flyers. There were home plans, and I really loved home plans, because I would use that as my toy, imagining a family live there and their daily activities at that home. I didn't need Barbie house. Home plans and my fingers were enough.

In sixth grade, I had a really perfect best friend. We fit in all things. She loved drawing too, and I also found she was as weird as me, LOL! She and I loved to draw comic. I forget how her comic looks like but not as great as mine I think. Haha!

I recalled my comic's main character, and here it is! This is my masterpiece! I introduce you to 'Si Otong'!

His name is Otong. Yes, he has three hairs.....and three legs (?!).

I used to draw the comic on a piece of paper, I folded the paper to two parts; one part for one story. The title was always started with 'Si Otong dan ....'. The story was so simple. It was about a little boy named Otong who often got trouble because of his curiosity. I remember one of the story talking about si Otong and her Mom's cake. He was told to not eat the cake, but he ate it after all, and so his Mom was angry at him.

I also remember how his Mom looks like.

I often drew her side profile because it made her easily identified with her hair-bun. Otong called her 'Ibu', and like typical mother here, she was usually in the kitchen.

Besides Ibu, Otong also has a father, an older brother, and a friend, but I totally forget how they look like.

Otong was actually a normal boy who lives in a town, only his name that sounds too tacky. I made him have a perfect family, good school, nice house, and a playstation. Yeah, he had it, and he usually played it with his brother or his friend.

I had drawn many chapters of Otong's life. I collected all the pieces together and pinned them as one, like a real comic book. I even made the cover, yeah, thing like I've drawn above with big 'SI OTONG' letters at the top.

Hmmm...I wonder where 'Si Otong' is now, maybe doesn't exist anymore, was thrown to the garbage, buried in the ground, and rotten, and disappear. Oh, poor him.