Sunday, May 26, 2013

Skinfood Rice Concealer

Yeah! I'm here to make a review of a makeup product that has been one of my besties since long time ago. I bought it few months ago, but just make a review today. Even the brand letters on the package have faded. Hahahahahahaha. Lucky, I've taken the photo right after I bought it months ago. 

Here it is: Skinfood Rice Concealer

Skinfood has been well known as the brand of beauty products that utilize nature or foodstuff. Right! Things that usually come in through our mouth are brought to another form; for our skin, not mouth only.

The concealer I chose is in light beige shade. This is the look of the brush tip.

Here, I apply the concealer to diminish my dark circle.

And, for this review, I apply the concealer only on one side of face. Here it is! 

Do you spot the difference? I do spot the acne between my eyebrows. Take a look at my dark circles. The area below my left eye is darker than the right one.

Get it now?!

I do love this rice concealer. The scent is really nice. Whatever it is, makeups usually have the same scent, you know, the scent that makes you feel sinful to your skin because it's kinda torturing-putting something strange on the face-. But Skinfood Rice Concealer reduces the sin. At least for me. I feel like that. The scent makes me think it's safe enough for my skin. Silly reason I know. Hahahahahaha

In concealing flaws, it does a pretty good job, especially to be used on acne and dark circles, though its work is not perfect. I find it so hard to get rid the dark circles of mine. I think I'm not satisfied enough by using Skinfood Rice Concealer. But still, I will suggest everyone to buy this. Because what?! Because it's cheap! Only IDR 70,000! That affordable price makes me put this concealer to one of my favorites.

However, when there's a question 'which makeup should I invest much in?', I'm gonna answer 'concealer'. I think pricey and great quality concealer will do much. I can cut the budget for eyeshadows, lipsticks, blushers, but I think a good concealer is a must (same treat to the eyeliner). So, I'm gonna save my money to buy MAC concealer maybe. Hahahahahahahaha.....errr~ why suddenly I talk about my want to buy MAC concealer.

Anyway...repurchasing this Skinfood Rice Concealer? Well, yes. Since I still can't afford the MAC one. Hahahahahaha.

That's all! Bye! Enjoy the pics of mine and my Skinfood Rice Concealer (and messy hair)! Sorry, just went home when taking the pic. And sorry too for the missing letters on the package, there used to be 'skinfood rice concealer' and the cupid (or little angel). But they're gone...


  1. Ohhh... looks not bad! at least can do light to medium coverage! ^.^
    Keep it post hun!

    Ladies Home Journal

  2. woaaa kemarin aku mau beli tapi ragu, makasih ya udah di review, kayaknya jadi beli nih hihi
    anyway pake circle lenses apa say? natural sekaliii :3
    aku follower baru nih, main-main juga yaa ke

    1. thank u so much ^^
      itu pake geo princess mimi almond. yepp natural and pretty :DD

  3. Have never heard about it.
    Good review, thanks =))

    1. u're very welcome
      so glad u read my blog ^^