Friday, December 14, 2012

EOS Lip Balm in Lemon Drop

Since I ran out of lip balm, one of beauty product that becomes necessary because I have easily chapped lips, I'd decided to buy a new one which has great quality. And many recommend me EOS Lip Balm. I also know that EOS already has many good reviews.

Ya, without too much thinking, I ordered it, and finally had  a chance to try this famous lip balm.

EOS has so many variants. As far as I know, each variants has different flavors, and also different savors. One is best for treatment and another one is best for medicine, and etc, something that I don't know either (pardon my lack). So I ended up by picking the lemon drop one mostly because I simply love lemon. Hahahaha. Though I know a bit that this EOS variant is a lip balm treatment, can keep lips feel smooth, soft, and refreshed.

Here's EOS Lip Balm Lemon Drop:

The packaging is cute. Round and yellow, like a cute small egg. It also becomes my reason because I dislike lip balm which comes into jar packaging. Packaging like EOS' makes the application easier and also more hygiene. I don't need to dig the lip balm from the jar. It's horrible I think. Moreover, I often apply lip balm in any case that I feel dryness on my lips. So, with EOS, no need to pay attention to filthy hands first, rite?!

This lip balm also tastes good, tastes like lemon, not sour but sweet...sweet and yummy. It's addicted to use it as many as I can. Hahahahahahahaha, silly me who loves the taste so much.

How about the result? Is it really keep lips smooth, soft, and refreshed?

After using for more than two weeks, I can say EOS Lip Balm really makes lips healthier. My lips can stay longer to be looked fresh. It also good to wear lipstick after using it. I mean, it won't change the color result of the lipstick. Applying much of this lip balm won't make the lips feel extra sticky because it will be absorbed fast and quickly moist the lips. And the taste is.....yummy. Err~ okay, why am I back to the taste?!

Last, the most important thing, EOS Lip Balm is affordable for my wallet. I got it for IDR 65,000, which is worth for such a good quality lip balm. The amount of lip balm is pretty much. I can use it for a long time.

That's all. I end this with a chu from my healthier lips :*

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