Thursday, July 18, 2013

Skin Food Hydro Fitting Yeast Mask Sheet (Pore Care Type)

Mask Sheet is always be my favorite skincare product due to its simplicity and its instant result. Few months ago, on March, hahahahahaha such a long time ago, I bought a box of Skin Food Hydro Fitting Yeast Mask Sheet. You can see this product is listed as my March Haul.

There are three variants of this mask. It can be seen on the package box, there are three pics: Yeast, Seaweed, and Snail. Seaweed is soothing type, Snail is hydrating type, and Yeast, this mask sheet I've used is pore care type. This mask sheet suppose to give care to pore, tighten pores and minimize sebum. 

A box consists of five mask sheets, and I think it costs about IDR 70,000, quite affordable.

How to use: it's so simple, just wear it on. Even though in every mask sheet's instruction they will always be 'leave it for 10-15 minutes', I keep violating this rule by leaving my mask sheet on my face for an hour, until I feel it's all absorbed to my skin.

Besides My Beauty Diary Mask, this Skin Food mask sheet also becomes my favorite. I've tried other Skin Food mask sheet, but I thing this Yeast Mask is the best! It helps to soothe the tired skin, and when I wake up the next day, skin feels so firm and supple. Feel so fresh! This mask sheet also comes with the eye lid, like you can see at the pic. When I just wanna relax myself, I just close my eyes, close the lids, and let the mask soothe it. How can it be so relaxing?! And then when I feel I must check my phone, I just open the lid, and open my eyes. Hahahahahaha

But I just wanna make a complaint about the size of this mask. For me it's not wide enough to cover all my face. The are near my ears, are still exposed. Kinda a bit annoying.

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