Thursday, July 20, 2017

What I Used To Be: A Neurotic Bitch

These past days, I've been recollecting memories from these past years. I read my old blogposts, from the very first blogpost ever until the latest one. I even went to my other blogs to read what I'd written about my life so far. And I somehow related each writings with the situation I was in.

From it, I conclude: I was a Neurotic Bitch.

I  used to overthink.

I won't deny that I'm still struggling with overthinking issue, but looking back at my past writings makes me want to apologize to myself. I might have 100 problems, but 99 of them were probably made up by me. I was super anxious, like I spent 99.99 % of my time thinking of an action and only 0.01 % was the action itself. I used too much energy on 'what if?', then I was overwhelmed by my imaginary hurdles, and lost my ability to analyze the situation. It made my head feels like it's gonna boom in seconds. I was hopeless. Even though the problem was quite easy to be overcome. 

And now I think what I did is funny. It is really funny.

Moreover, I was super anxious.

Because I thought too much, I never reached perfection. It made me feel wrong all the time and be like...

I think I should've just adopted Nike slogan, 'Just Do It'. Simple.

Be happy, everyone! Don't overthink. Just face it. If you're overwhelmed by emotions just feel it and share it with friends, make them feeling emotional too. Hahahaha. And if you make mistake and realize it, just laugh at it, because I do love laughing at myself. We never do it right, anyway.

Oh well..., I think I've found my new favorite word. It's 'just'.