Saturday, April 6, 2013

NYX The Curve #Jet Black

It's NYX The Curve, the felt tip eyeliner which is created to be functioned effectively. I saw it first in Michelle Phan favorite video, and since that I'd been curious. However I thought what the function really is since we already get used to the usual felt tip liner with the straight-marker-like shape. And well okay, at first try, I need to accustom way I hold this eyeliner. But at second try and forth, I found this eyeliner is really different from another liquid eyeliner. Yes, it's so helpful in defining the eyes.

Many words have been said already by just seeing the package, right?! I really agree with the word 'Steady, Even Lining'. With that shape, I can make more clear line with a fine stroke by the felt tip, very good for a beginner.

The felt tip looks like this.

Not different from any other felt tip liner. So, I conclude that the strong point is the shape. Michelle's not wrong. It's genius!

Hold like this, and lining the eyes will be steady.

Okay, for the shape and function, this eyeliner is a well made. How about the resistance?

NYX The Curve dries quickly, right after the application. So, worry not it's gonna stain the eyelid. No need for fanning the eyelid before open the eyes (LOL!). Also, it's a smudge proof. I tried to rub the swatch on my hand and it stayed still until I rubbed it so hard. But, unfortunately, this eyeliner is not a waterproof. Yeah, however, for me, it's enough to have my eyeliner looks like when I first applied it eight hours ago. 

Conclusion: pretty satisfied with NYX The Curve, but I think IDR 200,000 is too expensive for such the shape innovation. Because NYX usually offered makeup products that are pretty affordable. If people ask me to choose between NYX The Curve or another eyeliner that have a good resistance (water proof, smudge proof, and long lasting) with the same price, I choose that another eyeliner.

But still, The Curve is recommended for the eyeliner as the perfect partner to experiment in lining and defining, coz it creates really steady line!!

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