Monday, March 11, 2013

Holika Holika Love Fantasy Blusher in Red

Second post in this month. Still about beauty product.

This is Love Fantasy Blusher from Holika Holika.

Last month, I bought this. I always wanted a red blusher and I chose Holika Holika because many bloggers already reviewed it, and many liked it of course. Besides red, Holika Holika Love Fantasy Blusher comes in another 4 variants; Pink, Peach, Choco, and Star. So, there are 5 different fantasy blushers that can be chosen.

Look at the cute packaging! So colorful, and patternful *forcing rhyme*. So girly, yet artistic. Beautiful design from Holika Holika.

And let's check what's inside!

It comes with the puff. A cute puff, with a purple red ribbon, matches the packaging so well. Really, I give an A+ for the package. The colors and design are so lovely. Ahh, haven't seen the blusher itself. Below that puff, the blusher is shaped beautifully.

See?! Three color blushers are combined in one jar. The darkest shade is shaped heart, and the lightest two surround it.

Here's the swatch.

Holika Holika Love Fantasy is a glittery blusher. It gives bling bling looks to your cheek, but don't worry it won't give a red tacky cheeks look. Instead, it gives you cute glowing red this!

LOL at my hand position! And the phone shadow. Sigh!

Umm..anyway, this blusher can be used by blending the three colors together, I suggest to use brush cos the puff won't give a better result than the brush, or using only one shade, may try to highlight using the dark and light shade, yaa, express your....cheeks! Hahahaha

And why I use the blusher really up near my eyes, cos it's the style, learned it by seeing how a harajuku girl dolls up. By the way, that's why I want a red blusher. Hahahahaha

Pic of me with the blusher. And bye!

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