Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Skin Food Fresh Juice Essence Mask Sheet

Hohohohohoho. Merry Christmas for you all. God bless you always!

So, because it's Christmas day, I'm gonna write a post about Christmas.

Nahahahahahaha, kidding! I'm doing nothing this Christmas because my family and I don't celebrate it. However, we love to go to mall or other places to spend the Christmas holiday. Also, I love Christmas because today always feels so blissful and cheerful, and I dream of White Christmas too. Someday, I must feel it! Yeah!

So, this will be another review of beauty product. This time, I've tried skincare product from Skin Food, Fresh Juice Essence Mask Sheet. I got it for IDR 35,000, pretty expensive considering you can use it only once, but I guess you will have it for cheaper price if you're patient enough to Pre-Order in many online shops, including here.

Maybe you already know-I made a haul post here-that I bought some stuffs from Skin Food. Actually, for skincare, I don't like to try many products. For months (almost half year) I stuck to skincare products that were given by my doctor. I used to have trouble on my face. So I went to the beauty clinic and was given the treatment. Then...tadaaa...not until a month, my trouble has gone. Hmm...since I'm writing this, I have an interest to share to you what product that my doctor has given for me that I think it's the best product for trouble skin. Later yaaa.

Just yesterday, I decided to stop the treatment because of two reasons. First, the clinic is too far from my house, such a pain in ass to go there every months, you know Jakarta has a very very very terrible jam. And second, since my skin trouble has gone, I don't feel any changes anymore, so I think I can do care my skin with my self. If someday I have skin trouble again, I can go back there.

Yaaah, such a long intro! -____-"

Anyway, back to the mask sheet, the clerk in the shop suggested me to buy this. He said the fresh juice essence is good to freshen and brighten my skin, so my face won't be looked dull.

As you can see it, it must be applied after facial washing, and wait for 10-15 minutes before it's taken off.

I could feel my face absorbs the fresh juice essence in the sheet. I felt so fresh and cool when I was wearing this mask. Not weird when I took it off, my face felt so hot because more than 15 minutes feeling the coolness. LOL!

I don't have proper pic of me wearing this mask, because whenever I took it, it's ugly as hell. Puhahahahahahahahahahaha.. So this it the best I can post.

The effect could be felt directly. My skin seemed to be more tightened and supple. This is my bare and happy enough face after taking off the mask.

I like this mask so much and will think about re-purchasing it. Maybe I can have brighter and healthier skin some day.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

EOS Blytheye Grey

I was always searching for grey circle lens. I'd bought one or two grey lens but was not very satisfied, because the grey color never popped out when I wear it.

So......... I bought these:

EOS Blytheye Grey

Water Content : 52%
Diameter : 14,8mm

And.....oooooooooohhhh it did it! This lens is bright, too bright!!

Pics to prove.

With flash, it becomes ridiculously bright. LOL!

I've read many reviews and, umm, okay, most of them said this lens was too bright. However I insisted to buy, because when I saw their pics, I still thought they're okay with that lens. I just loved blytheye grey because somehow they looked cool and sensual wearing this lens. Yeah, this lens looks so good in pic, but in real they're too bright and looks unnatural, like vampire eyes maybe (?!)

However, I won't say I hate these lens. I just think it's not suitable for every day's look, and don't have much courage to wear it for shopping or hanging out. Maybe it's okay for nite event, clubbing or something. For wearing blytheye grey, I think I need to dramatize my eyes with much makeup.

Let's move from the brightness. Blytheye grey has black outer ring that gives enlargement effect. It doesn't have complicated pattern, so yeah, this lens is meant to emphasize the color. It will look good for photo-shoot, I think.

I'm quite satisfied. Finally! Find something that can pop up my eyes. Feel cool and sensual. But.. a lil'bit too much...too bright.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Icy Christmas Look

Christmas is near. Santa will come to town. Let's prepare a catchy look for this Christmas!

In my country, there's no winter, there's no snow. But it doesn't mean I cannot make a sweet frozen look. Let's freeze this Christmas! Here, I created an icy look to invite snowy feeling.

Started with a bare face and circle lens. I was using EOS blytheye grey because its very light grey color feels so cool, literally cool.

For the eyelid, I used grey eyeshadow as the base.

And then, I played with blue colors and also shimmering white. I always want a dramatic eyes in any look I create. Therefore I added black eyeshadow and black liner to create a deep and dramatic eyes. And could not forget upper and bottom eyelashes.

Tadaaa, sneak peek:

I also wanted to froze my lips (this time, not literally), so I used lip concealer to make my lips looked nude and gave a small amount of reddish pink color to my inner part of lips.

The result!!

Time to camho!! ^o^

And yeaaah this icy lady's getting so excited. She gives you middle finger.

LOL! Just kidding, it's just only a cropped peace pose. Don't be mad ya!

Hahahahaha! Advanced Merry Christmas!! ^^

Products I used:
1. EOS Blytheye Grey 14.8 mm circle lens
2. Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit #N02
3. Dolly Wink Pencil Eyebrow #2
4. NYX Triple Eyeshadow White/Grey/Black
5. Too Cool for School Single Eyeshadow # 9 and #20
6. Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner #Black
7. Some upper falsies
8. Dolly Wink Eyelashes #5
9. Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher #6
10. Etude House Color Me Nude Lip Concealer
11. Etude House Look At My Lips #6

Monday, December 17, 2012

Haul Post: Midnite Sale

You know what the best from end of the world didn't come on 12/12/12?! It means, there was still chance to attend midnite sale. Yippie!!

Yeah, yesterday, on December 16th, I went to Central Park Mall, Jakarta. They held Shopping Marathon from 8 PM till midnite, and yesterday was a last day. So, I grabbed the chance to come there and saw if I could buy something.

Okay, at first, I planned to buy some clothes, and some dolly wink products because I heard they are 20% off. However, I ended up buying much beauty products and no clothes at all -____-"

So, here they are. Hauls...

Visited SOGO and went directly to Kay Collection, and grabbed these:

Dolly Wink Products were all in sale, 20% off. And as you can see I got an extra pair of Dolly Wink lashes no.5, with the same price, I got three pairs instead of two.

Also, I bought some brushes, from Masami Shouko and Armando Caruso. No discount, unfortunately.

Then, without planning, I bumped into Too Cool For School counter, and bought their single eye shadows. 20% off!!

After that, I remembered I ran out of make up remover. So, I walked into The Body Shop and bought my favorite make up remover. Without expecting discount, I brought it to cashier and he said it was 10% off. Lumayaaaan...

Just walked to buy drinks and then found Guardian. Yeah, I need hair-dye. So, Fresh Light!

Last, went to Skin Food, gotta asked which products were suitable for me, and the clerk said this:

Okay, I'm gonna tried this. He also suggested  Fresh Juice Essence Mask Sheet.

Skin Food had no discount unfortunately, but I got bonuses, Gold Kiwi Serum.

Yeah, that's all. I forgot uploading one or two pics, but I hope it's okay.

No buying clothes on this midnite sale, but actually, some big stores gave worth discounts. 70% off for Guess trousers, 50% off Mango trousers, and Zara also gave discount. Most big discounts were given for trousers. The rest was also on sale, 20-50% off. I think I already have enough trousers, no need to buy it. And I don't really like autumn and winter outfit that are in stores these days, not suitable for my country. The color is also boring; brown, black, cream, not as fun as summer collection's. So, yeah, beauty products only for this midnite sale.

Friday, December 14, 2012

EOS Lip Balm in Lemon Drop

Since I ran out of lip balm, one of beauty product that becomes necessary because I have easily chapped lips, I'd decided to buy a new one which has great quality. And many recommend me EOS Lip Balm. I also know that EOS already has many good reviews.

Ya, without too much thinking, I ordered it, and finally had  a chance to try this famous lip balm.

EOS has so many variants. As far as I know, each variants has different flavors, and also different savors. One is best for treatment and another one is best for medicine, and etc, something that I don't know either (pardon my lack). So I ended up by picking the lemon drop one mostly because I simply love lemon. Hahahaha. Though I know a bit that this EOS variant is a lip balm treatment, can keep lips feel smooth, soft, and refreshed.

Here's EOS Lip Balm Lemon Drop:

The packaging is cute. Round and yellow, like a cute small egg. It also becomes my reason because I dislike lip balm which comes into jar packaging. Packaging like EOS' makes the application easier and also more hygiene. I don't need to dig the lip balm from the jar. It's horrible I think. Moreover, I often apply lip balm in any case that I feel dryness on my lips. So, with EOS, no need to pay attention to filthy hands first, rite?!

This lip balm also tastes good, tastes like lemon, not sour but sweet...sweet and yummy. It's addicted to use it as many as I can. Hahahahahahahaha, silly me who loves the taste so much.

How about the result? Is it really keep lips smooth, soft, and refreshed?

After using for more than two weeks, I can say EOS Lip Balm really makes lips healthier. My lips can stay longer to be looked fresh. It also good to wear lipstick after using it. I mean, it won't change the color result of the lipstick. Applying much of this lip balm won't make the lips feel extra sticky because it will be absorbed fast and quickly moist the lips. And the taste is.....yummy. Err~ okay, why am I back to the taste?!

Last, the most important thing, EOS Lip Balm is affordable for my wallet. I got it for IDR 65,000, which is worth for such a good quality lip balm. The amount of lip balm is pretty much. I can use it for a long time.

That's all. I end this with a chu from my healthier lips :*

Sunday, December 9, 2012

I'm Talking about 'Life of Pi'

On Tuesday (wth it's already Sunday, I'm always late in posting), I went to the cinema to watch the happening movie that had become Trending Topic on Twitter for about 2 or 3 days, even till now 0.o (just checked Worldwide TT). Here's the proof

Yupp, it's 'Life of Pi'.

For you who haven't watched it yet, ask your couple, friends, and siblings, or even just with your shadow, to go watch it before this movie disappears from your beloved cinema. It's really worth to watch.

No, I won't make a warning about spoiler because I know you have watched it, or...gonna watch it. Here, I just wanna share about what my mind's thinking about some things in this movie.

So, that Tuesday, suddenly wanna go to the cinema so badly to watch this movie because I already saw the trailer. Was rushing to check the schedule and found that it would be played at 9 P.M. at Ciputra Mall, Jakarta. So, there I went, with sister and the bro-in-law (hehehe, a date disturber *smirk*).

Life of Pi is an Indian movie that tells about a boy named Pi that survives from ship-sinking that makes him lost his family. He must live on lifeboat with animals; a zebra, a hyena, an orangutan, and a tiger. But there's mob rule that leaves him only with the tiger named Richard Parker. Then..........uppss I said I'm not gonna tell you the story.

Here's the trailer

And go watch it by yourself for you who have not!
So you have watched it?! Now let's discuss something.

 First, I'm pretty interested with the question in ending,

"Which story is true?" asked the writer to Pi.
"Which story do you like?" answered Pi, by asking to the writer.
The writer said, "The tiger one."

Yeah, we, human, tend to like some magical stories. Hearing this question also makes me think which story is true. Also my bro-in-law asked me, curious to know the 'truth'. Who knows?

This question leads to the thinking of God's existence. Between reasonable story and unreasonable story, oh wait.., between human-centrism and nature-acquisition (I dislike the usage of 'reasonable' and 'unreasonable' because I think both stories make sense), which story is the truth? And the answer is the one you like.

Previously, on Sunday, I watched 'Rise of the Guardians'. Coincidentally, it also talks about belief. When Rise of the Guardians provides a magic to believe in a reasonable way-of course, Jack Frost needs to be a guardian and protects the children to make him believed, an effort to make something, a cause and an effect, a thing called reason- meanwhile, Pi gives belief a 'weak' measurement, which is 'a choice to like'. However, since when does reason become a main reason for us to believe?! Since Renaissance?! Haha.. Sometimes in life, we can do something without reason, such as liking something, having hobby. We just like it, rite, without ability to explain why?!

Another thing that I have interest in is about hyena. Why does hyena always become a loser, despicable animal? You must know about Lion King which also makes hyenas the evil's servants. I don't know if Martel has his own reason to choose tiger as the hero, orangutan and zebra as victims, and hyena as the villain. Pity hyena, have my sympathy! Also, deep condolences for orangutan and zebra. I'm used to see human becomes victim in movie, but when it comes to animal, I can't stand it. It breaks my heart seeing them trying so hard to survive-that's why I don't like watching Discovery Channel-. But yeah, tiger is always the king, and lion is also, when other cats becomes fir'aun who live covered in glory, expensive food, routine vaccine, glamorous litter-box and etc etc. Hahaha.. Meanwhile, herbivores is always the victim. They can't live without being eaten. And hyenas.....evil hyenas is evil. Hmmmm..

Okay, that's it, my sharing about Life of Pi. Eh?! Weird way to end the post?! Without conclusion, wisdom words, and etc?! Yeah, but that's all. Bye!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

NYX Stay Matte but Not Flat Liquid Foundation SMF05 Soft Beige

Here is another review of beauty product. This time I'm gonna share to you about a foundation from NYX. Its name's Stay Matte but Not Flat liquid foundation. Yaa, this Stay Matte but Not Flat foundation comes into two different forms, liquid and powder.

About a month ago, I purchased the liquid one in Soft Beige, or the code is SMF05. Actually, I was confused choosing which shades that matches to my skin tone, because I was gonna buy it online. However, I ended up with soft beige which it was a bit darker, I think. I don't know...I used to stick with Etude's product which provides only two shades, and I always prefer the light beige than the natural beige one.

Okay, back to NYX Stay Matte but Not Flat foundation. From the name, it's quite interesting. NYX promises to give the matte look without looking flat. So, don't ever expect a glowing and shimmering result from this foundation. It will be matte, and actually, matte-look is always be my favorite.

Let's move to packaging!

The packaging is...err..too common. Simple transparent tube with black font on it. That's all. Nothing's special.

Then, here's the swatch.

And here's the result, before and after pic. I know I kinda look like a ghost in after pic. Maybe it's because flash. In real, it's not that bright. By the way, I used it to my lips too. Hahaha

The coverage is good, but not a wow. It's able to hide my redness but not too good to cover acne. The liquid is too watery, in my opinion, and I don't like the scent, smells like a heavy foundation. wth?! Also, after few hours of application it becomes sticky and makes my face oily.

But, the good thing is this foundation is cheap! Yayy! Only IDR 90,000. The result is not as good as the more expensive foundation, but it's quite good and really worth it to buy with such a good price. This foundation is great to be an alternative when I run out of foundation and don't have too much money to buy. But I prefer to buy my previous foundation, Etude Collagen Moistfull....if I have money. LOL!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Life Sucks Without 'You'

This happened few months ago, when my family and I went for a trip. Forgot the reason, but we were talking about living in such a small city. It would be so peaceful and calming. We wouldn't be bothered with jam. The air would be fresher so it might cure stress and pressure.

But then I said, "We couldn't go to Central Park Mall on weekends."

My sister added, "Couldn't go to New Look, Zara, Diva."

"Forever 21."

"Little Things She Needs."

"Pay Less Shoes."

"Hell, yeah~ we can't live with those."

Because what?! Because we are meant to live for (window) shopping ;D