Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Innocent's Thinking

When I was a child, I ever thought why God must create a hell when any adults were so kind and have the ability for knowing the good and bad things. I don't know maybe it's because my mother, father, grandma figures that I adore so much or maybe because I have not seen any thieves, murderers, or people in government. Or maybe I just didn't realize the mask that everyone wore.

When I was a child, I have a belief that doomsday will happens when every human in this planet has become an elder. I was afraid of doomsday and I tried to reassure myself that I still have much time before my life ended. I was sure that God is very kind and fair enough to give a fair life to his creations. So, every human must have the same length of lifetime in order to see the same things and gain the same chances.

When I was a child, I scared of getting the God's punishment in hell. I had read a (shitty) comic about the afterlife in hell. Someday, I was so lazy to pray and missed that. But then I was always thinking about the punishment that I would get in hell. So I checked that (shitty) comic and was terrified after I found that my head would be crushed by a giant hammer. "Why not this drinking blood punishment, it's going way better," sighed the little me. I, then, was disappointed finding that drinking blood punishment was for the people who loved to drink the haram beverages. "Please God, I only missed a pray, and I swear I won't drink beers."

Oh, my childhood...my innocent thinking...

Look at the innocent me, have no sins and no teeth. Hahaha..

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April Random

I'm just feeling that I must post something on my blog. Without any idea, I made this post. And....here it is, pieces of my life on April.

First time clubbing, with friends, at Equinox
Egg on Toast I made by myself. Looks yummy? Umm..not really. LOL
Order a bowl of donburi at Ichiban Sushi, rice with raw seafood and egg
Must love these stuffs these days or I won't graduate this August

With my sis, Nia, at Kemang

Ummm, some of them happen on March. So the title is a lil bit problematic. Whatever..!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

NYX Wave

I was super excited when my package had arrived few days ago. I bought some make up, NYX. Yaa, these days I'm stick on NYX. Truthfully, not because I really like this brand of makeup, but the situation  makes me choose NYX. I've found a good online shop that sells NYX product with a very good price. So, grab the chance!

yaayy, the package. I also bought the eyeshadow. Sorry for not including you, eyeshadow

NYX Lip gloss palette: The Perfect Smokey Look Colours

Thing that I want to say is I love the lip gloss, Smokey Look Lip gloss Palette, especially the orange one. Really sweet colour! Though if u want to get the perfect colour, applying foundation and concealer is a must.

The Look