Friday, July 12, 2013

Etude House Collagen Moistfull Cream

Because I already decided to not going to meet dermatologist, I must try to give such a huge effort to maintain my skin. My skin is troublesome, really really troublesome. I may not need to fight acne, but I need to deal with sebum, clogged pores, blackhead, whiteheads, and many more. Going to dermatologist for a few months gave a significant change. However, after several months, it was stagnant, no changes anymore. So I decided to stop.

Then, I looked back at my skincare products that had been not touched while I was using the dermatologist' products. And I found this...Collagen Moistfull Cream from Etude House.

At first, I didn't hope too much from this cream. I had been using this before I went to the dermatologist, and it didn't work so well to me. But I thought, still better than not giving any care to my skin.

But amazingly, this time, Etude House Collagen Moistfull Cream does a really really good job. I use this as my night cream, and every morning I get up, my skin becomes firm and smooth. No kidding! No lebay!

The texture of the cream is not oily and watery, but just like the name, it gives the moist to the skin. The scent is also lovely, but not too strong. What I like most is it doesn't feel sticky when I apply this cream to my skin. Instead of oily and sticky effect, it gives the feeling washing my face with water, gives cool and refreshing effect, but also calming.

See, see, see?! I almost spend a jar of this cream. Repurchasing is a must. I've never been this satisfied using the cream. All creams that I've used are just so so. Except this! So in love with this product.

About the price, I think this cream has an affordable price. I forget the exact price, but it's not more than IDR 200,000.

So far, I haven't found anything bad about this cream. Love it!