Monday, August 27, 2012

New Fresh Cherry Tint in Orange

Finally! This is the review of the new Fresh Cherry Tint from Etude House. I, actually, bought this a loooooong time ago, two months ago, maybe, but just made a review today. Hehehehehehe

If the old version of Fresh Cherry Tint have three variants, these new products have four, which are named by the code, RD001, OR001, PK001, and PK002. RD001 is the red one, OR001 is orange peach, and these new tints came to two different colours of pink, the soft pink and the more shocking one.

Orange lipsticks or lip gloss never fail to satisfy me. So, I decided to try the orange one of Fresh Cherry Tint new.

This is the colour when I applied it on my hand

 And my lips! Don't mind if my face also in it

The colour is so soft, and when it's applied on your lips, it becomes very natural. The tint pervades perfectly. The scent is also nice, yummy like a cherry. It makes you wanna taste it, but believe me, don't do that! The taste is not good as its scent. It's bitter, of course.

The lack of this product is maybe it makes lips dry faster than other kinds of product for lips. I think this is the characteristics of lip tint. The solution is don't forget to apply lip balm before the lip tint.

Oh, and I love this tint, because it's so affordable. Only IDR 70,000 here. Grab it fast yaa! :D

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