Saturday, September 28, 2013

Gradient Lips

I actually wanna call this 'My Everyday Lip-make' but I realized I don't wear this everyday, I wear it often, but not everyday. Ain't nobody got time for that. Moreover, I wanna make the title more specific, so let's call it 'Gradient Lips', the famous term to describe this kind of lip makeup. This lip-make is really popular in Korea. Like any other makeup that comes from Korea, it creates a dolly and innocent look.

It is pretty simple. We only need these products to create gradient lips:

(From left to right)

1. Lip Balm 
I'm using Eos Lip Balm in Lemon Drop. Lip balm is really important because it prevents dryness. The lip tint, lip concealer, and lipstick (though the lipstick I used already moisture lips) can make your lips very dry and chapped. So, always use lip balm!

2. Lip Concealer 
It is actually nude lipstick, that has the same color as your skin. The one that I use here is Etude House Color Me Nude.

3. Lip Tint
I placed it wrong. Use lipstick first, and then lip tint. This lip tint absorbs to our lips and creates natural color on it. But beware, this kind of product can make lips dry faster. My favorite lip tint is the Color Pop #2 Sunny Pop from Etude House.

4. Lipstick
Yaaa, we all know lipstick. I use Maybelline Extreme Moisture Lipstick R41 Wine. 

As you can see, I choose bright lip colors. Those lip colors won't be used to all over our lips, just a tiny part of it, so don't worry it will appear soft.

Then, let's do this!

Step 1: Use lip balm

Step 2: Apply Lip Concealer and smooth it over. It will blur the outer lip-line.

Step 3: Apply lipstick on the inner part of lips, and smooth the lips. It gives a hint of pink.

Step 4: Make dots on the inner part of lips using lip tint. Pat the lips to make the color even.


You may add lip gloss for glossy lips, it also will diminish the appearance of lip cracks. 

That's all! Hope you like it.

Friday, September 27, 2013

I'm A (Scriptwriter) Dreamer

This will be my 100th blog post. I thought I would write something dramatic, something useful, a post that is made with such a huge effort to respect this number, 100, isn't it a special number?! But...I'm gonna write about my dream.

I just woke up from my nap. Recently, I try to be a morning person, try to get up early. However, I always fall asleep at 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. -____________-"

I think because I'm so sleepy but my mind always tell me to keep awake in the morning to successfully achieve my morning person program, that's why even when I take a nap, I actually wake up. So, I keep dreaming, but that dream is mixed in between my subconsciousness and consciousness. In other words, I make a story in my dream. Ya! That happened.

I have a power to decide the plot, but I'm not able to determine the characters, setting, and roles, who becomes who. Deciding how my dream goes on is such a power, but also a trouble. I've experienced this a lot about two years ago, and it sucks! Because it means my mind doesn't have a rest at all! It kinda happens when I'm stressed or having such a silly dilemmatic situation like what just happened this morning, to be staying awake or sleeping.

Today's dream featured many people that I followed on instagram. LOL! I think because I browsed my instagram right before I fell asleep. So the characters are either public figure, or blogger, or actor/actress, whom I actually adore (because I followed them). But I'm not gonna tell who is who. Hahahahahaha

Story began. I just moved to a new house, along with my family, but later my family disappeared and changed into that instagram people. Across my house, there was a mini mart. A boy (a public figure, currently he's my idol) worked there. And I fell in love with him (just like it should be). Unfortunately, he was from a poor family (how can?!), so he just focused on his work in that mini mart, and ignored me no matter how hard I've tried to attract his attention. Whenever I came to the mini mart, he was busy counting stocks or preparing meal, or filling a soda cup, and the one who served me was the owner herself, a very kind granny (she's a completely stranger). Every afternoon, after his shift ended, he would have a kung fu training, in my house's yard (wtf is this?! blame my subconsciousness for this ridiculous idea), and I would be staring at him from the balcony, or maybe just walked pass and wouldn't stop until I got his attention. His friends would be teasing him because of my presence. I liked him and it was an open secret. It's strange because I'm a cool girl in reality (ahemm..)

But the story just ended up like that. Sad, huh?! Even if I have a power to create the plot, I'm not able to make us being together.

Meanwhile, I have a sister (which is not actually my sister but the one on instagram also), and that mini mart owner have a son (also whom I followed on instagram). He wasn't like my crush. He loved to play outside, and rarely helped his Mom at the mini mart. He liked my sister and they seemed to get along well (they're actually a couple in reality). My sister loved drawing, and that boy loved music, so they had the same passion in art. My sister used to help my cousin (my real cousin) in drawing, and that boy would help him playing guitar and drum. They often met each other at my house. My role, here, was to make them being together. So I helped them as a dream director to create a romantic situation happened in every scenes of them. And I made it.

I tried to make a good scene too between me and that charming mini mart worker boy, but I had completely awaken. I said "wait...let me continue this" and started to sleep again, but cannot. I couldn't make a story without my subconsciousness. So my relationship with that boy just hangs up like that.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion

I actually planned to write this review on Tuesday, but my body disagreed. I've been sick since Tuesday even till now. I couldn't go to work, I even couldn't surf the internet because I was so busy bearing the pain. But now, I feel better. So, I try to blog.

Anyway, Etude House is so kind for giving me their new product, the almighty foundation, 'Precious Mineral Any Cushion'. Thanks so much!

What is Precious Mineral Any Cushion?

If you are a Korean makeup lover, especially Etude House lover, you must be familiar with 'precious mineral'. The term used to be the name of the BB cream, or base makeup. So does this Precious Mineral Any Cushion. This is actually the newest innovation of foundation; a liquid foundation with the cushion.

As always, Etude House comes up with a very cute, girly, and pink packaging. Precious Mineral Any Cushion also equipped with a special puff inside, which is called Air Puff. I wondered why it feels so cool when I applied this foundation using the puff. This Air Puff minimizes water absorption, that's why I can feel the cool sensation of  applying liquid foundation because it isn't absorbed by the puff. Besides that, Air Puff is more durable than the regular puff. So don't worry, I think it won't be torn quickly.

What does differ Precious Mineral Any Cushion with other foundations?

The answer is its cushion.

It's not a compact foundation. It's actually liquid foundation packed in a cushion. Whenever or wherever we are, if we need to apply foundation or touch up, just pat this to our face.

Precious Mineral Any Cushion is available in two shades; #W13 Natural Beige and #W24 Honey Beige. Mine is Honey Beige.

And look! This foundation also has function as a sunblock, because it has SPF 50+ / PA+++. I don't need to apply my sunblock before. Other functions are sebum control, moisturizer, skin lightening, skin tone improvement, sebum powder, moisturizing essence, lightening essence, with cool sensation. So there are 6 functions in one Precious Mineral Any Cushion.

How to use it?

It's so easy, because what we need just pat the cushion with the Air Puff, and pat it to our face. 

Here's the before & after:

I really really love this foundation. The coverage is very good. As you can see, I have some dark spots, but in after pic it has gone, right?! It covers pore perfectly. It gives matte result but also moisturizes the skin. And of course the skin will appear brighter.

I think it becomes the best base makeup of Etude House I've ever tried. I really adores the cushion and the air puff because it maximizes the application, makes an even and perfect coverage.

The price is IDR 218,000. It's not really pricey for the good quality foundation like this Precious Mineral Any Cushion.

That's all! I'll end this post with my selfies with Precious Mineral Any Cushion.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Before We Ask 'Why'

This one below is a music video by Penny Tai, a singer from Taiwan. You may know her, when Meteor garden was still booming, as Ni Yao de Ai singer. This time she sings a sad song too, titled 你怎麼可以安心的睡著, literally means 'How Can You Sleep At Ease'. I have no idea about the song. I don't know Chinese, so even though I already search the lyrics, I don't know the meaning. Google translate doesn't help me.

But, my focus is on the video. First scene, a boy kneels down before her girl's body. The girl's dead, and the boy cries out "為什麼" / "Why?!", and then flashback, and it explains what actually has happened.

It's true! It's true! Before we ask 'why' to God, the sky, or whoever, we should ask ourselves first what we have done. Even, we cannot merely blame the fate. Everything must happen for a reason, or because of a reason. And what more important is...don't ever be late! Or your girlfriend dies!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Dr.Jart+ V7 Launching


A long time ago...., well actually, on August 28th, Dr. Jart+ invited me, along with other beauty bloggers to their new product launching at Upperroom Annex Building, Jakarta.

Maybe, many people don't really know about this brand. And now I tell you that you MUST know about this brand!
Dr.Jart+ is a cosmetics brand from South Korea, also known as dermacosmetics, focusing in skincare. In Indonesia, it maybe not as popular as other Korean makeup brands, but BB cream from Dr.Jart+ has gained a huge popularity not only in Asia, but also in Western World, like England and U.S. As we know, BB cream is the most famous makeup product in Asia. That's why the brands that produce BB cream mostly come from Asia. Meanwhile, people in Western countries are not really attached to BB cream for their makeup routine. So, when I heard that BB cream from Dr.Jart+ has been famous in Western World, it made me think that Dr.Jart+ must be succeeded in creating a very great BB cream. 

And...about the new products from Dr.Jart+, the name is V7. It is made for all the girls who want bright and regenerated skin. V7 helps us to get rid dark spots, dull skin, and acne scars, so it will make our skin clearer and also brighter. The name 'V7' is derived from 7 vitamins contained in this product. Ya, I'll repeat, 7 vitamins!! Vitamin A, B3, B5, C, E, F, and H, all of them in one. 

This is the series of V7:
1. V7 Turnover Booster (Toner)
2. V7 Renewal Serum
3. V7 Relief Vita Drop (Emulsion)
4. V7 Vitacream (Spot treatment)
5. V7 Beauty Balm (Make Up)


The STARS of the show, there are: John Kim, Manager Overseas Sales Team Dr.Jart+

Vera Liono, Brand Manager Dr.Jart+ Indonesia

Dr.Kevin A.Maharis, who gave a presentation about skincare

Demo product, explained by Chloe Park, Junior Manager Overseas Sales Team Dr.Jart+. The demo product showed the audiences how to use the complete series of V7, the step by step skincare+makeup routine to supply your skin with 7 vitamins and get the bright skin as the result.

More pictures below:

Of course, there was some delicious treat for the invitees. Because Dr.Jart+ comes from Korea, so the food and beverage also have Korean taste.

The Lab was there!!

They served us milk tea, mine is Oolong Milk Tea with big Boba.

And this ddeokbokki in a beaker.

Both are unique and yummy.

On that day, I went home bringing awesome goodies bag. I repeat, AWESOME goodies!! Three products of Dr.Jart+. They are definitely AWESOME!!

By the way, I've tried the new V7 Beauty Balm, and so far I like it so much! Will make a review about it.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

NYX The Natural Shadow Palette

This will be a short review of an eyeshadow palette that I bought few months ago: NYX The Natural Shadow Palette

When I heard NYX launched their new eyeshadow palette that come in two types, I've been always wanting to have one. The Smokey and The Natural Palette offer 6 colors of eyeshadows that create a glamorous smokey look or glamorous natural look. Because I'm not a fan of smokey look, I choose this Natural Palette. The colors are really suitable for everyday look.

What I love about NYX is their affordable price but still have such a good quality. I bought this only for IDR 100,000. The size is not big enough, but it's really worth to get it with that price. Here, if you wonder about the size, not as big as my palm, but you must note it that my palm is big.

Here's the colors: three shimmer eyeshadows, and three matte colors.

And here's the swatches:

Too bad, they are not very pigmented. The single eyeshadow or triple eyeshadow of NYX are way better than this. But, I read the review of this palette, many said if you use white base, the colors will pop out. I never try that though.

However, I still recommend this eyeshadow palette. It's affordable and have such nice colors to create 'cheat nude look', to be natural with makeup.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Tale of A Persecuted Outsource Worker

Now, I'm mad as hell!!!

Months ago, on June, I worked for an event where I supposed to sell cigarettes there. I used to work for one the cigarette company as an outsource sales girl for months. I took first shift, start working from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. And you know what?! I was told to come at 6 A.M!!!!!!!!!!! Don't know what for, I and my friends must wait for hours.

So, that afternoon, I worked selling cigarettes. It was outdoor. The weather was so hot, the sun shone so bright, I was burned! Going back from work, I got a perfect tan.

Look! I even tweeted about my uneven tanned skin.

On that day, I worked pretty good. I was ordered to sell about fifty packs of cigarette, which consists of many different brands. And only in first few hours, I succeeded in selling about thirty packs.

I worked in team, with another girl and a team leader. That other girl was not as lucky as I was. She still had many packs that had not been sold. So, the team leader decided to let me help her. SO I HELPED her selling her cigarettes. I took some packs of two brands of cigarettes that I could sell them better. 

When the day had ended, I successfully sold my friend's cigarettes. My mistake, there was some packs of my cigarettes remained. Yes, it's true I didn't achieve my target even though I did well, and even I helped my friend. 

I was told to be paid some amount of money. I worked under my agency who supposed to take care all about my fee and work schedule. The team kept talking about the rumor that our fees will be cut if we didn't achieve target. But many voices told me that we won't get our fee cut, because everyone had has a hard time working. My agency also didn't want to help and assured me there won't be a cruel fee cutting. So I believed in them.

Then, months later, just now, I received my fee. Guess what?! I lost more than 30% of the amount that I should be paid!!!!! My fee was cut due to not achieving target. Throughout the history working in this kind of job, this is the cruelest fee cutting ever. Ironically, this is also the hardest work, the most tiring work I've ever had.

I feel like I wanna blame my friend whom I helped, and my team leader who asked me to help me selling more cigarettes but not count it as my effort, and my agency who assured me there won't be a fee cutting, and moreover, that big company who haphazardly stated that cruelest rule ever, ignoring effort their workers have made.

I wanted to get money from that company, but now I feel like I'm being robbed by them. THANK YOU, and FUCK YOU!

P.S.: Don't tell me to quit this job, because I have been quit since two months ago!