Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit in Light Beige #N02

This is the famous BB Cream from Etude House, Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit. I purchased it about two months ago and used to wear it in any occasions instead of wearing foundation.

BB cream is lighter than foundation, so I think it's good for me who want flawless skin every day without covering skin pores too much with foundation. However, it can cause skin looks more oily. I think people who have oily skin should not wear BB cream. They may choose foundation with matte result. However, it's still better to wear only loose powder.

This Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit creates a glowing healthy skin. It suits my skin which is often looked dull and dry.

It's written SPF 30, that means this BB Cream protects the skin from burning 30 times longer than it's usually needed to be burnt. So, by wearing this BB Cream I can stay outside and face the sun 30 times longer than usual without worrying I will be burnt, after that time, I need to rush to be back to the shelter, hiding behind the shadow. Got it?!

Besides that, Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit says it has whitening and anti-wrinkle and also anti-darkening. 

I chose the lightest shade, Light Beige No. N02. However, it comes with 4 different shades; darkest to lightest, W15 Sand Beige, W24 Honey Beige, W13 Natural Beige, and N02 Light Beige.

The packaging is girly, like other Etude House products, pink box and pink tube,...look purplish for me. 

The tube is equipped with pump, so no need to squeeze the tube, just push down the pump.

The swatch on my hand :

And this is my face wearing this BB Cream. It looks so oily cause I took this with flash because without flash it doesn't look so clear that I'm wearing it.

Personally, I like this BB Cream because it suits my skin type so well and it does know what I need to be looked flawless everyday. One of my friends has ever said, "how to maintain your skin?" I asked, "Why? I just stopped to go to beauty clinic. Haha." She said, "Cause your skin looks flawless, bright, and has health glow." Oh really?! And then I realized it may caused by this BB Cream.

Repurchasing is a must.


  1. wah , ini bb cream masuk daftar wishlistku ! xD tapi kira-kira cocok ga ya sama yang kulitnya oily ? aku oily soalnya . ga bs di tempat yang ga berAC . gatau kenapa :(
    nice post xD

    1. thanks for ur comment ^^
      ga tau sih seberapa oilynya, tapi BB cream ini bikin muka keliatan mengilap.
      makanya aku bilang kurang cocok sama kulit yang emang udah produksi banyak minyak.