Monday, August 27, 2012

New Fresh Cherry Tint in Orange

Finally! This is the review of the new Fresh Cherry Tint from Etude House. I, actually, bought this a loooooong time ago, two months ago, maybe, but just made a review today. Hehehehehehe

If the old version of Fresh Cherry Tint have three variants, these new products have four, which are named by the code, RD001, OR001, PK001, and PK002. RD001 is the red one, OR001 is orange peach, and these new tints came to two different colours of pink, the soft pink and the more shocking one.

Orange lipsticks or lip gloss never fail to satisfy me. So, I decided to try the orange one of Fresh Cherry Tint new.

This is the colour when I applied it on my hand

 And my lips! Don't mind if my face also in it

The colour is so soft, and when it's applied on your lips, it becomes very natural. The tint pervades perfectly. The scent is also nice, yummy like a cherry. It makes you wanna taste it, but believe me, don't do that! The taste is not good as its scent. It's bitter, of course.

The lack of this product is maybe it makes lips dry faster than other kinds of product for lips. I think this is the characteristics of lip tint. The solution is don't forget to apply lip balm before the lip tint.

Oh, and I love this tint, because it's so affordable. Only IDR 70,000 here. Grab it fast yaa! :D

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Pregnancy Project

Good night! I've just watched a movie and because I'm not sleepy yet, I want to share to you, guys, by posting the review of that movie. But before that, I need to make a warning.

WARNING: This post contains spoiler. For those who don't want to know the story before you watch it by yourself, please stop reading this!

Done! Now it's time for the review.

This time, I watched the 2011 movie titled 'The Pregnancy Project'. It's based on the memoir of Gaby Rodriguez, a teenager who pretends to be pregnant for her school project. So, this movie is based on a true story.

The Book's Cover

Gaby, a seventeen-year-old girl, proposed a school project to make a fake pregnancy in order to do the social experiment on the attitude towards pregnant teens. Many people thought she's crazy, including her principal, but that was  a great idea, so, then, the proposal, with such a consideration, was accepted. Gaby started being pregnant. Only few people knew it was a fake, her Mom; her boyfriend, Jorge; one of her best friends; the principal, of course; and a woman teacher who became her mentor of the project. Her boyfriend even was forbid to tell his parents.

It was a very risky project, because people would change their mind about Gaby. She was well known as a smart student who had a bright future. After she told her friends she's pregnant, the news spread easily, and now Gaby must face the stereotypes of a pregnant teen towards her, not only from her friends, but also from the teachers. Many of them thought she will not continue her study to college. Her school-mates mocked her saying it's better off dead than being pregnant, because pregnancy means no life, no future. Her siblings felt angry and doubted her success in studying. The worst is she's called a bitch by her best friend because of her pregnancy. Even her boyfriend needed to suffer because his parents were so angry knowing his girlfriend had his baby.

Most of them thought Gaby is stupid to make herself pregnant. She had done the unforgiven mistake, and lost all the chances to have bright future.

Alexa Vega as Gaby Rodriguez

Meanwhile, there was a girl, named Tyra, who was pregnant first. Knowing Gaby was pregnant too, Tyra approached her because she already knew the feeling of being neglected and judged, and Tyra knew Gaby need a friend. So, for months they became close-friend. During this time, Gaby knew that Tyra was not only neglected by friends in school but also by her boyfriend who made her baby, and also her parents. She felt that Tyra cannot have a gloomy future. She needed to erase all the stereotypes towards girls like Tyra, so they still had chances for the living.

Starting this project was risky, and ending it was so hard too. Many people would feel betrayed of this experiment.

One day, Tyra overheard the conversation between Gaby and teachers. As the result, she knew that Gaby's pregnancy was fake. She was so mad, feeling she was fooled and had become an experimental object. Knowing the bad reaction of Tyra, Gaby was so nervous. Soon, the assembly would be held, and there, she must do presentation to show the result of her social experiments.

The day came. As her prediction, some of her school mates didn't accept the fact that they became the part of Gaby's experiment. However, she had done a good job. Many people shocked, but they appreciate her idea, and gave the support. Later, Gaby fixed her relationship with Tyra and said that would be a long project to stop the pregnant teens to get mean stereotypes.

Alexa Vega with the real Gaby Rodriguez

In my opinion, this is a good movie. This is not a movie that supports teens pregnancy. On the other hand, you will feel the worst situation that makes you think and rethink and rethink to agree with teens pregnancy. This movie concerns more on how the surrounding of the pregnant teens should react and erase all the wrong stereotypes because these teens still have the same chances like others, as long as they want to get up from their mistakes and move on.

Friday, August 24, 2012

We Went to Semarang!

Hey, I've just been back from my holiday travel this year. In my country, there's a tradition called mudik where the people go back to their hometown once a year. It happens during Lebaran or Eid al Fitr. They visit their relations for silaturahim.

Most people in Indonesia live in Jakarta, the capital city, but only a few are the real citizens of Jakarta. Mostly, they come from another city, or small town, or even village, to make a living. So, once a year, they visit their home to be together with their beloved family at the Lebaran moment.

I was born in Jakarta, I grew up in Jakarta, and till now, I live in Jakarta. So, I am a citizen of Jakarta, though I'm not a Betawi (an ethnic living in Jakarta). My Mom came from Blora, Central Java, and this is where my family go once a year to gather with my grandma, grandpa, uncles, aunts, and other relatives.

Usually, after visiting my Blora family, Dad, Mom, and the kids, go to the tourism areas in Central Java. So this year, we visited Semarang, the capital city of Central Java. It wasn't a long visit though, just four spots that we visited.

We arrived in Semarang, at night, so we decided to stay in the hotel. Then, we go to the Kota Atas of Gombel (Kota Atas, literally, city above). We spent a night there.This area located above the city. So, we can see a beautiful view of Semarang from above.

It's prettier at night.

The next day, we had brunch at Jalan Thamrin. Here, you can found the best soto, not only in Semarang, but I think in Indonesia.

Yes, its name is Soto Ayam Pak Darno. IDR 8000 for a bowl of chicken soto, and IDR 5000 for the satay, there are clam satay, chicken satay, and quail eggs satay. It's pretty cheap, isn't it?! And believe me, it's so delicious. This soto stall is always crowded.

After feeling so full with soto (I ate up two bowls! yumm.. :9), we headed to Lawang Sewu. This is a historical building in Semarang. The name 'Lawang Sewu', literally means 'A Thousand Doors'. Why is it called like that? Because of this...

See! Doors..Door's everywhere.

This building used to be Nederlands-Indische Spoorweg Maatschappij or NIS's office during the colonialism in 1904. Now, it becomes a museum and it's open for public for historical tourism. Lawang Sewu becomes well known in Indonesia after this place becomes a location for Dunia Lain. Remember my post about Trans Studio? Dunia Lain is a ghost house, its name comes from a reality show in Trans TV that people can test their guts by staying in a haunted place all night long. And that Lawang Sewu gave a really good show in one of the episodes of Dunia Lain. That place is really haunted and scary. So then many people, including me, were attracted to go there.

The Map

The Yard

Building A

Building B

It's me! Inside the Building

Museum, inside Building C

I found a bird nest

Lawang Sewu reminds me of Kota Tua in Jakarta. All of them are Dutch's building, and they are ancient, so maybe it makes them seem scary and haunted.

After enjoying Lawang Sewu, we prepared to go back to Jakarta. But how can we go home empty-handed?! There, in Pandanaran street, we bought some foods, special from Semarang, for our relatives in Jakarta. Along this street, there are shops that sell Bandeng Presto, Loen Pia, Wingko Babad, and other food that have Semarang taste. The famous one is Bandeng Juwana. But after seeing frustrated crowded, we decided to go to other shops. Then, we ended in Djoe, and got what we wanted to buy.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Prettia in Sweet Pink

Just a few days ago, I dyed my hair with Prettia. I usually use Palty for dyeing my hair, but this time, I wanna try different brand, so I can make a comparison. I, actually, ordered the new colour from Prettia, that called Jewel Peach. But, it was out of stock, and I was sent Prettia in Sweet Pink as the substitute. This is an old version of Prettia, and maybe the new version is called Jewel Peach. However, I'm not sure these two have the same colour or not.

This is the Prettia Sweet Pink.

What are inside the box.

What you need to do is just pour the liquid in bottle no. 1 to the bigger bottle. Close the lid, and turn the bottle down and up, so the liquid is mixed. Don't shake it! It will only make the foam inside the bottle. Then, change the lid with the pink one, and squeeze the bottle to make foam.

The application is so easy. It can be used like using shampoo. So, it's easier to make sure the foam was applied evenly. Besides that, one box of this foam dye is more than enough for my hair. Even, my sister can apply that to her hair. One box for two. Woww!

This is my hair before. The black root is long enough and so annoying seeing that. And also the uneven colour, as you can see near my root seems to be lighter.

And the result!

It's really good in covering my root. Besides that, it helps to even my hair colour. The scent is good too, not damaging scents like others have (but Palty also has the good scent).

Next, maybe, I'll try Palty Bubble Hair dye, the foam series of Palty. What colour should I try?

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

One Day at Trans Studio Bandung

On Monday, my family and I went to Bandung. The main reason of our trip was to pack my stuff out from my boarding room that I've rented for a year. Yaaa, I don't live in Bandung (Jatinangor actually) anymore, even though my study hasn't finished yet T_T. A few more subjects to take, plus thesis to deal with, after that I can graduate next year. I hope.

That day, my family, who rarely have a holiday's trip because of the super busy parents, decided to go to Trans Studio after my boarding room has been left empty. It was my first time going to Trans Studio. Many people said it was a very good theme park. Finally, the time had come to step with my own feet at Trans Studio, Bandung.

At the entrance

This theme park is located in Bandung, the capital city of West Java. It was built a year ago. I remember last time I go there, it was only a mall called Bandung Super Mall. But now, the mall is still there, added with a theme park and a very luxurious hotel. So at there you can playing, shopping, and taking a rest. It's not cheap though. Hahahaha.

Not many people went there because it was Monday and also a day on Ramadhan. There was a special price for the ticket, only IDR 110,000. Moreover, I could ride many things without queuing. But when evening came, I just realized the visitors increase. I didn't expect there would be a crowd like that, can't imagine what will happens there during holiday. Glad I came on that day. But unfortunately the Yamaha Racing Coaster was closed because they said it was under maintenance. Ahh, I've been waited in my life for trying that roller coaster.

However, I have pretty much fun time trying almost all of the rides there, except the Giant Swing. At first, I wanted to ride it, preparing myself to get in there. But no one wanted to accompany me, so I thought 'is that so scary?', then I became a coward and decided to not ride that. I actually planned to ride that since I was still at home. In contrary, I was trapped into Dunia Lain, which I thought I would not have a courage to try that. Dunia Lain is where you will be scared with many Indonesian ghosts like Pocong, Kuntilanak, Suster Ngesot, and many more, original from Indonesia. That's not real (are ghosts real?!), I know, but those things scared me most than a Giant Swing. However, with so much fuss, I saw Dunia Lain. Fiuuuhh! No need to tell you what's inside it. No surprise, no fun.

Being swung on Vertigo (this ride's my favourite), seeing the cute doll's performance which show the provinces of Indonesia and their uniqueness in Bolang Adventure, trying many science props in Science Center, and becoming Insert Investigasi presenter in Broadcast Museum, but there was just a part of Trans Studio I'd been at. I was at Studio Central. There were still two more parts of Trans Studio left, The Lost City and Magic Corner.

After swinging on Vertigo. Glad we still can pose for this pic.

Taking a pic with a very tall and very nice clown.
The hyper-excited Insert Investigasi presenters.

Epic doll at Bolang Adventure represents the real tukang becak in Yogya. Big LOL!

The Giant Swing which I only saw it.

Trying one of the science props at Science Center

Time to head to Magic Corner where I tried Dunia Lain and rode Negeri Raksasa where I was being dropped down so badly (uhh my tummy!). Then, at the last part, The Lost City, I was being soaked by riding Jelajah (not too soaked actually. No need to change clothes. Hehehehe), flying around Trans Studio in Skypirates, and wall climbing at Kong Climb.

Look at the silly face of mine! So nervous to ride that cart entering Dunia Lain.
In front of Dunia Lain posing after 'enjoy' our trip there.

Last, I watched a show titled 'Legenda Putra Mahkota' (It's Lion King story) at the amphitheater. That was a great show with a good special effect, properties, designed stage, actors, and dancers. There are dancers who flew beautifully and some did acrobats too.

Such a great time I had with my family. Obviously, I wanna go there again, and pluck up courage to try Giant Swing.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Zeni Geba: Everyone's Crazy About Money

WARNING: This post contains a spoiler. For those who doesn't like the story being spilled out before you watch it, stop reading this!

When it comes to say my favourite movie, I think I will just keep silent because I will so busy thinking and reviewing all of the movies I've ever watched. Moreover, I'm an easily impressed person when I heard a word 'movie'. It has a good effect, I'll say 'wow'. It has a good story, I'll say 'amazing'. It has a good-looking actor, I'll say 'this is my favourite movie ever'. Hahahahahahahaha. But as time passed by, I will re-think about those movies and make a conclusion 'not as good as I thought'.

However, there are also some movies that keep playing in my mind even though it has been a long time since I watched it. Here is my sharing about one of my favourite movie that haunts me till now.

I like all kind of movie genres, including a sadistic thriller movie. I am a fan of Saw, but just until Saw 3 (the rest are bad, in my opinion). It doesn't mean that I'm a very brave girl or even a psycho who loves seeing blood, murder, people being sliced. Noooo.....I'm very afraid, actually, but I love those movies.

The movie that I want to talk about titled 'Zeni Geba'. I think Ken'ichi Matsuyama fans have known this. He played as the main character, named Gamagori Futaro. It's a Japanese drama or dorama consists of 9 episodes. The title means money crazy. This movie is based on Japanese manga with the same title written by George Akiyama.

From its title, I could guess that it talks about money power. And yes it is. Futaro is a 23-year-old man that live in poverty since he was a child. His father is a drunkard and abusive since he was fired from his job. His mother is weak because of her illness. Later, his mother died and then, he became obsessed with money. Not a normal obsession like I have (LOL!), he really could do ANYTHING for money.

The conflict began when he worked at Mikuni Shipbuilding, owned by a very rich old man named Mikuni Joji. This family was the one that Futaro involved in and, later, ruined it. Joji had two daughters, Midori (the eldest) and Akane (the youngest). Since Futaro met Midori (his childhood acquaintance, or maybe his first love), he planned to get into Mikuni family. However, Midori was a smart and independent woman who was really hard to be impressed, so Futaro chose Akane.

Akane, unlike his sister who had beauty and perfect personality, was a quiet and mysterious one. She has a birthmark on her face that looks like a black stain on her cheek.That made her not confident of her self and keeping jealousy towards her sister.

Then, Futaro took a part, get into Mikunis' life and got Akane's heart by saying that he was the only one that understand her. Akane who never treated so nice by a guy trapped in Futaro's plan. There he was, succeed in marrying Akane though a slight disagreement had appeared. Since then, he was a part of Mikuni, the successor of the company.

I will not tell you every single scene of this movie. How long should I write if I do that?! Briefly, Futaro started ruin the family. Do you think he really cares about his wife, Akane, since he married her just because of her money?! No. And yeah, Akane's life being so miserable because Futaro is somehow an ill-tempered. Then, he also kill Joji, his father-in-law, to take over the company. In the end,  Akane hanged herself to dead, because Futaro honestly answered her question whether he ever cared about her with 'No'.

There was another family too, named Nomomura. They were modest people who have restaurant that Futaro likes to visit. They also had kind heart that have no interest in money. Their destiny was just live happily together. However, the condition was change when Nomomura Shinichi who has a great resemblance to Futaro (Ken'ichi also played as him) came back. He had a huge debt. He asked help from Futaro. Futaro, who want to prove everyone is crazy of money, had a game for this family. Even, the youngest girl of the family (seems like a high-schooler) came to him and offered her body in order to make him help her brother, Shinichi. And the father, also, nearly stabbed him, when he refused to lend them money to pay the debt. Well, Futaro was true. Everyone, now, was crazy of money.

He, then, decided to die after he had a lot of money and proved his argument that everyone's money crazy. Watching by Midori, who extremely being stressed because of her ruined life, Futaro tied himself, and lit dynamites to blow him up.

This is not the end!! The last episode is about the recap of Futaro's life in a normal way. His father didn't get fired, he was a lovely father who cared much of his family. Her mother was able to buy medicine and being cured and lived long until Futaro had grown up. Futaro grew to be a normal kid with a normal parent and normal life. He, later, waited for the announcement of university entrance examination and yelled happily when he found his name on the board. He met a sweet girl at the same university, which is Akane with no birthmarks. He fell in love and built a serious relationship with her. After graduation, he married her and Akane gave him a healthy baby. There's a scene that Akane and her baby waved (with a bright smile) from the window to say goodbye to Futaro who's on his way to his office. Futaro gave the response by waving his hand and smile brightly.

But, the reality was the Futaro sitting on the chair, waiting the blow up. The end...

Such a great story, right?! The last episode is the best. I watched it with teary eyes during this episode, from the beginning till the end. I never expected the twist that served in this episode. Another favourite scene is when Futaro charmed Akane. He told her he want to say something. Then, he sweetly held Akane's head with both hands, and spoke:

"Because I’m ugly, I like beautiful things.
I hate things that are ugly.”
That’s why I detest you. I also hate looking at you. You give me the creeps.
But … it looks hard for me to get Midori-san.
That’s why I don’t have a choice. In order to get your family’s entire wealth.
I have no choice.
Otherwise I won’t even want to look at your face.
This is for money’s sake.”

At first, I was surprised and questioned it. But then, when Futaro had put down his hands, Akane asked "What did u say?" Futaro smiled and answered, "I like you very much, Akane. I also like this birthmark too …”. SH*T!! He covered her ears so she couldn't hear anything. Damn you, Futaro!!................But I like you!! >.<

This scene also appears in recapped life. Futaro tried to play a trick. He held Akane's head and covered her ears, then, he uttered his love, his feeling towards Akane. He was very confident Akane didn't hear it, but Akane laughed, and said she heard everything he said. They both then laughed his silliness.

That's enough I think about my review on this movie. I never though it would be such a long post. So, for the closing, I questioned this life, are everyone is really crazy about money? Am I also? What do you think? Are you? :)