Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Go Punk!

Punk and Grunge looks have grabbed my attention recently. I think the trend started this fall, especially when the famous cosmetics brand 'Lime Crime' released their grunge eyeshadow palette called 'Venus'. The hype increased. I didn't buy it but with the demo they showed, I was very much tempted to try this kind of look. I'm totally in love with Doe Deere and all this grunge makeup.

But this time, I started with punk look first.

What's the difference? Punk look and grunge look?

Well, based on my research in which I'm not really sure, so please correct me if I'm wrong, punk and grunge both hold the same characteristics with bold eyes and lips (but sometimes grunge isn't about lips). However, punk kinda stands to a crazier look, while grunge looks softer and more wearable. Punk can play with bright color, such as red, blue, rather than black or brown only, while grunge focuses on creating intense look, especially on eyes. So basically punk gives wider variety. Well, I guess because it's punk in which rule doesn't apply.

I think this look I've created is more like dark punk makeup.

Let's move on to the tutorial. It's quite easy. I used red eyeshadow as the base, added by orange eyeshadow. For intense effect, I used brown and black eyeshadow, also black eyeliner and dramatic eyelashes to make eyes look sharp.

For lips, because I don't have reddish brown lip color, I mixed two types of lipstick with brown eyeshadow. I don't know if it's you, but I'm in love with this color. It makes me wanting to buy this kind of shade. 

I plan to create grunge look too but still try to learn more about dark makeup. Hmm..I can't deny that I'm going 'darker' recently.

Products I used:
1. BH Cosmetics Take Me to Brazil Eyeshadow Palette
2. NYX Natural Eyeshadow Palette
3. NYX Trio Eyeshadow Palette
4. Maybelline and Etude House lipstick

Monday, November 24, 2014

Picnic Over Tribeca

On November 15, I planned a meetup with my friend, Nurul, and I just randomly asked her to come to Central Park. She previously asked me is there any events on that day, and coincidentally, I saw some bloggers posted about a 'Picnic Over Tribeca' that would be held at Central Park. So we came there.

I'm not a food lover, but attending this kind of event once in a while will never goes wrong, I guess. This post wouldn't be a proper event report, just a pictures post, I think.

Tribeca Park was pretty crowded at that time. Food stalls were lined up there, and they were really tempting since I had such a hard time deciding which one should I buy. Also, I was hungry.

Finally, I decided to try the corn dogs, because I think the portion might suffice as my lunch. The food sold were mostly snacks and beverages that would nice to be eaten and drunk while having a picnic at the park. Bought some ice cream too, but forgot to take a pic of them.

Picnic time!

Took some selfies.

And feet selfie.

My OOTD, one of NUWA collection. :P

End of the post. Bye~

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Garnier Duo Clean Launch

Have you heard about the newest product of Garnier: Duo Clean? It has been launched since early November so I bet it can be found in any supermarket. 

On October 30, I was invited to the launching event of this product. The event was held at Locanda. It's such a cozy place, I think.

Simply saying, Garnier Duo Clean is face cleanser that was made from TWO natural ingredients. It came out in TWO different colors in one tube. By such innovation, this cleanser will bring TWO benefits in one. 

There are three variants of Garnier Duo Clean so that we can choose the cleanser to help us solving our skin problem. 

First is Garnier Duo Clean Grape and Lychee Extract. This is the whitening + smoothening cleanser, made from grape extract that contains antioxidant to maintain skin's firmness and smoothness, and lychee extract to nourish and brighten skin. It smells really nice and sweet.

Second, Garnier Duo Clean Vitamin CG and White Clay, for whitening + oil control. Vitamin CG contained in this cleanser will exfoliate dead skin cells thus makes the skin brighter. While white clay ingredient will do the deep cleanse and absorb the excessive oil. This blue one smells so refreshing. I like it.

The last variant is Garnier Duo Clean Black and White Rice Extract: Whitening + Pore Minimizing. This is made from two types of rice. Black rice helps nourishing skin and makes the pores appear smaller, and white rice exfoliates and brighten skin. This one also smells nice and gentle.

So we can choose our own colors, whether it's purple, blue, or black, and at the same time, get a brighter also better skin. Two problems are solved in one. 

The main stars coming on that day were Reny K. Agustia as Marketing Manager Garnier, Belinda Gunadi as Group Product Manager Skin Care Garnier, and Pevita Pearce, as Duo Cleanser Brand Ambassador.

Besides knowing more about the products, I also had chance to enjoy the food and meet fellow beauty bloggers. 

Oh I miss my blonde hair already. Ya, I just dyed my hair back to black. Will post about it later. By the way, in the end of the event, we spotted our photo that was uploaded on social media before. 

I personally recommend the black Garnier Duo Clean as it has deep-cleansed my skin without making it rough and dry. So try it.

End of this post. Bye!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

NUWA Re-Opening

Welcome November!

This month, finally I decided to re-open my online shop, and this time I come up with new concept. NUWA will be a vintage shop. I will sell resale vintage fashion. The price will be very affordable since all items are below IDR 175k. Also, I've selected clothes with such a great quality. Buyers are welcome to ask for more details if they want to make sure about the quality.

These past months, I've been influenced by Japanese culture. Specifically in fashion, I have a big interest in Mori Kei, or literally, 'Forest Girl'. This style has been associated with warm and earthy colors, such as brown, green, creme, rust, and ivory. So, personally, I picked the outfits based on that color wheel and mix-match it to look like mori kei, or vintage in general. Yaa, but calling it mori kei sounds a bit improper, because I don't play too much in layers since this country has summer all year round. I will stick with the term 'vintage', 50s to 60s.

Take a peek of some items.

'Good girl' set, that less than IDR 300,000.

Awesome black maxi dress for only IDR 175k

Mori set, which is my favorite. Outer for IDR 85,000 and long white dress for IDR 130,000.

Or this set, selected by my sister, for IDR 175k.

Follow NUWA instagram here, and like the Facebook page.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Blog Changes

I made this blog in 2012, and since then I've decided that this blog is me-centered. Like 'About Me' has stated, this blog would be my story with me as the protagonist.

However, just recently, I thought of making this blog to be more organized, because I totally hate seeing my blog with all of its craps, like, I dreamed about something, I wrote about that, I have watched something and got emotionally affected, I wrote about that. Until I realized that this blog would not be interesting anymore if I just stuff it with things like that.

So, I've decided to make some changes.

First, the tabs. I won't put some 'Books', 'Movies', or 'Travel' anymore since they were randomly attached there. I mean I'm not even a movie junkie nor a traveler, so those tabs will be no use. Also, 'Books' tab is out of context because I've never really interested in making some book reviews, only if I feel emotionally attached to it. I've changed the tabs to 'Artsy makeup', 'Casual makeup', 'Products Review', 'Fashion', and else, though I kinda feel 'artsy' would be too much.

Second, the posts' theme. This blog won't have random posts anymore. By looking at the new tabs, I hope it will give the clear description of what this blog is going to be from now on. I still don't like to call my self a beauty blogger. The fact that this blog is me-centered hasn't changed. It's just now I've decided to specify which scenes for me to act as the protagonist.

However, I can't stand to not express my feelings after watching some good animes, or reading awesome mangas, or even after dreamed about something's weird. I need to write about that. Therefore, I will transfer those craps to my Tumblr. So please click the link to my Tumblr.

Although 80% of my Tumblr posts are reblogged Tokyo Ghoul, Dramatical Murder, or Shingeki no Kyojin posts, I still want someone to visit my Tumblr, scroll it, and read my lousy yet impassioned writings.

Look! Even Levi tried to promote my Tumblr, though I already told him to look more persuasive.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Witch

Yes, it's a witch, not a ghoul. And I have no specific reason to call it a witch. I just thought that this look was witch-y.

Inspired by (indeed) ghoul and some makeup arts I found on the internet, I created this Witch Look for Halloween. It's already October 26th, but not too late to post something with Halloween theme, even though I'm pretty sure this blog will be filled by forever Halloween posts.

This year, I feel everyone getting excited of Halloween. Not just celebrating it by coming to a 'Halloween' party effortlessly, but everyone now is getting the Halloween vibes. I can see that so many parties require their guests to come with their costumes.

Too bad I'm not going anywhere this Halloween. Not because I'm busy but I just don't have such a partner in crime for something like costume party. Anyone wanna ask me out and wear crazy makeup + full costume with me?

Well, I will celebrate Halloween everyday in my blog though, if you define Halloween with 'wearing unusual makeup'.

Enough words. Here I am, as the Witch. Still far from a pro. I also depend too much on photo editing.

This time I managed to not being lazy and capture the step-by-step of the eye-make.

Products I used:
1. BH Cosmetics Take Me to Brazil eyeshadow palette
2. NYX Natural eyeshadow palette
3. NYX Black eyeliner
4. Dollywink Eyebrow pencil
5. Yukkiyuna eyelashes
6. Ageha Lunatia Green contact lenses

Happy Halloween! For everyone who's gonna go to a party, try your best to dress up, okay?!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Tragedy Comedy

It's not because of Halloween that I made this look. I got affected emotionally by some stories I read in which the topics involved tragedy and comedy in human's lives. Until it led me to browsing Google to find the what so-called 'inspiration' to create something.

Tragedy and comedy have always been depicted as two classical masks, weeping face for tragedy and laughing face for comedy. So I tried to recreate those masks using makeup.

I do realize that my comedy looks like evil face rather than laughing face, but it is quite close to the reference on Deviantart that I used, isn't it?! Perhaps, because there is 'evil laugh' but there's no 'evil cry'. :/

“The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think.” 

which I believe it's reversed.

Note: No eyeliner used except for the black eyeliner. Mostly, I used only eyeshadows.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Millions by Gerard Way

Hey, isn't this video awesome?! I don't get why people don't get its awesomeness. For real, this is awesome.

Friday, September 26, 2014

The Story of My Hair

I've been wanting to dye my hair blonde since years ago. Having a thought of it always makes me satisfied. Dyeing hair also means a step further to look stylish and cool from head to toe. I know it's the matter of personal taste, but I always find someone with light colored hair, or even crazy colored hair, looks way more awesome than other people. 

However, having light hair color needs a lot of efforts. Achieving light colored hair is not an easy job. Moreover we also need to maintain the color. It will need extra extra cares. And it won't be cheap.

Back then, I thought someday I would go to hair salon and get my hair bleached there. But then, I watched many tutorials in youtube about how to get blonde hair, silver hair, white hair, and many more, my confidence grew and I thought I can do it by my self.

I went to Pasar Baru with my sister and purchased these.

Surprisingly, they are not as expensive as I thought. I forgot how much exactly they cost, but for 250g bleach powder, bottles of developer, and a box of hair dye, I think it only costs IDR 200,000. Compare it with going to salon!

But still, please note that I won't recommend to bleach your own hair at home! The result can be shocking, unpredictable, and damaging, so the safest way is just let the experienced hands do it for you. One more thing: please make sure that you go to the most expensive and recommended salon you've ever found. I once dyed my hair at a not-expensive-but-still-expensive salon. Even though they were doing good, I was not satisfied by the result because it wasn't what I wanted. Don't expect to get blonde or ash hair at salons like that.

For bleaching, I chose bleaching powder with an assumption that it will make the most significant result. And for the companion of it, I bought 40 vol. developer. It is the strongest one. Perhaps it will do good for virgin hair, but beware for uneven color.

So the process began. I mixed the bleaching powder with the developer. There was no precise measure. I just made sure the cream looks like the one I look on youtube.

Let me explain my hair condition first.

I have thin hair. Not only that, but every single hair looks really thin, light, and fragile. But it's actually not, it's light but not fragile. I don't have severe hair loss. I have very smooth hair that people call it 'baby hair'. I'm proud of how smooth my hair is, but it also brings trouble because wind can easily mess my hair. It always looks tangled. However, when people touch my hair, they can be surprised that their fingers can make it through the tip and it feels really smooth. This, what I called baby hair, also affects the dyeing and bleaching process. It can easily absorb any substances without causing too much damage. Glad I have this kind of hair.

Therefore I think it's important to know what kind of hair we have before deciding to bleach it by ourselves. The results vary, though we can try to predict how it will turn out. For example, my sister's hair is in the opposite condition with my hair. She has deep black hair, thick, and a bit dry. The bleach didn't do well on her. The risk of having uneven hair color might be bigger on this type of hair.

This is the before picture of my hair. I've bleached it once at the salon. The maximum result was like this, reddish brown color.

If you wonder dafuq with that ugly black roots, yeah it was the longest black roots I've ever had. I had tried to touch it up by dyeing with Freshlight Hair Dye, but nothing happened. Freshlight only gave a slight of reddish brown color but not light enough to cover my black root. You can see clearly there are three layers of color, from light reddish brown, to dark reddish brown, to black. That's why I decided to bleach my hair again.

The process continued. Once the bleaching had evenly spread to all over my hair, I left it for about 45 minutes. My hair became really dry, and tangled, until I felt there was no way to untangle it.

After that, I rinsed my hair, poured so much conditioner, and dried it. This is the result.

Yohooo, orange headed! Very bright! Such a shocking orange!

My roots was brighter than the tips. I did my roots first because from my experience in dyeing hair, roots will absorb dye really fast. But still, this uneven color was unavoidable. 

I really hate that orange tone I've got after bleaching. It can damage everyone's eyes. Fortunately, I was prepared for it. That's why I also bought Fresh Light hair dye in ash color, because I know bleach + light brown only make the orange tone worse. So make it safe! Choose ash color for eye safety!

The orange tone then changed to yellow. However, under the sunlight, it still looked so orange. 

A week later, I decided to dye it again with Ash. This time, I chose the foam color because the color will be absorbed fast and can resemble the result chart.

At first, I worried the result would turn out to be too dark. My bleaching process would be in vain. But after rinsing and drying, it turned out good. It looks more blonde now than orange, and there's also ashy tone. For the first time in my life, I have ashy toned hair color. I was so touched.

The red tone still looks obvious, especially on the outer part of my hair. I don't know why it happened, but overall, the color is even and I'm proud of myself (and my sister who has helped) that I can bleach my hair at home, without going to salon.

Now how about my hair condition after bleaching it with 40 vol. developer?!

In the first week, it made my hair really dry. It used to be so oily if I hadn't washed it for three days, but this time, on the 4th day not washing it (ewh!), it was still okay. I gave it hair mask and vitamins regularly. Days after, the natural oil has returned. Now I need to wash it every two days. My hair is still smooth and still can be called baby hair. However, the tip can be messier than ever because it's dryer than it used to. 

Now almost a month after the bleaching process, the hair dye fades really quickly, well~ typical foam hair dye. My hair is back to reddish orange blonde. But it's still calmer than the right after bleaching color. That one could hurt my eyes. LOL! I think after this, I want to try white hair color like Manic Panic Virgin Snow. I'm serious!

And for you who wants to try something with your hair color, I would like to say 'Good luck!'.