Friday, May 31, 2013

Beautiful Children

Today, I woke up at 4.30 A.M., and had been ready to go at 5. Oh hello morning, long time no see. I had something to do in some place and I went there with my bestie.

You must know that besties can talk about anything, from the wisest thing ever to the crappiest thing ever, and so did we.

She began by stating she wants to go to Turkey, because in her eyes, Turkish men are absolutely handsome. Then, we continued to mumble how much we want to marry Caucasians, because they will give us beautiful children. There's a famous term in our language to define this, 'memperbaiki keturunan'. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. You may call we 'racist' but......whatever!

The topic went to how to marry one, but later we didn't discuss about marriage anymore, just how to be pregnant of those beautiful children. Should we pay for the Caucasians' sperm?! And then she added, after giving birth and raising the children, she would ask all of  her good-looking children to be models since they were babies. Voila! She would be rich. Balik modal.

I went like, "*Gasp! That was genius!"

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *laughing so hard my belly hurts and my ass off

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Roppan Fun (With No 'Roppan')

On Sunday, my sisters and I went to pick my Mom up. It's just like our ritual; picking up my Mom from the store and then, we, together, will go out for dinner.

This is my face of the day.

When I hang out, I prefer wearing natural circle lens, and my favorite is Princess Mimi Almond which I was wearing on that day. For this look, I also used my favorite red blusher from Holika Holika. Lips looked natural by wearing Etude Fresh Cherry Tint. Actually, I have-ummm...let's call it a mission-to dress up and make up wherever I go. I really want to wear fake lashes, but I always become so lazy. Haiyaah~. So I ended up wearing mascara only.

This, Alin's attempt to photobomb me.

We posed when waiting for the green light.

After Mom had joined us, we headed to Plaza Semanggi coz we needed to buy some bras (LOL!). And also who can stand to not go to Plaza Semanggi?! Affordable clothes, affordable clothes everywhere. Though we actually didn't buy anything except bras. Window shopping is pleasure too.

Since our car drove through the front lobby, before we parked it, I saw Roppan and felt like I wanna eat there. Well, it came true. So there we were.

But before that, when we went shopping, we also bought bubble tea coz my sisters craved for them though Roppan also have bubble tea. But you know, craving is craving!!

Did some sisters-shots before the food came to our table.

Later, my Mom uploaded this on her facebook. I found it funny. Different version of the photo above. 

Just a silly pose with Alin.

Alin no like paparazzi.

But I like :DD

Then, our food has arrived. I know that Roppan is well known with their honey toast. But I think we were hungry. We need rice!! Or udon at least.

Alin's bento.

Nia's curry.

And mine, udon with tempura.

My Mom also ate, of course. She ordered udon too. But her udon arrived so late, so when it came, I was too busy eating my udon, didn't care about taking a pic of her udon.

Me, eating udon. Oh gosh~ my black roots looked so ugly. Need to dye hair soon. *wrong focus*

We were so full...and thankful.
Oh good it rhymes.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

When I Think I Can Hear the Future

Something's strange may happen in this world. I'm such in a mysterious mode...
Oh okay, directly to the case!

Have you ever dreamed about something, and then when you wake up, you hear the same thing like the one appeared in your dream before?

Because I have. Not once, but twice...three times...often!

Just this afternoon, I was taking a nap- Oh God~ in one day I lack of sleep, but in another day, I sleep too much. I'm a good 'avenger' when it's related to sleep -And, I dreamed about something. I cannot remember how exactly my dream was, but I remember someone I know, a girl, said 'sweet and pretty' after seeing such a cute thing which I cannot remember. In my mind, she's well known as a tomboy. So it's a lil bit weird that 'sweet and pretty' is connected to her.

Minutes later (in my mind), I woke up by hearing the voice of my sister saying 'sweet and pretty'!! She was talking to her friend who came over to house, by the way.

Okay, that's strange. It's like I can hear the future.

I also remember it happens a lot. I dreamed hearing someone says something, and then I woke up hearing the TV (someone's in the drama or the news anchor) saying something that's precisely what I heard in my dream before.

And then I think,
OMG! I'm able to hear the future! Maybe I'm a kinda fortune teller, paranormal, or something like that.

And then I think,
well, I may not know much about science but I think I can explain. When dreaming, the event goes normally. I mean the story goes on, it chronologically happens like the time we spend in real life. But actually, dream is in the state of sleeping that happens right before we wake up. So, many events that happens in our dream only take seconds before we completely wake up. We feel we fight against super monstrous human in quite a long time, or we walk on the road hours, but it's actually only a second before the alarm sounds.

So, in my case, thing that actually happens first is my sister said 'sweet and pretty', and then I heard it, and then my friend said that too (in my dream). But I think what happens is I dreamed about it, I woke up, and my sister said it too. Mindblowing!

I want to believe it! Because somehow it's impossible if I can hear the future. BUT it seems impossible too if my dream, or, things that happen minutes before is actually things happen seconds later. If it's so, something is playing with me. The brain!! How can my brain fools me like this?! My own brain?!

And why dafuq I've been thinking about this since I woke up this evening?! Okay, should end this before I'm going crazy.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Skinfood Rice Concealer

Yeah! I'm here to make a review of a makeup product that has been one of my besties since long time ago. I bought it few months ago, but just make a review today. Even the brand letters on the package have faded. Hahahahahahaha. Lucky, I've taken the photo right after I bought it months ago. 

Here it is: Skinfood Rice Concealer

Skinfood has been well known as the brand of beauty products that utilize nature or foodstuff. Right! Things that usually come in through our mouth are brought to another form; for our skin, not mouth only.

The concealer I chose is in light beige shade. This is the look of the brush tip.

Here, I apply the concealer to diminish my dark circle.

And, for this review, I apply the concealer only on one side of face. Here it is! 

Do you spot the difference? I do spot the acne between my eyebrows. Take a look at my dark circles. The area below my left eye is darker than the right one.

Get it now?!

I do love this rice concealer. The scent is really nice. Whatever it is, makeups usually have the same scent, you know, the scent that makes you feel sinful to your skin because it's kinda torturing-putting something strange on the face-. But Skinfood Rice Concealer reduces the sin. At least for me. I feel like that. The scent makes me think it's safe enough for my skin. Silly reason I know. Hahahahahaha

In concealing flaws, it does a pretty good job, especially to be used on acne and dark circles, though its work is not perfect. I find it so hard to get rid the dark circles of mine. I think I'm not satisfied enough by using Skinfood Rice Concealer. But still, I will suggest everyone to buy this. Because what?! Because it's cheap! Only IDR 70,000! That affordable price makes me put this concealer to one of my favorites.

However, when there's a question 'which makeup should I invest much in?', I'm gonna answer 'concealer'. I think pricey and great quality concealer will do much. I can cut the budget for eyeshadows, lipsticks, blushers, but I think a good concealer is a must (same treat to the eyeliner). So, I'm gonna save my money to buy MAC concealer maybe. Hahahahahahahaha.....errr~ why suddenly I talk about my want to buy MAC concealer.

Anyway...repurchasing this Skinfood Rice Concealer? Well, yes. Since I still can't afford the MAC one. Hahahahahaha.

That's all! Bye! Enjoy the pics of mine and my Skinfood Rice Concealer (and messy hair)! Sorry, just went home when taking the pic. And sorry too for the missing letters on the package, there used to be 'skinfood rice concealer' and the cupid (or little angel). But they're gone...

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Face Shop: New Zealand Volcanic Clay Black Head Clay Nose Pack

"There are VOLCANIC activities in New Zealand Rotorua Area. This activity creates hot MUD SPOTS. New Zealand Rotorua Mud is one of the best three muds in the world!"


The Face Shop creates this: New Zealand Volcanic Clay Black Head Clay Nose Pack.

What for?

If you usually use nose pack that comes in strips, this is another way to pull off all those annoying blackheads and whiteheads.

Instead of using nose strips, you can use the clay nose pack, and it's way more cheaper. I got this for about IDR 75,000 (50 g), and it can be used many times. I've already used it 6 times, the tube is still full. 

Inside the tube, there's sticky clay. So sticky, so sometimes I find it hard to apply because it often sticks to my finger.

Apply it by rubbing the sticky clay to nose area. Wait for about 10-15 minutes until it dries. And then, you can peel it off. Watch hurts a bit (ouch!).

And TADAAA...the blackheads are removed.

Can't see, huh?! No, the blackheads are not the black spots in the middle. They're just holes. But there're some blackheads that can be successfully pulled off.

Actually, I don't like this product. I prefer using nose strips because it's more simple. I also find it's more effective to pull the blackheads off my nose. As the picture has shown, I don't know why, but when the clay gets dry, the holes appear that follow the form of my pores. So when I peel it off, it cannot peel the blackheads. I've been using this nose pack many times, but the holes keep appearing whether I apply it thin or thick.

Some people say this product is good for them and wonderfully works-that's why I bought this after reading so many good reviews-but for me, I think it doesn't work quite well. 

Well, that's all. Next time, I'll repurchase my usual nose strips.

Monday, May 20, 2013

New Hair

I got my hair cut about two, eh, three weeks ago. Umm such a late post, but it's okay lah, let me make a post about it.

I think I've let my hair grow for about more than two years, two years and a half maybe. Didn't get haircut for such a long time. Forgot to take a pic but my hair was in horrible condition; split ends, awful dryness, and frizzy. Yaah, I'd dyed my hair routinely, and ever bleached my hair once, so no surprise if my hair was in such a bad condition. Moreover, I hadn't given such a luxury treatment to my hair. Hahahahahaha.

People always say, take a lesson for every things that happened. So, I'll take a lesson. I won't let my hair grow long again. At least every 6 months, I should get my hair cut. Except, if one day, I have a chance to get a luxury treatment once a week at the very expensive salon in the city. One of my dream! And I, definitely, will let my hair grow long and super healthy.

Enough word.

I said, I want to get an even haircut. All tip of my hair should be at the same level, and oh, with bangs, of course.

Why I prefer bangs than no bangs is because the amount of my hair is really in a critical state (hyperbole a bit). Not that I have a very bad hair damage, I just...was born like that, tiny little amount of hair. So, without bangs, my hair will look so flat, no volume at all.'s my new hair!

Bye bye split ends! Bye bye frizzy hair!

I have no regret in saying goodbye to my super long hair. I even want to have it shorter than this, but cannot! I still have works to do! I need to have at least medium length hair. But maybe, in six months, I'm gonna have a cute shoulder-length-hair, and it should be blonde too. Hahahahaha.

That's all! Bye bye!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Stupid Motorcyclist

Yesterday, I was going to the nearest bank in my neighborhood. I needed to take a public transportation, called mikrolet, because it was pretty far to go there on foot.

My house is in an alley, and out of that alley, there is a bigger road, but not so big though. It's passable for four cars in total, two cars in each way. There was crowded in one way, but the opposite way was empty, only two-three vehicles passed.

So, I crossed the street and stopped in the middle of the road, between those two ways, paying attention to the left side. I turned my head to the left in order to see if any vehicles will pass by. Of course I didn't see what happened on the right, because like all normal people do, I had passed the way behind me. So I supposed there's no vehicle from the opposite direction would pass right before my nose! But I was wrong.

Right when I stepped on, the stupid motorcyclist passed before me. I don't know which part of the motorcycle but it hit my foot. Luckily, I could maintain the balance so I didn't fall down. I was so shocked but I continued to cross the street. The motorcycle was no where to be found, moved very fast, even I couldn't see how was this moron looks like. When I reached the pavement, I saw there was a truck driver who as shocked as me seeing that nearly accident. And the worse, I saw many motorcyclists took the opposite way like that nearly-hit-me motorcycle did.

I was very lucky because if I decided to move, maybe a tenth second earlier, I was hit nicely by that motorcycle.

But I was so so so so disgusted! How could she (I supposed the motorcyclist is 'she' because I saw she was wearing veil) drove her motorcycle in an opposite way though there was a divider in between?! And how could she innocently drove it fast?!

This city, Jakarta, has a serious problem of the amount of motorcyclists. And their attitude makes it worse. You can see on the street this kinda motorcyclists drive as driving on their own street. They ignore any other vehicles, slipping here and there, doing zigzag attraction. Even go up to the pavement and sound their horn to the pedestrians. Dafuq!

I hate motorcyclists.

Maybe you say I'm judging, but I believe what I do is better than you who ride motorcycle to wherever you go. I prefer taking public transportation; Transjakarta, Kopaja, or cabs. Only if there's a thousand who have the same mind as me, I think the traffic jam problem in Jakarta can be solved.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Inacraft 2013

It will be nonsense if I say 'Hey, how are you? Long time no see' coz I know yeah...M.I.A here, on my blog. And now I'm not gonna make such a long intro with regret murmurs of neglecting blog and also no promises to update more. No...I won't. But that doesn't mean I won't do updates anymore. I just feel silly to keep making and breaking promises.

Last April, I worked at Inacraft, again, for the second time. Inacraft is the largest handicraft exhibition in Indonesia. It's held every year, and this 2013 is the 15th.

Always takes place in Jakarta Convention Center, Senayan, and is always crowded. This year, even from the first day, the crowd was already amazing. By the way, Inacraft is held for five days, 24-28 April this year. Since the first day is always Wednesday and the second day is Thursday, usually not many people will come, but when weekend comes the visitors booms in.

But not this year. It was really crowded since the first day, and in the weekend...I could not walk around without bumping many bodies. People, people are everywhere. I even need to queue for such a long time to pee. Toilets are so crowded. -____-"

At the main lobby, visitors would see 'reog' a traditional mascot of East Java. Every year, Inacraft brings up different theme from different provinces in Indonesia. 2013 was East Java's. However, it doesn't mean only East Java's handicraft that will be exhibited. Actually, only main lobby that is affected by the theme. When coming to the other parts of JCC, Bali's ceramics, Pekalongan's batik, and etc still can be seen and shopped. 

By the way, here, the receptionists on duty at Cenderawasih Hall; me and Risty.

We worked with this desk and microphone sets during those five days. 

Lil' bit boring; sitting there, helping confused visitors, and announcing some important thing. But still could steal time to walk around JCC and take a look at many fabulous handicrafts.

Haha! I said MANY handicrafts, but only the pic of those bags that I have. Last day of Inacraft, in purpose, I brought my phone to go to the toilet. I wanted to take some pics during my 'break'. But, when I came to the booth that sold miniatures of food, colorful windmill (since the first day, I'd targeted it to be my photo object), I was shocked coz there was a note written 'DO NOT TAKE A PHOTO'. Fed-up, I was leaving and going back to my desk, ignoring any other booths.

That's the story.

So, instead of giving you colorful and amazing pictures of handicrafts exhibited in Inacraft, I'm gonna give you a view from our desk.

Not that bad, at least there are two booths.


All who come often to JCC must know that the temperature is crazily cold, and so that day. The Air Conditioner was the killer. It froze me to nearly dead!!

The pic was taken at our first hours working. Later, I really couldn't be separated from my cardigan. I felt so hard to move my body. Frozen. Luckily, we moved to the warmer area outside the hall, between the lobby and Cenderawasih Hall, for the rest of the day, until day 5. Pheww! It felt like being in a fridge inside that hall. I thought I'm gonna quit if I was placed inside. Seriously!


This pic was when the singers sang 'Poco Poco'. See how famous this traditional song, the visitors also joined to dance along.

And this pic, our level 6 spicy ramen.

Seeing how red the sauce makes me drooling right now. It's really spicy though!


We got the merchandise, Inacraft mug.

And on last day, I got a chance to do shopping. Bought Narwastu body butter and body lotion simply because they held promo, buy 1 get 2. I, actually, didn't plan to buy anything. 

Narwastu is from Surabaya, by the way. They sell fragrance and body care, things that relate to spa and relaxation. I love the smell of their Jasmine body butter a lot!

And....that's all. Five days on Inacraft has been over.