Saturday, July 26, 2014


It all began when I saw this guy everywhere on the internet. Literally, everywhere.

After Len Kagamine, Ciel Phantomhive, now the internet shows me him. shotacon detected.

Later I found out that guy is Nagisa Hazuki from an anime titled 'Free! Iwatobi Swim Club'. And yes, it's about swimmers, some highschoolers with very nice bodies who have the same passion in swimming.

My first thought regarding the high popularity of this anime: it must be because of all boys main characters with very good-looking faces, cool and cute personalities, plus nice-built bodies. Muscles! Yumm!

Actually, I had never been into this kind of anime.That Nagisa dragged me here. My expectation was I would find so many exaggerated scenes, illogical movements, when someone's YELLING to prove himself to be the champion in sport.

The reality: Yes, there are.
But in a level that my mind can say 'that's okay'. And no yelling *glad*. The main character, Haruka Nanase, is a very quiet person. Finally! This type of guy becomes the main character instead of being the second one. Or...maybe I just don't know much about anime. Please suggest me more what I should watch!

'Free!' amused me with its simple story, and surprisingly, that story seems to be very realistic. Every character has their own problem, and it seems so true despite having the over-dramatized swimming scenes.

For example, Rin Matsuoka had a problem with his own ambition, to pursue his deceased father's dream to be an Olympic swimmer. It was himself who decided to chase his dream, but it was himself to let that ambition put him into pressure. Oh adolescence, I bet all have experienced this phase: make your own problem, distance yourself with other people, and be angry about it. LOL! Nah, don't do it, teens. Try watching 'Free!'. It will show you something. You'll always have friends besides you. Sweeeeeettt!

The rivalry between Haruka and Rin, though many people say it's so gay, I find it touching. Boy x boy friendship/rivalry can be that emotional too.

The title 'Free!' is actually has deeper meaning than I thought it'd be. Besides describing the freestyle in swimming terms, it also symbolized the free soul all characters should have, and the main idea of a whole story, I think.

Haruka said many times "I only swim freestyle." He purely loves water. In extreme extent, he wears his swimming trunks in every moment, then he will take off his clothes if he finds some amount of water, even he can jump into an aquarium. ( ̄ω ̄;)

Perhaps, in other anime, we will admire Rin's ambition to be the victor and follow his track and there will be never-ending motivation yells. But not with this anime. It shows us "a sight that we've never seen before", quoted from Rin and Haruka. Victory is not everything. Ambition is good, but there's another thing that is important. Team.

What?! Swimming needs team?! Yeah, they do relay.

But, it will teach us about teammates? Again? It seems so cliche. Indeed. But it is different at the same time. I still insist to recommend everyone to watch it.

By the way, the main reason why nowadays I see Nagisa's face everywhere is because the new season of 'Free!' is currently airing. The title is 'Free! Eternal Summer' and it just reached its 4th episode. I can't wait for the 5th!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

IBB Makeup Challenge July 2014

It's Summer Time! Though almost every day is summer here, I cannot ignore the happiness when the northern part of the world celebrate their long-lasting sunshine. Thing that I like most from celebrating summer is the summer collection from so many clothing shops in every mall. It never fails to make me enjoying window shopping more than usual. I like bright colors!

This July, Indonesian Beauty Blogger, sponsored by The Face Shop, organizes a makeup challenge with 'Playful Summer' as the theme. And I will try my best to join this challenge. Yosh!

Talking about the sponsor for this July Makeup Challenge, who doesn't know The Face Shop?! The famous brand from Korea. We have seen so many Korean public figures featured their products. This brand is also famous in here, Indonesia, with so many stores spread throughout the country.

Like their Facebook page for updates.

Don't forget to follow their Twitter too.

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Now I present to you my 'Playful Summer' look.

Before I continue writing, I'd like to say thanks to my sister because she was willing to help me taking pictures in hurry before the ice cream melted. Well, no wonder it's summer.

Here's the detail of my eyemake:

When thinking about summer, I always think about beach. Orange and yellow represent the sun and sky at the beach, because people say the most beautiful sight is the sunset. Blue on my lower eyeline represents the color of the sea.

List of products used:
3. Etude House Surprise Concealer Kit #2

1. Dollywink Eyebrow Pencil #Honey Brown
2. Etude House Color My Brow #2
4. Etude House Oh M'eye line #Black
5. NYX Pencil Eyeliner #Black #White
6. NYX Natural Eyeshadow Palette

1. Etude House Magic Tint Balm, Color Me Nude, My Blooming Lips-Talk

Circle Lens:

Enjoy your Summer Holiday, and enjoy my pictures d(-_^)

Monday, July 7, 2014

Dr.Jart+ Most Moist Water-Sure Gel

I rarely make the post about skincare, but if I do, that skincare must work really well on me. Trust me! I'll guide you to the right path.

This post is about the famous skincare brand from Korea, Dr.Jart+. One of the series from Dr.Jart+ is called Most Moist. This line of products is created to keep our skin moisture for 24 hours. For couples of weeks, I have been using the Most Moist Water-Sure Gel, an oil free gel cream with lock & lock double moisture system for moisturization and lifting effect.

My first impression of this product was totally liking the texture. It felt like gel, very light one. So it gave me the feeling the gel was made from water. And when I applied to my face, this gel cream gave such a fresh sensation.

Now how it works on me?

For me, this product has done well. Usually, moisturizer indeed will moisturize our skin. But in such a humid weather like Jakarta has, most moisturizer will bring some new problem; acne, sebum, redness, etc. My skin had suffered redness and sebum before I tried to apply the Water-Sure Gel. Not more than a week, the redness has disappeared, and the sebum also has started to decrease.

However, the lifting effect that this product has promised doesn't really happen to me. Comparing with the previous cream that I used, it doesn't make my skin super supple. You know that the cream is powerful when you apply the cream at night, and the next day, you wake up with the very supple skin, seems like the cream has done the lifting really well a whole night.

But it also means that Water-Sure Gel is very suitable for young adult's skin, maybe around 20-30 years old. It gives the right amount of moisturizer considering its light texture. For me, this product is really worth to have, because the gel keeps the skin moist and helps me reduce redness and sebum. Oh! And also prevents acne.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Response to the Award

Jadi, semingguan yang lalu, saya dapat mention di twitter, juga di facebook, dari Ulul yang nominasiin saya buat Liebster Award-nya. Udah ga asing sih sama award ini, karena udah beberapa kali ditag blogger-blogger lain yang bahkan belum saya kenal. Tapi saya selalu males buat ngeresponnya-gomenasai (シ_ _)シ-. Alasan utamanya, karena saya merasa bakalan terpaksa bikin post dalam bahasa Indonesia. Saya nggak pede buat nulis dalam bahasa Indonesia, karena pas dibaca ulang selalu kayak bahasa novel terjemahan, jadi ga asik (╥_╥), meskipun bahasa Inggris saya juga pas-pasan, sih. Saya juga ga mau nerjemahin pertanyaan mereka ke bahasa Inggris karena...rasanya aneh -excuses, excuses everywhere-.

Tapi kali ini, kayaknya pertanyaannya Ulul seru juga, bikin saya tergoda buat posting balasannya, apalagi dia kasih alasan saya dapat award ini karena cara saya mengkritisi dan menyindir (*/ω\*).

Sampai pada akhirnya, jadilah post ini. Thanks to Ulul ( ˘ ³˘)♥. Kunjungi blognya di sini. Saya selalu senang sama bahasanya dia yang enak, nyantai, dan enjoyable. Dia suka review film-film seru.

Mari kita langsung beralih pada inti post ini sebelum akhirnya kepanjangan nulis intro. Berikut ini pertanyaan dan jawaban saya:
  1. T: Apa yang membuat kamu yakin dengan keyakinanmu (agama) saat ini?
    J: Keyakinan, ya?! Saya ga pernah bisa yakin sama sesuatu, atau mungkin, ga bisa yakin sama sesuatu dalam waktu lama. Dengan kata lain, saya adalah orang yang ragu-ragu dan meragukan. Hmm..

  2. T: Apa definisi bahagia menurut sudut pandang kalian?
    J: Bahagia adalah bisa hidup. Kata Oscar Wilde, "To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all."
  3. T: Apakah kalian bahagia?
    J: Bahagia, ga, ya?! Sedang menuju bahagia, deh. Hehee..

  4. T: Apakah dunia saat ini baik-baik saja dan kenapa?
    J: Ga. Di satu daerah masih aja perang di tahun 2014 ini. Di daerah yang lain, orang lapar. Di daerah yang satu lagi, orang jadi gila karena kenyang. Di daerah rumah saya, anak-anak kecil nyalain petasan jam 10 malam.
    (╯°Д°)╯︵/(.□ . \)

  5. T: Apa kontribusi dan bagaimana caramu untuk mengubah dunia?
    J: Dengan melihat dunia ini, lihat sebanyak-banyaknya dari banyak sisi. Saya pikir, sistem masyarakat bukan kayak teori evolusi, kera berubah jadi manusia, lalu berhenti berubah dengan istilah 'sempurna'. Tapi ga juga akhirnya jadi pasrah buat ga berubah sama sekali. Dibuat lebih baik dengan masing-masing individunya jadi diri sendiri, berkreasi, dan menginspirasi (⌐■⌣■). Cara saya....saya sih milih untuk nulis dan ngajar, karena saya bisanya itu.

  6. T: Menurut kalian berprestasi itu kaya gimana sih?
    J: Bisa menghasilkan sesuatu, dan mempengaruhi banyak orang, jadi terkenal akan apa yang dilakukan.

  7. T: Apakah kalian sendiri sudah berprestasi, boleh dong disebutkan kakak?!
    J: Setidaknya saya punya blog┌|°з°|┘

  8. T: Apakah kalian termasuk orang yang menyukai seni?
    J: Iya, dong!

  9. T: Seni seperti apa yang kalian suka?
    J: Nah ini! Saya suka anggap diri saya sendiri itu an artist. Saya selalu anggap semua hal yang saya lakuin itu seni. Cara saya berpakaian, makeup kayak gimana yang saya pakai, nulis yang kayak gimana, ngambil foto yang kayak gimana, dari sudut mana ngambil gambarnya, meskipun cuma pake kamera hp, sih. Tapi jadinya suka dibilang lebay atau freak.

  10. T: Siapa orang yang paling berjasa untuk hidup kalian?
    J: Para mangaka, rockers, authors, dan dosen sekalian.

  11. T: Apa tujuan kalian menulis?
    J: Untuk diri sendiri dan orang lain. Saya nulis supaya akal saya tetap sehat -ga juga sih-. Saya nulis karena saya ada, karena kalo ga nulis saya ga tau mau ngapain?! Untuk orang lain yang baca juga, semoga mereka dapat reaksi yang sama kayak reaksi saya baca manga yang bagus. Itu tujuan dan harapan saya. (˘ʃƪ˘)
Lalu, saya juga disuruh untuk nulis 11 fakta random tentang saya. Yosh, mari mulai:
  1. Saya ga bisa hidup tanpa koneksi internet. Jadi uring-uringan kalo wifi di rumah ga bisa, lalu bakal nelpon speedy ratusan kali sampai teknisinya datang, atau wifinya nyala kembali.
  2. Pertama kali baca novel itu, the real novel yang halamannya lebih dari 100, waktu kelas 4 SD. Novelnya S.Mara.Gd. punya tante (。◔‸◔。). Bacanya ngumpet-ngumpet karena Mama ga bolehin saya baca itu. Tidak sesuai dengan usia, katanya.
  3. Punya ambisi untuk jadi tokoh utama yang melawan si orang jahat, semacam pengen jadi Harry Potter atau Naruto gitu lah.
  4. Genre musik favorit = rock. Dari SMP suka dengerin lagu-lagu rock Barat. Eh, sempet jadi K-popers sih semasa kuliah. Band favorit saya sepanjang masa adalah My Chemical Romance. Sekarang lagi tertarik sama Japanese rock: The GazettE, Dir en Grey, Mejibray, Nocturnal Bloodlust. ƪ(♥ﻬ♥)ʃ
  5. Waktu SD doyan banget baca komik misteri. Paling suka sama komik-komiknya Chie Watari. Terus biasanya ga bisa tidur karena berimajinasi ada tangan yang bakal narik kaki saya di tengah malam.
  6. Ga mau banyak orang tahu usia asli saya. Jadi biasanya kalo ketemu orang baru selalu berpura-pura menjadi beberapa tahun lebih muda. Terus saya bangga kalo berhasil menipu. Muahahahahahaha.
  7. I am an English teacher, and also a History, Social Studies teacher.
  8. Selama hidup saya, rambut sudah dibleaching dua kali, dan sedang merencanakan bleaching yang ketiga kalinya. Lalu, omong-omong soal bleaching, alis selalu saya bleaching setiap dua mingguan sekali. Jadilah alis saya invisible. Tapi ini bukan salah praktek kok, saya emang suka kalo alis saya blonde. Kalo alis saya ga begitu kelihatan, jadi gampang dibentuk dan diwarnainya. Ya, kan?!
  9. Pertama kali ngeblog tahun 2009 karena diajak Ulul bikin blog. Blog pertama sih isinya cuma hal-hal random yang kebetulan lagi dipikirin aja. Baru kemudian kepikiran buat bikin blog yang ini, yang kebanyakan isinya ngebahas tentang beauty & fashion, setelah 'nemu' blogger-blogger kayak Stella Lee, Cominica, Xiaxue, and Cheesie.
  10. Tokoh fiksional favorit saya Ichigo Kurosaki. Ga ada alasan khusus, karena kalo dibilang Bleach itu anime favorit saya, engga juga. Pokoknya saya pengen Ichigo Kurosaki menjadi nyata dan berusia 10 tahun lebih tua dari usia aslinya. 
  11. Saya ga suka sama orang-orang yang ga mau naik kendaraan umum dengan alasan "transportasi kita belum nyaman". Ya iyalah, kalo 'nyaman' di pikiran mereka itu adalah duduk sendiri, lega, berAC, dan ga perlu jalan kaki dari depan rumah sampe depan mall.
Sekian post tentang Liebster Award ini. Maaf kalo ga diestafetkan lagi. Bye~