Friday, November 29, 2013


I've started to open my own shop. The name is NUWA. I got that name from Chinese mythology; a goddess name, both wife and sister of Fu Xi. Actually it's Nüwa not Nuwa, but changing 'ü' to 'u' in hope to make it more acceptable to be read. Forgive my sin.

All the items were hand-picked by me, and of course it's gonna be my kind of style. This first collection is normal enough, even though I actually want to pick the quirkiest outfit I've ever seen. Too bad, I haven't found it yet. But, let's wait for the next collection! I'm gonna find awesome outfits to be owned by you, guys!

Here it is: the first collection that launched yesterday.

These cute and affordable tees have great cotton material. Can be mixed and matched to create your own cute coordinate.

Crowned Owl Tee

Length = 67 cm
Bust = 45 cm

Price = IDR 75,000

The Cat Lady Tee

Length = 67 cm
Bust = 45 cm

Price = IDR 75,000

Owl Tee

Length = 67 cm
Bust = 45 cm

Price = IDR 75,000


Next is these two cute and vintage tops. Each has a unique texture and quirky image of Sir Bunny and King Cat.

Sir Bunny Top

Length = 57 cm
Bust = 49 cm

Price = IDR 155,000

King Cat Top

Length = 57 cm
Bust = 49 cm

Price = IDR 155,000


Or, you wanna move on from very casual look to shirts with collar. NUWA has these three cute shirts.

Blue Collar Shirt

Length = 60 cm
Bust = 49 cm
Sleeve = 47 cm
Shoulder = 39 cm

Price = IDR 139,000

Doodle Sleeveless Shirt

Length = F: 71 cm; B:80 cm
Bust = 47 cm
Shoulder = 39 cm

Price = IDR 149,000

Cross Tied Top

Length = 60 cm
Bust = 45 cm
Shoulder = 36 cm

Price = IDR 109,000


NUWA also has these two plaid pants, and the best thing about these that they are really affordable and comfortable.

Plaid Pants

Color = Red, Green
Length = 86 cm
Waist = 71 - 80 cm
Thigh = 49 cm
Hem Width = 35 cm

Price = IDR 175,000


So, go to NUWA page on fb, and hit the like button. For order, whatsapp on +6287878844885. NUWA will create instagram account soon. Keep waiting for the new collection! This NUWA will flick her rope and create awesome people with awesome outfits.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sparkling Holiday, and the Gloss in Love

November, the 'shortest' month of the year, will come to an end. Is it me only, but I always feel November goes so fast. In a blink of an eye, here comes the 20th of November. It scares me, but at the same time I become excited. Because it means long holiday is nearby!!

Talking about this holiday, every thing should be in Christmas color. Who doesn't dream of White Christmas?! Even though I'm not a Christian, I'm the one who admires White Christmas. Winter, snow, plus Christmas seems so magical for me. Here, I stole a pic from google that I think describe how delightful the White Christmas.

taken from:

People say Winter sucks. Can't bear the coldness. However, I still hope that God will allow me someday to experience the White Christmas. I'm just in love with the color of silver, white, and red combined. Therefore, I made an FOTD, inspired by this Christmas color.

This makeup is simple. As long as it looks kinda pale but still sparkling, it's enough. For lips, I wear my Lancôme Gloss in Love. I usually don't wear lipgloss, because I think it's too glossy for a matte lover like me. But, for this look, bright matte color will look too much, while nude color will look so pale. Then, I try to wear this lipgloss to avoid the dullness. The gloss is kinda similar with the sparkling theme I wear on my eye-make. Well, the result turns out good. I love the color of my lips.

Lancôme Gloss in Love in Scarlett Starlette.

The packaging is very luxurious, sweet, and cute. There's a small button to be clicked to open the lid. The applicator was made curved to be accustomed to our lip shape. See how much effort for designing this product.

This lipgloss has lovely color. It comes out natural, sweet, and shiny. It's a really perfect match to complete our holiday look. 

Lancôme Gloss in Love, I'm in love! Happy holiday!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Move Away! Move Out!

Now I start writing this, I just have been home. Finally!

It needed THREE HOURS for me to get back from Casablanca to my home, at Slipi, which normally only take less than an hour. What had happened today was JUST raining all day long, and the impact is BAD TRAFFIC JAM.

I waited for hours in shelter. The Transjakarta took so long to arrive at that shelter. And when I reached Semanggi shelter, I found crazy crowd of people waiting for the bus. When I arrived at Slipi shelter, there was also huge crowd of people. People stood, people squatted, people sat, all waited for the bus. And every road was crowded by vehicles. Cars, cars everywhere. Horn, horn sounded everywhere.

It feels like I'm in the mid of a disaster, seeing frustrated people everywhere. It feels like hell.

Since we've had our new governor, Jokowi, every person seems to have a hope for the better Jakarta. For me?! I already lost hope. Seriously! Jakarta ain't getting better if there's still huge population of human. I won't say I dislike our governor. Nope. He's indeed a new hope for this city. But we cannot merely put this hope on his hands without doing anything.

When I'm on an angkot or a bus, I see my surroundings, filled with cars. And once I see through their window there's a single person in it, it makes my blood pressure rise. How dare she/her makes this road full with moron like her/him! Is she/he a CEO of company, or the president? Then, it is okay. She/he deserves that. Or, she/he is the one who has guts to take car loans so she/he won't need to take public transportation anymore? Or she/he is a spoiled brat who has hella rich parents that buy her/him a car?! Then, it is not okay. I judge, I know, and I don't care, I'll keep my hatred toward those kind of people. Also hatred towards the motor-cyclists, all of them, except a delivery man.

We demand the government to reduce jam, stop flood, and many more. But we still don't want to go out from here to find a better place. When there is too many people in one place, it's hard to do it, even it's impossible. It may sound ridiculous for some people who think I can say this kinda crap because I have no job here, have no duty, have no earnings from this city. Whatever. If I were them, I still choose time beyond everything. Sacrificing time just to earn money is not the way I live. I can't stand thinking everyday I waste time to be on the road, becoming easily angry because of the crowded city.

Too many people are trapped in this city's 'comfort'. They think they can make money here and they will be happy. No, they won't.

So moooovveeee! Move away! Move out from here! Think! If you have no use besides for your own sake and your family's sake, I dare you to move away from Jakarta. I think we need to develop other cities in Indonesia. Don't spend time to be in hell, a.k.a. Jakarta. That's, in my opinion, the only way to have better Jakarta. To leave it.

Me?! Myself?! So do I. I have no use here besides being a person who throngs into a bus, a mall, or street. I'm gonna move away from here once I've had a chance. And that chance won't be determined by how much money I've made. That chance is as soon as possible.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Episode 12

The irony:

When you watch this episode of Shingeki No Kyojin, and become so touched and even wholeheartedly scream together with Armin to wake Eren up,

you realize you just stay in the bed, read manga and watch anime, for three consecutive days.

"Ah, wait, Armin! At least, until I've finished watching all episodes. I'm gonna go outside, and get back to life," said me, trapped in a titan, called bed.


P.S. : The title of the video above is written 'episode 13.5', which is actually a review episode that replays scenes from the previous episodes. That scene is originally taken from episode 12.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Take Me to Brazil from BH Cosmetics

I finally have an eyeshadow palette that consists of many colors. Yayy!

I'd been thinking of buying eyeshadow palette since...two years ago maybe 0.o. But everyone and also my own mind kept telling I don't need that, I'm not a makeup artist, it would be such a waste, and bla..bla..bla. However, my heart (which actually another side of my mind) kept wanting it. I sometimes found my self browsing cosmetics site shop, staring at the eyeshadow palettes. I said, I wanted that NYX 112 eyeshadow palette, ooh and this Coastal Scents is also good, and then Sleek one is better, and then MUA, and then, one day, I just saw Promise Phan posted this eyeshadow palette, Take Me to Brazil from BH Cosmetics.....and I bought it.

The reason why I decided to buy this palette: first, because it's pretty affordable, I got it for about IDR 250,000; and second, because the colors are unique and I haven't had those colors before (except the blue ones and the black & white), and third, I don't know why, maybe, because fate. It's just like I didn't think too much back then.

Here it is, 'Take Me to Brazil'

This palette consists of 30 different colors of eyeshadow. It has Brazilian theme, that's why BH cosmetics places fantastic colors in it, inspired by Brazilian parade. So many blue, green, and yellow colors. This also has black and white colors, which I didn't realize it before until the package came to my hand.

The packaging is simple but still catchy. No brush included, but at least, it has mirror in it.

Oh hi, my face!

When I tried to make swatches, I was surprised the colors can come out perfectly. It has good pigmentation. Not really pigmented, but it's good, seriously. Check this swatch!


LOLOL! No kidding though! I, first, tried it on my cousin's cheeks. He was willing to do that, even he added some by himself, and I was pretty excited seeing the colors on his cheeks.

The REAL swatches from top to bottom row, from left to right:

All colors in the third row are my favorites! And the shimmery ones in the last row are also good. I love this palette. Now I can create more look with this product. 

Why I look so pale here?!
There's a rainbow below my eyes, by the way.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Shu Uemura Beauty Bloggers Gathering

Shu Uemura invited beauty bloggers to introduce their new product that finally had come to this country, Indonesia. I was really lucky to get the invitation and meet fellow beauty bloggers. The gathering was held at Seribu Rasa restaurant, at Lotte Shopping Avenue. That was my second time being there. I rarely go to mall, especially the ones at Kuningan.

Back to the event. So what is the new product of Shu Uemura?

It's The Lightbulb Liquid Foundation. It is said to be able to glow under any light. Women, nowadays, love natural glowing skin. But sometimes, when we goes to the area that is too dark or too bright, it makes our skin looks dull even though we already applied foundation. So, Shu Uemura tried to solve this problem by creating the foundation that makes the skin can glow under any light.

The Lightbulb Foundation also comes with the Lightbulb Sponge, the white one in the pic above. Pat the foundation on our face by using the larger side of the sponge, and for below eyes area and around nose area, use the pointed side instead. The sponge is easy to hold because of the shrunk shape at the center.

In Indonesia, the Lightbulb Liquid Foundation comes in different eight shades. Here are the 'Eight Shades of Foundation'.

There was the demo product, showing us how we're supposed to do makeup; from the basic skincare until a complete look with natural makeup.

For the glowing effect, Shu Uemura already has these steps to achieve that.

First, by using Tsuya Skin Youthful Radiance Generator. We never want wrinkles and dry skin. This Tsuya skin helps us to re-activate our skin's youth power, make it flawlessly even, and smooth, soft as petal, plumped, toned, and has translucent glowing. (excerpted from:

Second step, use Tsuya Skin UV Under Base Youthful Radiant Mousse. The UV Under Base from Shu Uemura has been the No.1 makeup base in Asia. This Tsuya Skin UV Under Base makes our skin looks dewy and youthful, ready for the makeup.

The third step is finally the foundation. Apply this with sponge for the best result and don't forget to pick the shade that matches the skin tone. Mine is 754 Medium Beige.

The last step is to set it with the powder. Loose powder will make the makeup last longer, especially in humid weather.

After skin had been ready, we went to primp another part of face; eyes, cheeks, lips, of course by using Shu Uemura products. This is my work bench, by the way. Hahahahaha.

I used Shu Uemura drawing pencil for eye liner. I just learned to make no gap between eyes and eye line, we need to draw our inner part of the eye using pencil eye liner. It will create natural deep-looking eyes without that ugly clear gap between our lashes and eyeball. LOL!

And apply eyeshadow, blush on, and lipstick in soft colors.

All colors I chose must have orange tone. Hahahaha. I love orange, it looks fresh on me.

On progress:

And after:

Pose with the new Lightbulb Foundation

After we all were done with our makeup, it was time to have lunch. Seribu Rasa serves traditional food, and they all taste so yummy. My favorite is the black pepper prawn. :9

Then, we visited the counter. I love the design, so colorful.

Bloggers love to take pictures. This is the prove. Once we got to the counter, all were ready to get the best picture of everything we saw. Hahahaha

This one grabbed most of our attention. Shu Lash!

The lashes were displayed on cute teddies. Not only the teddies who made me squealing in excitement, all the lashes themselves were already cute and unique.

Thanks to Shu Uemura Indonesia for such a great event. I really learned a lot. And super thanks for the Lightbulb foundation. Will definitely recommend this foundation. This is a genius invention, in my opinion, and I really love the sponge so much because it will give the very good result in applying foundation. Oh, this Lightbulb foundation comes with its sponge, it means when we purchase this foundation, we also get the sponge. Worth it.