Monday, March 26, 2012

Meet My New Notebook

Recently, I've lost my Yongha, my previous notebook. It was HP Compaq and yeaa I gave its name 'Yongha' so he can be as smart and attractive as Goo Yongha in Sungkyungkwan Scandal. Hehehehehehehehehe.... By the way, I'm used to give name to all my gadget even a USB flash drive. Do you all do that too?

Yongha lost tragically. He needed to get the service because his LCD is totally off. Then, someone stole him when he had already been cured. Damn! Yongha have so many memories of me. My precious pics, my precious writings, my precious e-books, my precious assignments...I don't have the chance to backup the data. That was a big loss in my life.

Then, I got this new Asus. Meet her (I see her as female gadget. Hahahaha), my new notebook named Haku! She's Haku because she's white, of course. I can't think other names. From now, she will be my best friend. Oh, and I got a precious lesson to BACKUP all of my data!

Monday, March 5, 2012


Yesterday was a 'gather-with-family' day. Even though my family and I couldn't decide where to go, but, finally, we ended in Ragusa, an awesome place to eat some awesome ice cream. That was the second time I visit this place.

Ragusa Italian Ice Cream is located at Jalan Veteran I, No. 10, Jakarta. At morning till noon, this place is always crowded. You can't find an empty seat there. So, have a patience to wait or just go to somewhere else! I'd ever gone to this place and found a very long queue. Because my Dad, my sisters, and I didn't have much patience, we went out and said goodbye to Ragusa.

Finally, yesterday's evening, a weird time to eat ice cream, I was back there and there were empty seats everywhere. We ordered Spaghetti Ice Cream, Banana Split, and Tutti Frutti. Actually, I wanted to try Cassata Siciliana but it was out of stock. The price range of the ice cream is IDR 20,000 to IDR 30,000. No preservative was added to the ice cream, so it will melt quickly. However, the taste of the ice cream is yummy and unique, maybe. You can't find ice cream that tastes like Ragusa's.

My Tutti Frutti

This place only serves ice cream, but in front of Ragusa, you can find people sell Indonesian traditional food such as Rujak Juhi, Satay, Otak-Otak, and Kue Ape. Not only the ice cream, but this food also has high recommended taste. The Chicken Satay is the real chicken which is so tender. The Rujak Juhi is also appetizing like the satay. I haven't tried Otak-Otak and Kue Ape, but many people say they love the Otak-Otak.


Ragusa is a nice place to hang out and taste the very good quality ice cream, but you need to have extra patience and extra time to visit this always crowded place.

And yeaah...I'm full!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Stalker on Facebook?!

Nowadays, I keep hearing about the insecurity of facebook. People keep commenting how stalker can easily gain all information and pictures that they have.Oh, come on, are they really stalkers?! Gosh! You upload your photos, you write your information on facebook, that means you share that to the friends that you have. Accepting friend request means you allow that person to view what you share on facebook. Now, why do you think that someone stalks you?! Even if they see your old posts, yeaa, maybe they find you as an interesting person. It's not that dangerous to you, right?! That 'stalker' doesn't come to your house and watch you every day and night and wait for the chance to meet you, then, do something dangerous to you.

You can be wise using facebook. Don't accept strangers as your friends, if you don't like! Don't upload your photos if you don't like someone liking or commenting on those! And please don't share whatever you do on status!.....if you don't like.

"Time to take a shower", you write as a status. A minute later, someone chats you, "OMG, you want to take a shower?! Can I join?! bla..bla..bla!". Then you said, "Get off, you stalker!"

Don't be stupid, please!

Facebook is not your diary, so please keep your privacy if you don't want everyone to know it. Facebook is not your to do list. Who cares what you want to do, except you're a prisoner (?!!) who have to report any activities.

So, I think people who criticizes facebook as stalking tools must think more and see from the other side. I'm grateful that facebook exists because I'm able to communicate with my friends easily, and discuss about my study, business, hobbies, and many things. Maybe, the one who screams "Omigoshh stalker on facebook! I don't like it!" is actually wanna yell out loud that "I'm famous because I have many people that see my facebook profile". Yeaa~ maybe.

Just found this from google image.
That 'you' should be thankful there's someone who see his/her status.