Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Harajuku Kawaii TV

Recently, I had become a homey person who loves to spend time in front of the internet. Mostly because I want to save money. Staying at home will always be good for my wallet. *gently stroking my wallet*

I don't want to talk about my financial condition here. Who the hell cares?! LOLOL. But, that was just an opening. Since I love being on the internet, I have a favorite thing to do, which is Youtube-ing. Here, I'll talk about my favorite channel recently.

Like Japan? Japanese stuff? Harajuku? Kyary Pamyu Pamyu? Kawaii-ness?

taken from

If yes, go to Youtube and find Harajuku Kawaii TV, and you'll gonna find heaven for your pleasure. Just like me.

This channel was started on September, 2012, but the Harajuku Kawaii TV program itself started on December. It's still a new and fresh channel. I've been subscribed since then, and kept watching it. Today, the Harajuku Kawaii TV Original Movie has reached 17th episode. Asobi Style is people behind this channel.

There are parts in the show, like fashion report, fashion snap, the council-where the models gather; talk and do something kawaii-, and calendar event. Also, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's fans can enjoy this show a lot because there's always be a report of what she's doing, from the concert to her photoshoot.

Like I said, there are models in this show. They are the ones who talk during the council, who go to the several brand shop to do fashion report, and then show the audience their unique style both in outfit and makeup.

There are many of them. I can't remember them one by one, and I haven't been searched much cause already give up since I see the source is in Japanese *sick face*. So, please, note it, this post is from my experience only, in watching the videos.

Though the models are all in to Harajuku Kawaii style, they have their own uniqueness. For sweet and girly look, there is Anna Yano.

For a very cute syle, there is cutie Natsume Mito. Aaaahh she's super cute.

It's Una. I think she looks boyish and cool.

There's Kurumi Nakada. I love her style so much, her makeup especially. In one episode, she showed how to do her makeup style. That blush on under eyes always becomes her style. Reddish lips emphasizes her pale face and her black hair. Cool!

Ayumi Seto, my most favorite model. Her style is not too different from Kurumi's. I think that's why I love them both, I love their style. But for outfit, Ayumi has an amazing taste.

Beside the models that have been mentioned, they're still many of them, Saki Sato, Fumiko, and etc. I really don't remember much. Sowwy..

From total 16 episodes-I haven't watched the 17th yet-14th episode is my favorite. It talked about stockings and the brand 'Avantgarde'. Oh my~~ a shop full of kawaii stockings. The printing was amazing. They collaborated with Disney, Hello Kitty, and many more to create such a super kawaii stocking. I think stocking is an important fashion item to be a harajuku kawaii girl, and the good quality one produces so much pleasure.

Also, as the picture shows above, the super council has a kawaii studio. It's still new. I mean it's not there when the first episode broadcast-ed. This kawaii studio is designed by the most creative man, Sebastian Masuda, the boss of 6% Dokidoki, a famous fashion brand. The studio kinda inspires me for room decorating. The style also, is inspiring. much inspiration will come by seeing this show.

However!! I wish they will make a proper English subtitle. Each video provides the audiences caption that can be turned on and selected in many languages. But......the translation is so horrible. It's so hard to be understood. Even the compliment becomes a rude word. Imagine the models keep saying 'kawaii' and bla bla bla in cheerful way, but the caption says something negative. Makes me lol sometimes, but really, I wish they make subtitle, in English at least, so we, as the international subscribers, can enjoy it more.

Here, I end this post with first episode of Harajuku Kawaii TV.


I've said too much 'kawaii' in this post. :DD

P.S.: All the pics in this post are print-screen-ed by myself from the video, except Kyary's pic which I have put the source.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Geo Princess Mimi Starmish Brown

Hola! Recently, I'm so interested with circle lens that has bright color. About a month ago, I bought two super bright lenses,  EOS Blytheye Grey and Geo Princess Mimi Starmish Brown. I have reviewed EOS Blytheye Grey here. This time I'm gonna share my experience wearing Geo Princess Mimi Starmish Brown.

Since its releasing, I've always wanted this lens. I think it has such a beautiful color; bright brown. This lens is designed by Mai Hirose, so it's gonna give cute gyaru touch. Haha, marketing strategy, branding image succeeded.

Geo Princess Mimi Starmish Brown

Water Content : 38 %
Diameter : 14,5 mm

Though, it doesn't have super big diameter, it does give enlargement effect to the eyes.'s caused by the black outer ring.

I really love this lens. Although it has bright color, it still looks so natural. I suggest this to everyone who has brown to bright hair color. It matches the hair so well. So pretty!

How it looks like on my eyes.

With flash, it's gonna be like this :

However, unfortunately, there's a lack with this lens. It has such a pretty color (seriously, it becomes my favorite), but it doesn't comfortable enough. I can't stand wearing it for too long. My eyes becomes itchy. Though it's from the same brand as Princess Mimi Bambi, the Bambi series is way better than this one. It reminds me of Geo Mimi Cafe. They both lack in comfort.

B..bu..but..the color is so pretty, so I still wear it almost everyday. >,<

That's all. I end this post with my pic, no.., but pics. XD

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit in Light Beige #N02

This is the famous BB Cream from Etude House, Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit. I purchased it about two months ago and used to wear it in any occasions instead of wearing foundation.

BB cream is lighter than foundation, so I think it's good for me who want flawless skin every day without covering skin pores too much with foundation. However, it can cause skin looks more oily. I think people who have oily skin should not wear BB cream. They may choose foundation with matte result. However, it's still better to wear only loose powder.

This Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit creates a glowing healthy skin. It suits my skin which is often looked dull and dry.

It's written SPF 30, that means this BB Cream protects the skin from burning 30 times longer than it's usually needed to be burnt. So, by wearing this BB Cream I can stay outside and face the sun 30 times longer than usual without worrying I will be burnt, after that time, I need to rush to be back to the shelter, hiding behind the shadow. Got it?!

Besides that, Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit says it has whitening and anti-wrinkle and also anti-darkening. 

I chose the lightest shade, Light Beige No. N02. However, it comes with 4 different shades; darkest to lightest, W15 Sand Beige, W24 Honey Beige, W13 Natural Beige, and N02 Light Beige.

The packaging is girly, like other Etude House products, pink box and pink tube,...look purplish for me. 

The tube is equipped with pump, so no need to squeeze the tube, just push down the pump.

The swatch on my hand :

And this is my face wearing this BB Cream. It looks so oily cause I took this with flash because without flash it doesn't look so clear that I'm wearing it.

Personally, I like this BB Cream because it suits my skin type so well and it does know what I need to be looked flawless everyday. One of my friends has ever said, "how to maintain your skin?" I asked, "Why? I just stopped to go to beauty clinic. Haha." She said, "Cause your skin looks flawless, bright, and has health glow." Oh really?! And then I realized it may caused by this BB Cream.

Repurchasing is a must.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Too Cool For School Party Time Single Eye Shadow #9 and #20

Another time for another makeup review. This time I'm gonna share about single eye shadows from Too Cool For School, Korean cosmetics brand.

Last month, when I was thinking about icy makeup idea for Christmas, I went to midnite sale that held in Central Park Mall. I actually didn't plan to buy this, but the sales girl succeeded in luring me to buy those eye shadows. Alrite, I needed those for my icy look, right?! Read the post here.

So, I picked the blue and glittery baby blue one.

The packaging is classy and pretty. A cute neko with red glasses reminds me of an illustration from graphic novel. This eye shadow has strong lid, so it doesn't look cheap, though it's pretty cheap as I said, it looks classy. I got it for less than IDR 60,000 each, 20% off. Note it, I bought it in its official counter which usually has official higher price than the price in its original country. I don't know... or anyone knows how it costs in Korea?

This is the blue one, or no #20

A bright blue color, and looks norak, but I like it.

And next, the glittery one, no #9.

This one looks frosting.

Here is the swatch.

The left side is #20 and the right side is #9. I also combine them, and you can see the mixed color in between.

This is how it looks when applied on my eye lid.

Actually, this single eye shadow is not a good suggestion for those who seek a highly pigmented eye shadow.   It may won't appear good to eyelid, and need much re-applying. But for me, it's good enough. The color is pretty nice. The price is affordable too. Like price, like quality ;)

Monday, January 14, 2013


That's rèqíng (Chinese) or netsujou (Japanese). A symbol for 'passion', 'enthusiastic', 'enthusiasm' (source).

I really like this word, and sometimes like to brag how I will only do everything for passion. When I was younger, or maybe just yesterday, I kept thinking this is what I'm gonna do for life, this passion. But only today, I realized this is not a simple word.

Reality makes this word becomes a hard thing to achieve. Like gemstones hidden in the rock, person with passion is only a few from millions, and the rest will be the rock, the common one.

I might think I would do something for my passion only. However, reality showed me another way. That way keep bringing in the fear, fear of losing my passion someday. Seems good?! I think no. Fear will never be a good thing.

What am I talking about?! Okay, here it is...

Everyone has their own goal for life. Since I was a kid, I had been asked about that. Always! The answer may keep changing, from a doctor, architect, teacher, writer, to blogger, yeaah whatever. It keeps changing, it's not wrong I think, because I answered that while I was thinking about what will make me happy. So John Lennon is not wrong saying when he grow up, he wanna be happy.

Thing that's wrong, actually, is what happens next. When people grow up, they even don't have a time to think about goal and happiness, because everyone demands so much to see the achievement which is measured by money and wealthiness only.

Why do parents need to ask to their lil kids what are they gonna do when they grow up, and expect passionate 'doctor, teacher, police, fireman' answers, meanwhile, later, when the kids grow up, they change the question to what kind of job and how much the salary, ignoring whether the kids happy or not doing that job? That passionate answers will be blur. What remains clear is 'I'm gonna do this to make money'.

Since I couldn't remember, I've been always think people should not only pursue money and finance stability, they also must live their life on their own way. But hell yeah, now I know talking is easy, action is hard. I keep being trapped finding fixed income. I fear someday I'll lose a chance to live with passion, and I know that passion needs money. But what happens later, I'm busy with that searching money activities and I abandon any steps to my goal. I believe I'll lose that passion if I keep doing this.

I envy everyone who lives with their passion. Look at them! They have both, money and happiness.

I don't know maybe I should knock my head to keep thinking straight to my own goal of life, to my own happiness, my own passion. Or maybe I can try to tattoo that word to my body, like a cool woman, so I'll keep remember it. But tattoo needs let's pretend I have tattooed it.

Because I've written this post, I'm gonna try hard to live my life with passion, and have no fear of poorness. Ya!

P.S.: Actually, I don't like using the term 'reality'. Because what is it? An absurd thing. It may be formed by environment, neighborhood, surroundings, self, etc. Using 'reality' sounds like I blame the unseen things surround me, meanwhile myself also have the influence in forming it. But I don't know what other terms that is suitable to substitute it. Yaaa, people are used to blame that 'reality' for every changing in their life. So I think using 'reality' will help them to understand.

Sunday, January 13, 2013


Yesterday, I was working at where high class people play golf. I've known what golf is, have been played a lot of golf games on Play Station (pffffftttt!). But actually I have no idea what they are doing. Just clapping when they shot the ball without knowing where the hell that mini ball's going, and whether they did good job or not.


I'm there for a job, and for enjoying other things besides the game; high class food and beautiful sight. Such a perfect place to camho. Lotsa pics in the post! Hahaha

Meet my work-mates!

Full body pic.

And then, my friend said, "Hey that leaves will be a good spot for camho."

Yes, it is! She's right.

So, we're addicted to take a pic there, and tried many filters also to make the pic looks awesome.

Riding golf cart! Ain't nobody think she wanted to sacrifice herself to take a pic of us, so here we all, ignoring the golf-cart spot, just face of us.

Changing clothes means another session of camho.

Pondok Indah Golf, that was a very nice place-despite the very hot weather and the very bright sunlight-with beautiful human-made scenery. After working, I just went home and spent the rest of day sleeping, because that day I woke up at 4 A.M, very sleepy.

That's all, and I've spent my Saturday.