Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Only two days left before 2016. I felt like a lot of things happened this year. Days went so fast, but when I recalled a certain event, I couldn't believe that just happened few months ago. Last semester I was still struggling to finish my study, but it felt like a long time ago, seriously. What kind of feeling is this?

As the last month in a year, December has always been an awaited month, because people might feel re-energized thinking about the new year that will come soon, OR, might be because the only thing that fill the mind is HOLIDAY. The recent traffic congestion has shown that many people think December is special. Everyone was so excited to go out from the town. (Besides the proof that Jakarta is too crowded.)

And talking about December, I personally think there are two highlights of this month, which are this:


Yepp, Christmas and Star Wars.

First, Christmas! For most people here who don't celebrate it, Christmas means holiday. Holiday season means big sale. And Christmas also means the time for a never-ending debate whether it's okay or not to say 'Merry Christmas'. Because I had no money to enjoy the festivity of Christmas sale, the debate won this time. I enjoyed it.

Second, the highlight of this month is Star Wars! To be honest, I didn't think that I would get into the Star Wars hype this much. I like the previous movies, but I watched them looooong time ago. However, when I've watched the new movie, The Force Awakens, I can't help myself for not drowning into the Star Wars world, recalling the scenes, characters of the previous ones. The movie is beyond awesome even though I got the spoiler before watching it. Knowing the death of a certain character before watching it totally destroyed the moment.

Went to cinema on Christmas day with Nurul, and after that we had some sushi to accompany us discussing about every cool scene in the movie (plus talking non-stop about the previous Star Wars movies, 4, 5, 6, 1, 2, 3, Anakin, Anakin, Luke, Han Solo, Leia, Chewie, Han Solo again, etc, etc, Han Solo again.)

The sushi was served by Sanji. Lol!

 And Luffy, of course, enjoyed the food as well.

To end this year nicely, I planned to blog, like a summary of 2015. But I decided to have a 2015 wrap-up post on the first days of 2016. This time, let me talk about December only. First weeks of December, not much happened besides work.

Koichi's birthday is on December 22, so I tried to draw this and tagged him on instagram. Wasn't confident enough to post it because this is only my second attempt with watercolor pencils. I made many mistakes, including coloring his finger black!! But hey I did post it and tagged Koichi on instagram.

Koichi, please notice me!

The next day after Christmas, I simply went out wanting to find some Japanese manga, magazines, and books at Kinokuniya.

Me, fake shelf-browsing for the sake of a shot.

And, here, another fake candid shot.

Finally got myself a Zakki.

Had been wanting to go to Kinokuniya to find some Tokyo Ghoul related books. I had moved to Bandung, so need to wait when I'm in Jakarta to visit that bookstore. Recently, Tokyo Ghoul has also released the 'Anime' book, so I got one for myself too.

I had seen sneak peeks of Zakki, but having it myself satisfied me a lot. A die-hard-fan of Tokyo Ghoul must have one. I repeat, MUST have one. And the anime book is also great, with a lot of official illustrations and notes, plus the original comic script for Tokyo Ghoul Root A.

That day was started with a simple visit to Kinokuniya, I then decided to cross the street to Senayan City and trapped into another Star Wars hype. I really didn't know they held the exhibition there.

TIE/sf space superiority fighter (ah thanks to wookieepedia)

Posing with cute plushies

And posing with big plushies: Kylo Ren and BB-8.

See the touch screen behind me?! There was Star Wars Trivia Quiz, and we tried so hard to get the perfect score. Yeah we did it. Other visitors were startled by our tacky celebration. The man behind us obviously giggled. What a geek, we are.

Lastly, I could not post photographs without the photographer. All thanks to Nurul for being my 'photographer'. Hahaa

That was my December. See you next year!

Sunday, December 6, 2015


When sound all ceases to exist. People think that means happiness
And all the sounds that used to be… Are all just noise to you and me
The cries of help disappear. The silence numbs all of our ears

SOS by Sekai no Owari is such a beautiful song, making me want to listen to this song only, with no other sounds to be heard, even though I'm aware it's not Sekai no Owari's intention.

Apart from their preference to write a song in English (which I honestly don't prefer them to do), the lyrics deserve to get a full attention. It's meaningful and deep. Judging from it, this band wants everyone to listen to 'silence', paying attention to all voices, as a part of the world we share. I think the message is about 'caring can cure the world'. But before knowing the lyrics, listening to the melody of this song is tranquilizing. The song is magically soothing: the piano, the guitar, and all the sounds heard in this 5-minute-song that match perfectly with the lyrics.

Watching the video has different impact to me. It's somehow saddening, reminds me with the movie 'Inside Out'. I kinda see the colorful creature in video as the one who brings the care everyone needs. It looks like representing the goodness and bringing the color to the world. And then, when we grow up, we grow numb, and the 'silence', the creature, fades completely.

Amazing idea that this song offers: even silence actually has sound. Here, watch the video, listen to the sound of silence, and love Sekai no Owari.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Graduation and First Work Trip

Time has passed. I still remember that last year, expecting the new year to come, I hope I will get my bachelor degree. And I got it, thankfully, no matter what happened.

I, previously, thought I won't be present on my own graduation ceremony. Well, because it was very late for me, and I imagined it would be very awkward because no one would care anymore. But, as now I know doing undergraduate thesis, having to experience the sidang were not an easy thing, I didn't care anymore whether people care or not. This is my moment. I stopped thinking about whether someone would come or not. I, myself, must be present no matter what.

And it turned out to be a happy family day.

Yayy, I finally graduated.

Mama, Papa, Alin, and also my grandma were coming on that day. Nia, my sister, couldn't come because she had works to do in Jakarta. My graduation ceremony was held on Wednesday so working people like her won't be able to come.

Candid taken by Mama. I couldn't find any picture taken with my grandma (besides the studio one). So this one may be quite nice to be posted here. Hahaa.

Nurul has also graduated

OK! Now finished talking about my graduation, let me continue to another life updates. I blogged a bit of life updates in September here. Looking back at it made me amazed how things change so fast. I was kinda depressed at that moment because of confusion, stressed at work, quarter-life crisis (lol!).

Now I got a new job. Well actually, my life wasn't changed that much from two months before. I didn't get a job that suddenly makes me a millionaire. It's not even the so-called a dream job. But when the environment changed, and I finally got out from the tight situation, I felt like a whole new world is now before me.

I moved to Bandung a month ago. I'm happy I can move away from Jakarta. To be honest, this is the most exciting part of this new job, being in Bandung and be freed from Jakarta.

Another thing that makes this interesting is the chance to going out to other towns, like last week I had to manage the event held in Bali. I was glad that I could experience luxury once in my life. Hahahaha. Staying in a five-star-hotel of course was such a nice experience for me. Even though the places I visited in Bali were limited to these two hotels at Jalan Pratama. But I had no reason to complain, right?!

I was staying at Mantra Sakala during my visit to Bali. And the room was great.

Even though on the first day I arrived at hotel at 3 a.m. in the morning (then it was already the second day), exhaustiveness didn't reduce my amazement. It was such a rare experience to be there.

The view from my room

Obligatory mirror selfie

In Bali, what I need to do was to standby at different hotel from where I stayed, so at noon I was there, working and snacking at the restaurant.

But the hotel has a very nice view. Surely, working there became kinda nice too.

In the evening, I went back to hotel and spent the day watching Nat Geo People channel. And I was attached to Baking Good, Baking Bad show. Even I started the day watching it.

On day three, I managed to find time to try the famous Babi Guling. I went to Warung Pak Dobiel at Nusa Dua. And indeed, it was a very yummy dish. The taste was so rich. Someday I must try Babi Guling at other warung. So, to end this post, let me share the picture of the super tasty Babi Guling.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Indonesia Comic Con 2015

Last Sunday was so much fun because I finally could get my geeky nature pleased. I went to Indonesia Comic Con 2015 at JCC, with my fellow..let's say...geek, Nurul. Alin also came with me.

I was greeted by the giant poster of Star Wars. It made me feel more excited for the new Star Wars coming up in December. And everything there at Comic Con was mostly dominated with Star Wars theme, the cosplayers, the figures, the displays, all about Star Wars.

Darth Vader figure

Life size Lego C3PO and R2D2

Life size Han Solo in carbonite

What's more interesting than a life-size figure?!

Not only Star Wars, this time, Indonesia Comic Con was filled with Batman themed cosplayers, booths, toys, and figures.

Look at those cute Lego jokers.

Unfortunately, while I was wandering at Indonesia comic con, the police department of Gotham City was able to find me and proved me guilty for a certain crime. They took my snapshots. Nurul was also caught as well.

We must be the baddest villains, especially Nurul because her crime is so unforgivable. I knew she liked to steal candy from a baby, in The Sims 3.

But the story is still going on. We could not spend the rest of day being convicted as a criminal. Somehow, we brought out to be free again with the helps of these two superheroes. Hahaha..why the story keeps going lamer?

Alin also thanked them because they can bring her sister back. LOL.

But I almost got in trouble again when meeting these two villains. I could not resist because they are super awesome.

And I also met Captain Haddock. How lucky! Tintin and Snowy also came in a cardboard version.

So after that, I wandered and wandered until some magnetic power attracted me to come to the main stage. The magnetic power was a popular Vocaloid song. And there, Alin met her favorite DJ, sasakure.UK. He's known as music producer using Vocaloid.

Here in the picture, he played the 'Senbonzakura'.

The above blurry picture is a proof that we enjoyed the show, especially Alin. You can find a lot of pictures of Alin trying to prove that she really enjoyed it in my camera. She fell in love with sasakure.UK after seeing his performance.

I need to drag Alin away from the stage because I still need to find cute collectibles. And I found not the cute one but cool one from The Miniature History.

High quality depiction of history events now come as collectible miniature models. Isn't it beyond cool?! I spent a lot of time admiring the displays.

The cool wooden art by Kigumi also caught my attention. I even bought the wooden tree for hanging my accessories.

Not only that, the bearbrick below which formed the Indonesian flag became the highlight of the exhibition because everyone walked past them would wonder if they can make them collapsed. What a hot topic! But no, they were attached perfectly.

Other interesting spots at Indonesia Comic Con is the Secret Walls, the live art event that already been hosted in over 50 cities.

There was also Hello Kitty Gate that was so colorful and dreamy.

Hopefully, next year, Indonesia comic con will bring another joy, another special guests, and be much much more awesome than this year.

Lastly, someone want to hug you before this post ends. Baymax titan!