Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Instead of wishing September to end soon, I should be the one who's responsible to finish everything. Finish the things that have been my job. Speak up and just be happy. September will be nice for me.

By the way, I've planned to create weekly posts of my fashion diary. One more step to be a BLOGGER, with capital letters. 

Have a nice Wednesday.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Life Updates

Decided to write some life updates to make this blog come back to live. Though I may be currently living in survival mode, considering some things that recently happened. I've been making some useless efforts in order to just survive. I'm getting annoyed by lot of things at work until it grows a thought that I've been doing only useless thing. Work is really out of my expectation. I, however, fear that all the problems are caused by me, myself, from the inside me. I hope no, because I want to blame the system. LOL. But I have realized one thing. I should not be a yes-woman anymore. No more yes. Yes? No? No!

I also think that I become a lot more annoyed because I have so little time to take care of my blog. I have planned to do many things for my blog since having my undergraduate thesis done. But...these days if I don't do work then I'll be sleeping. Indeed, what have I done is either working or sleeping. Pffftt.

Current mood: expressionless but clearly annoyed

Anyway, one thing that keeps me happy these days is this cute little figure. I went to mall to pick this cutie up, right after working-time. Didn't care of rush-hour. Had no patience to wait until weekend.

After waiting for 8 months, my nendoroid Noiz has finally arrived safely. He finally met my Aoba, and now they live together happily ever after, with my Levi also. Happy!

Oh, one more thing that I realized only recently. Hangout is much much more desirable than it used to be. I have changed from a home person to the one who asks first for a hangout. But after that I'm always tired and complain how fast the time has gone.

Yesterday, I went to watch Attack on Titan: Live Action with Alin and my cousin, Hansen. I didn't expect the live action would be so scary. The chaos created by titans is presented nicely, especially in the beginning when the colossal titan appeared and kicked the wall open. I could feel the horror.

However, the scenes went lamer and lamer. It felt empty even though there were so many conflicts. To be honest, I got bored watching it. Only the beginning made me go awe. The rests were just so so. I even dislike Hiana because I find no reason for her existence, or perhaps I feel nothing from her presence. Inappropriate character remains empty until her death (oopppss spoiler). Even Shikishima who is called 'the great' wasn't that great. Scenes involving him went too flat. Parasyte live action is way better.

Okay, I've reached the end of this life update. End it with the picture of crepes cake from Pancious. Hope it makes you drool.