Saturday, December 22, 2012

EOS Blytheye Grey

I was always searching for grey circle lens. I'd bought one or two grey lens but was not very satisfied, because the grey color never popped out when I wear it.

So......... I bought these:

EOS Blytheye Grey

Water Content : 52%
Diameter : 14,8mm

And.....oooooooooohhhh it did it! This lens is bright, too bright!!

Pics to prove.

With flash, it becomes ridiculously bright. LOL!

I've read many reviews and, umm, okay, most of them said this lens was too bright. However I insisted to buy, because when I saw their pics, I still thought they're okay with that lens. I just loved blytheye grey because somehow they looked cool and sensual wearing this lens. Yeah, this lens looks so good in pic, but in real they're too bright and looks unnatural, like vampire eyes maybe (?!)

However, I won't say I hate these lens. I just think it's not suitable for every day's look, and don't have much courage to wear it for shopping or hanging out. Maybe it's okay for nite event, clubbing or something. For wearing blytheye grey, I think I need to dramatize my eyes with much makeup.

Let's move from the brightness. Blytheye grey has black outer ring that gives enlargement effect. It doesn't have complicated pattern, so yeah, this lens is meant to emphasize the color. It will look good for photo-shoot, I think.

I'm quite satisfied. Finally! Find something that can pop up my eyes. Feel cool and sensual. But.. a lil'bit too much...too bright.