Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tattoo Lines Your Eyes

Since I was obsessed with make up, I hadn't found a very good eyeliner that can satisfy myself. I tried many products, but it ends with the result 'it's good, but...'. There was always a lack. But, a few days ago, I bought an eyeliner, named K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner. It's written on the pack, '1 Day Tattoo'. My reaction is "Oh, really?!". However, I expected much of this eyeliner because it's pricey. I bought this for IDR 160,000.

After I received the K-Palette Eyeliner (I bought it online), I tried it on my hand.

Then, pour it with water. Yeah, it's waterproof, nothing changed.

The appliance is also so easy. The slim tip makes the line easier, and the amount of the liquid eyeliner is under control because you don't need to dip the brush to the jar.

How about the resistance?! I will say, this is a real tattoo, but I don't know if it is a 1-day-tattoo or just a half day. Hahahahahaha. It doesn't wear off easily, unlike my previous eyeliner, after a longwear, it fades, smudges and here comes time to say hello to panda eyes. But you don't need to worry how to wash the K-Palette eyeliner off. Simply use makeup remover, and it's gone.

I think, this is the best eyeliner I've ever have. No lack I've found yet. It is also good for a beginner who want to learn to wear an eyeliner. It is the easiest for you to use. A thin line is no problem. For deep and dramatic eyes, just add more. Next time, I'll try Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner, because many say it has similar quality with K-Palette.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Dealing with Acne

Acne is a very common problem that many people face it. Therefore, almost all of skincare product provide acne treatment. Etude House has a solution for acne too, its product called AC Clinic. There are AC Clinic Cleaning Foam, AC Clinic Cream, Mist, Toner, and even BB cream. So, these products are suitable for all people who have acne trouble.

I, actually, have a dry skin, but it doesn't mean I'm free from acne. However, I think this product, as other acne treatments, can dry skin, because it also can control oil. So I decided to try just one product of this AC Clinic. I bought Red Spot Balm + Whitening. It's affordable, just IDR 118,000. You can buy it here. Here's the package:

It comes with a tube of Pink Daily Spot, and this is what I will review. To be honest, I didn't know that it will come with a Pink Daily Spot, so then I took the tube and gave the Red Spot Balm to my sister who have more oily skin than me.

This little tube contains 5ml pink cream that you can use for the pink spot on your face. It seems a very little amount but I have used it for about a month, and I'm still not out of it. I put this cream on my acne, a small acne, and an acne wanna be, pinkish spot on my face every night before going to sleep.

Well, the result is not bad. This pink daily spot helps reducing acne and make it dry before it's going to explode. Hahahahahahahaha..sorry for the way I describe it.

Pink Daily Spot is a good product for acne. That prevents acne going bigger, but however it cannot prevent acne appearing on your face. I think because this is not what this product is going to work. You can prevent acne by using another product from AC Clinic, like the foam, toner, cleanser, and many more. I recommend you to try a trial kit from AC Clinic, including pink powder spot, gel lotion, and cleansing foam.So just small amount of them and see if they work on you or not.

Get it here for only IDR 90,000. Indonesia only.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Experience with Palty

I know I'm really lack in creating new posts. Hahahahahahaha...... How can I upgrade my self if laziness is everywhere filling my mind?!

Anyway, now I'm trying to update my blog with a review from Japanese hair dye product, named Palty. Initially, I don't have an interest to buy this product because it is pretty expensive (range from IDR 160,000-180,000). Why spend so much money to dye your hair? There are many other hair dyes that have affordable price. But I was wrong. I once bought a hair dye at the supermarket. Then..........nothing changes. I even chose the lightest colour that I've seen but my hair was still in black. O-kay, that was called 'spending money'.

Hereafter, I saw this Japanese hair dye product everywhere, in many online shops which I added on facebook. So, I searched for the review till I decided to buy it. Honestly, I was attracted to buy this product because there are the pretty Tsubasa Masuwaka and Yui Kanno on the cute boxes of Palty. The effect of these-two-gyaru-icons-on-the-box is the colours seems so cute and gorgeous. It's really gyaru.

So, finally, I bought my Palty hair dye in Milk Tea Brown, the lightest colour in the chart. Here is the box (with pretty Tsubasa Masuwaka on it).

It's really easy to apply. Just squeeze all the hair dye into the mixing bottle and shake it until it mixed perfectly. After that, apply to your hair from the tip of your hair to the root. It's because if you do your root first, your root will be lighter than your tip (like what happened to me). Then, wear your shower cap, and wait nicely. I waited for an hour before I washed it all out. Use the conditioner that is provided in the box. Dry your hair and tadaaaa, your black hair will be lighter.

Under the Sunlight

With Flash

I was so satisfied and thought of buying this hair dye again until I reach the lightness that I want. But then I found that Palty has bleach series, Natural Brown, Gold Brown, and Sparkling Blonde. Because I want my hair to be light but not too light, I choose the Gold Brown, which has middle range of lightness. The box still has Tsubasa Masuwaka, not in pink, but in yellow.

The application is similar with the hair dye series, but the Gold Brown Hard Bleach has the bleach powder and besides that, I think you don't need to wait for an hour because it's BLEACH, your hair will be damaged if you wait longer that the suggestion. Fifteen to thirty minutes is enough. I waited for about twenty minutes and here is the result. 

Not as bright as I expected but SO MUCH WIN!!

However, the hair colour is uneven T-T. I think I need to go to Salon.