Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Etude House Color Pop Tint #2 Sunny Pop

Welcome October! It's time for us to wake up again *lame joke*

So, this will be a review post of this...

Tadaaa! Etude House Color Pop Tint in Sunny Pop

I bought it moooontttthsss ago. And now, this becomes my favorite lip color to be worn to create gradient lips. Read the post here.

This Color Pop Tint claims to have such a cute pop color to our lips. Pop means bright here. It's available in five different colors: #1 Fashion Pop, #2 Sunny Pop, #3 Vita Pop, #4 Coral Pop, #5 Swing Pop. I chose the #2 Sunny Pop because I'm always a fan of red-orange color.

This is the applicator.

Nothing special, just usual applicator.

And this is the swatch on my hand:

And on my lips:

Pretty color, isn't it?! The color really pops out. Not as orange as I expected, though, but it will appear great if we apply concealer first.

That's all! Bye!


  1. baguuus :D ini uda jd wishlist ak nih dr pertama keluar :D
    thanks for the review <3

    1. u're very welcome
      I'm glad u visit my blog ^^