Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Kiehl's Feel The Power

Kiehl's has been so nice to me and other bloggers too. We were invited to the new store at Lotte Shopping Avenue, Jakarta, to gather there. This famous skincare brand never fail to give me some excitement, even by just coming to their store. Their quirky design always makes me interested. Take a look!

And I was getting more excited seeing the quirky snack served on the table.

How quirky!
Oh, wait until you see this! I meant, look at the beverages!

Okay, enough with those awesome quirkiness. Now, I'm gonna tell you about the philanthropy mission that Kiehl's holds. Kiehl's will donate to SOS Children's Villages Indonesia in order to help them give the chance for every children in this country to feel the warmness and happiness to have a family surrounds them. SOS Children's Villages has been active in Indonesia since 1972 focused in nurture for children who have lost their family. Go to their website here for more info about their mission, activities, and etc.

For this donation program, Kiehl's needs you to participate in this mission. At the event, the bloggers were asked to play a game in which we were needed to cooperate to make domino chain. Each one had 5 to 6 cards to be put there on the table. Everyone must be very careful, or we would fail in making the chain.

Finally, we did it! Time to knock them down!

And the heart lighted.

Just like what we did to make the heart lighted on, everyone is also needed to accomplish one mission. Kiehl's asks all of you to participate in their philanthropy mission through Kiehl's Feel The Power.

Maybe you already realized, there are four Mr.Bones with four different lab coats at the pic above. Kiehl's has asked four powerful people to join this mission and give their idea for Mr. Bones' lab coat's design. Here they are:

Our task is to vote for our favorite design. Like Kiehl's facebook page and vote here. Every vote is valued IDR 5,000 to be donated to SOS Children's Village. We can only vote once, and each vote will get a unique code to be exchanged with free sample kit and consultation at Kiehl's stores. Not only that, there's also weekly prize, hamper products worth IDR 500,000, for three voters who share about this program on facebook. What are you waiting for? Vote here for the best lab coat until 31st October. Quick quick!

The special design by four powerful people also comes in these four best products' special packaging. Every purchase of these limited edition products will donate IDR 15,000 to SOS Children's Village.

Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate
Retail Price: IDR 685,000 (50 ml)
Special designed by Didiet Maulana

This best selling product contains 10.5 % the very strong vitamin C (L-asorbic acid) that has been proved to be able to brighten skin and reduce lines. This product has the highest level of vitamin C that many has believed as the strongest substance to improve skin without causing irritation. 

Powerful Wrinkle & Pore Reducing Cream
Retail Price: IDR 550,000 (50 ml)
Special designed by Sigi Wimala

Wrinkle and Pore have been the biggest concerns of almost every woman. This Powerful Wrinkle & Pore Reducing Cream offer the new way to solve this. The cream will increase skin's elasticity, the main factor to reduce wrinkle and pore. In only four weeks, the skin will gain back its elasticity up to 32%.

Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream
Retail Price: IDR 395,000 (14 ml)
Special designed by Nicoline Patricia

With Copper PCA and Abyssine, this eye cream will help us to ward off aging, especially in the skin around the eyes. This will reduce dark circle, eyebag, and wrinkle. 

Super Multi-Corrective Cream
Retail Price: IDR 650,000 (50 ml)
Special designed by Ari Wibowo

This multi-targeted cream has the complete ability to reduce wrinkle; increase elasticity; lift, firm, and sculpt contour; also smooth skin. This Kiehl's product contains of three main ingredients that has not ever been combined in one cream before; Jasmonic Acid, Beech Tree Extract, and Fragmented Hyaluronic Acid. It will give significant result in just two weeks.

Thing we need to know is all Kiehl's products are fragrance free, very safe even for sensitive skin.


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