Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bouncia Body Soap

As a female, it's also not wrong if you're a male, I always think of getting the best product to help me have the healthiest skin, not only for face but body also. Healthy skin is a key to beauty. Then, if we talk about beauty/health for body, we need to talk about soap as the most essential one. 

Here is Bouncia Body Soap.

This body soap is from Japanese Brand 'Cow Brand', that has motto: 'Cow Style'. This brand has established since 1909, and their solid soap become the no.1 in Japan. Go here to know more about this brand.

And this Bouncia is one of their products which has a very special ability, because the foam particles are said to be smaller than others and they're able to penetrate deeply to our skin. Therefore, it keeps the skin clean, smooth, and moisture. 

Bouncia is enriched with hyaluronic acid, collagen, and milk butter to maintain the skin's natural moisture; and licorice-derived dipotassium glycyrrhizate to remove dead skin's cell. Looking at the packaging, it's so simple yet luxurious. The gold color emphasizes it. And when I try this soap, I know why it has luxury concept.

Here is the liquid:

It smells so nice and very luxurious, even though at first I expected to smell something mild because I think of the milk butter as one of its ingredients,'s floral scent instead. 

Once I get my shower puff together with the soap, the foam starts appearing, and it's getting to appear more and more. Why they named it 'Bouncia'? Because the foam is really bouncy. I can feel it's really denser than other foam soap. 


With that foam and its nice scent, I feel like I always have luxurious shower-time *posing like soap ads model*. Ahemm.. After rinsing it off, I don't feel my skin becomes dry and rough. Meanwhile, it makes my skin so smooth.

Since Cow Brand is now available in Indonesia, we can get this Bouncia in Guardian, GrandLucky, Papaya, and Yogya. The price is IDR 75,000 for the 550 ml bottle, and IDR 35,000 for 430 ml refill pouch. Pricey?! Well, think again, with those massive amounts of foam, we only need one pump for whole body. I think it will be worth, right?!

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