Sunday, October 13, 2013

Dat Freckles

When I was searching pictures for my Gradient Lips Tutorial, this picture appeared on Google search:

My reaction was just like.....dat freckle♥. Since that day, I've wondered how I look like with freckles. I think it's cute to have freckles on face, especially on nose area. On instagram, many people with freckles on their face wear makeup, and no lie, freckles make the colors popped up. It's really nice if freckles is combined with vivid colors, or even unusual colors, not only pink, orange, and red, but lime or yellow.

And then, days ago, I saw this on youtube:

Haruka Kurebayashi made a tutorial to be a Blythe Doll, that also has cute freckles. The colors used there were orange and pink. I love her eye-make there.What a coincidence! Because I really wanna make that look so much. Well, actually my reaction was how dare you steal my unpublished idea?! LOL :P

Freckles are usually found on people who have fair complexion. That's why I use my lightest BB cream and apply face powder to diminish shiny effect. Haruka-san used Dolly Wink Eyeliner in brown to make the freckles. Me?! Because I don't have brown eyeliner, I used my Dolly Wink Brow Pencil. didn't work. The color didn't pop up, so the freckless couldn't be seen. Then, I made them clear enough by using nail art tools and brown eyeshadow. You know, the tool that supposed to make dot to your nail. Hahahahaha's what I look like with freckles

I feel like I always look like that I have kinda cross-eyed with freckles. Hahahahaha, maybe because the freckles gather at the center of my face so it made me do my eyeballs.

Okay! Enough for today. Oh nope..some more..

I know the freckle doesn't look perfect, because I cannot make precise spots with just the brown eyeshadow I used. Wah~ I think I need that Dolly Wink eyeliner *stroking my wallet*


  1. ahhh,, how cute! apalagi hidungmu mancung dear :)

    1. I'm not. really. simply because of the shading :3
      thank u for reading, dear ^^