Friday, October 18, 2013

Dr. Jart+ V7 Beauty Balm Review

I'm always interested to try a product that has brightening effect, because I am a fan of bright skin, even weirder, I'm a fan of pale skin. This, I think, is a matter of personal taste. Don't relate this with racism or other issues, because it's really up to people if they like white skin or dark skin; tanned skin, yellow skin, even alien skin (oh come on, it's not The Sims). But what important is...choose the safest way to achieve your favorite color. Me, myself, is not really pale, even kinda tanned a bit because of my outdoor activities, but I'm not and won't be interested in buying instant whitening nor inject something to my body with some substances in order to make my skin paler. Nope. Too risky.

Why I talked about bright/white skin?! Because this post will be about a review of one product from Dr. Jart+, called V7 Beauty Balm. V7 is actually a series of products that has whitening and anti-wrinkle effect, and V7 Beauty Balm is one of it. There are also toner, serum, emulsion, and spot treatment. Plus, it contains seven vitamins. That's why they are named V7. Oh! This maybe the safest way to get white skin.

I've attended the launching of V7 and already posted here. You may go to that post to see the detail of V7.

V7 Beauty Balm is...well, you know it by 'BB Cream', BB for Beauty Balm. And as we all can see from the package, it offers perfect protection from UV/UB, seven vitamins complex, and natural looking coverage.

Perfect Protection From UV/UB
This Beauty Balm has SPF 30 / PA++, which is ideal for everyday sun protection. Worry not if the sun will burn face, because this beauty balm will protect it.

Seven Vitamins Complex
V7 Beauty Balm is a multi-functional BB Cream. Not only for coverage, this also nourishes skin with its 7 vitamins; A, B3, B5, C, E, F, and H.

Natural Looking Coverage
It will hide the imperfection without looking cakey.

My impression after several times applying this BB Cream to my face is...I like it! First, because it gives good coverage. Not too shiny, too dewy, but matte. Natural!

Left: Before, Right: After

It hides my dark circle, acne scars, dark spots, and gives a really natural result. It lasts long too, not become cakey after hours wearing this.

Second reason why I like it is the fragrance. It smells so good and really relaxing. It doesn't smell like usual BB cream, instead, it smells like a skincare cream with nice scent. I don't know maybe it's kinda like fruit scent or something. The fragrance is not too strong. That's a good point.

And the third reason, the shade is really suit my taste. It really give brighter skin as a result. Here's the swatch:

The contra I have maybe also the same like the point 3 of reason why I like it, which is the shade. It may only suitable for pale to fair skin. Even I like white skin so much, I don't dare applying this too much to my face. I just use a bit of it, even less amount than I usually use other BB cream. My swatch pics explain everything. My hand has darker color than my face. So it give a very clear difference between the area I use and the area I don't use this BB cream.

That's my review of Dr.Jart+ V7 Beauty Balm. Drop the comment to share your opinion. Thanks!


  1. I don't mean to be rude but you sound racist reguardless. I know that in many Asian countries you look down on us with dark skin and treat us like ugly creatures. Bright equates to white (or pale) and you've reiterated that by glorifying this product/

    1. Hello~

      First, I would like to apologize if I use the words that offend you and others in this post. In first paragraph, I tried to explain that I prefer pale skin than glowing skin or dark skin. I think it's the matter of personal taste. It doesn't define beauty in general. Weird enough, I love to see people with really pale skin, because I find it unique.

      But indeed, in many Asian countries, white skin is really glorified, and some people here love to try many ways (including the harmful ones) to get their skin WHITE, not BRIGHT but WHITE. That's why I think we need to change the perception of 'bright' and 'white' here. I personally think it's okay to get the bright skin, while I think it's really impossible to get a totally different skin shade. It's my mistake for not differentiating those two words: bright and white. I apologize.

      Lastly, I love this product because it really suits my taste. So, if I use this BB cream, it gives me pale result without any shine or glow which I love so much. This is a rare result of a BB cream, because mostly will give very glowing effect on skin. I also indicated in the last paragraph (if you read it) that the shade also brings the contra because this product only gives certain result which may not be suitable for everyone.

      So far, I still think that I do not glorify this product the same way as people glorify white skin to be called beautiful.

    2. It's alright. When I reviewed my comment, I felt that I was jumping to conclusions.

      I mean, there's nothing wrong with yellow skin, dark skin, tan skin, etc but what's not right is WHITE skin being the only type of beauty standard, you know what I mean? Especially in Asia, considering they have the most people on this planet.

      I mean, I know this is weird but I'm African-American and I love Korean and Asian skincare because my skin is dry and sensitive, but to see all these products promise " whitening" and "brightening" effects bother me a lot, because the only way to actually get lighter is by bleaching, or getting some sort of percription- or rather even if I wanted to get fairer, my skin will end up looking chalky lol.

      As for bb cremes, I've sampled some ( without adding foundation) and even if I were that skintone, the grey undertones make your skin look dull and dead :/ I think that there are lots of alternatives such as highlighting or using color correction powders.

      Sorry if I seemed rude