Saturday, September 28, 2013

Gradient Lips

I actually wanna call this 'My Everyday Lip-make' but I realized I don't wear this everyday, I wear it often, but not everyday. Ain't nobody got time for that. Moreover, I wanna make the title more specific, so let's call it 'Gradient Lips', the famous term to describe this kind of lip makeup. This lip-make is really popular in Korea. Like any other makeup that comes from Korea, it creates a dolly and innocent look.

It is pretty simple. We only need these products to create gradient lips:

(From left to right)

1. Lip Balm 
I'm using Eos Lip Balm in Lemon Drop. Lip balm is really important because it prevents dryness. The lip tint, lip concealer, and lipstick (though the lipstick I used already moisture lips) can make your lips very dry and chapped. So, always use lip balm!

2. Lip Concealer 
It is actually nude lipstick, that has the same color as your skin. The one that I use here is Etude House Color Me Nude.

3. Lip Tint
I placed it wrong. Use lipstick first, and then lip tint. This lip tint absorbs to our lips and creates natural color on it. But beware, this kind of product can make lips dry faster. My favorite lip tint is the Color Pop #2 Sunny Pop from Etude House.

4. Lipstick
Yaaa, we all know lipstick. I use Maybelline Extreme Moisture Lipstick R41 Wine. 

As you can see, I choose bright lip colors. Those lip colors won't be used to all over our lips, just a tiny part of it, so don't worry it will appear soft.

Then, let's do this!

Step 1: Use lip balm

Step 2: Apply Lip Concealer and smooth it over. It will blur the outer lip-line.

Step 3: Apply lipstick on the inner part of lips, and smooth the lips. It gives a hint of pink.

Step 4: Make dots on the inner part of lips using lip tint. Pat the lips to make the color even.


You may add lip gloss for glossy lips, it also will diminish the appearance of lip cracks. 

That's all! Hope you like it.


  1. hihi favoritku juga kak gradient lips, nice post kak ^^

  2. aku jg seneng gradient lips XD hehe
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  3. aku cinta juga gradian lip, btw concelernya bikin kering ga sis?

    1. ya, bikin kering T^T
      that's why lipbalm is very important

      thanks for the comment ^^

  4. gk bole sering" pake concelernya kan??? klo gk pake concelernya bisa gkk? xD

    i'm your followers now :3
    yuk ikutan give away yang saia adain <3
    - -

    1. thanks you dear ^^

      ya, kayaknya ga bagus kalo dipake sering. keriiiing. hehehehe
      mungkin lipstick warna nude lain, merk lain, yg lebih moisture