Sunday, October 6, 2013

Ruby Gloom Inspired Makeup

Well, maybe, let me thank first to the duo, Systrom and Krieger, for creating instagram. Because nowadays, it has been my best friend. It has been my no 1 entertainment social media. I have a lot of fun there. I love to stalk cool people and find some inspirations, maybe.

For this post, as you've seen from the title, it is the look I created, inspired by Ruby Gloom a.k.a Ruby Chen. I knew her from instagram. Yaa you know, I stalked cool people and it lead me to another cool people, and it lead to another one, until I finally found Ruby Gloom and started to be her follower. She comes from Hongkong. She is a model, DJ, a fashion editor, and an official alien (that's what she said). Check her instagram @rubyrubygloom.

Her style may into punk and also goth, but I actually don't like to address someone with such typical terms like that. I love to call her style with rubygloom's style. Okay, just forget about punk goth I've mentioned.

Credits to her instagram account.

I fall in love with her style; her outfit, her makeup, especially her eye-make. Then I decided to make one look, inspired by her signature makeup.

I hope you all note it that it is an inspired look, not makeup transformation. So I modified some, not really transformed into Ruby Gloom. And, here it is:

I made the lips to be more dolly, because I realized my lips' shape is really different from her, and I lost my concealer at that time (meh!), so I just made it like that.

Then, in the mid of photoshoot, I dropped one of my bottom falsies, and it's nowhere to be found. So I just pulled off another one, so the left eye and the right eye will be balance, and the photoshoot continued:


LOL! Hope you like this post! Happy Sunday!


  1. I love ruby! And you nailed it girl! <3

    1. yayy! we love ruby!
      thank u thank u thank u <3

  2. oh you look soo cutee like a doll! <3

  3. Good job! (mirip eh jadinya) ;)

  4. Mirippp cantik :)
    Visit my blog dear n join my giveaway^^