Sunday, June 30, 2013

Black Hair

Hi there! I announce you that I'm back to black! Black hair, I mean.

After more than a year having light brown hair, I've finally decided to dye my hair back to black.


Because one day, my...umm...boss(?!)/supervisor(?!)...whoever he is...looked at me for such a long time, and then he approached me and said, "If you wanna go work again, dye your hair black, okay? Because the rule can't allow you to have orange hair."

But, what did he say?! Orange?! My hair looked orange?! 0.o
It was light brown!

At first, I thought I don't wanna be back to black haired. Never! Ever! But well, my ORANGE hair was really annoying since I couldn't achieve an even color. Dyed hair is hard to maintain *true story*. However, wait until the time comes, I'm gonna bleach my hair to the salon. Hahahahahahaha.

This, what I used to dye my hair black: Syoss

Not hard to achieve black hair, but what happened to me is, again, uneven color. My tip is darker than my root. Sigh!

Kinda weird having black hair again. Everytime I wanna take a pic, I feel like I wanna be an emo. LOL! But glad makeup helps. I assure myself that I still can be kawaii with black hair, like Kurumi Nakada and Saki Sato from Harajuku Kawaii TV. Hahahahahahaha.

Black hair also means more chances to wear any color of lipstick. Yeah, with ORANGE hair, I usually stick to soft pink or soft orange lip color, because the hair itself already becomes a center of attention. Though I know these days 'crazy' makeup becomes a trend; crazy colorful hair, with bright lips, and bright blusher.

Anyway, black hair makes nude lip color looks cool. It seems so pale, but still cool, right?! It emphasizes dark and white: the hair color and the skin color. 

Or, wear red lipstick!

Tadaaa, more contrast I get! Black, White, and Red.

Which lip color suits me best?

Nude lips.

Or red lips?


  1. You look good with black hair! :D
    I guess I would look like a goth haha

    1. hahahaha. but I always wanna pose like an emo goth everytime doing selfie. lolol.

      thanks for ur comment ^^

  2. You look beautiful with black hair. God contrast with your fair skin(:

    Dreamy Princess