Wednesday, June 26, 2013

About the Haze

Everyone must know about the DISASTER that happens recently. Yes, the forest burning that takes place in Sumatera, Indonesia, affects other countries; Singapore and Malaysia. The wind brings the hazardous haze to those countries, attacking everyone who's still breathing. Even I hear that the haze has reached Thailand. Although I live in Jakarta which isn't affected by this haze, I feel like...I want to talk about this.

My very first feeling right after hearing about this haze was I feel attacked as an Indonesian.

Why?! I first heard about it from my favorite public figures that are from Singapore. They kept talking about it and poured their anger to their tweets, instagrams, and their blogs. They spread hatred towards the forest burner. But, I found myself feel disappointed with those rage they said, because many of them, generalize this problem as the enmity between Indonesia and Singapore, and later Malaysia. When reading all the rages they uttered made me think that they consider Indonesians, ALL, are guilty.

It became worse when our minister, Agung Laksono, said that Singapore act like a child. Woah! All the rages, curses...all seems like they're gonna explode. At that state, I felt like when I showed up telling them that I'm Indonesian, I would get punched.

Words are mind. I believe what they say reflect their mind, in this case, their thinking about Indonesians. I hate the feeling that comes up in me after hearing all of those complaints, though I sometimes question myself why I'm being so offended by their words. Because I'm Indonesians?! Because they are Singaporeans and Malaysians?! Because they and I are bordered by region?! Country?!

However, I feel so glad that there are still many Singaporeans and Malaysians that are wise enough to not referring the forest burner as all Indonesians. Their words say that. They hate the haze, they hate Agung Laksono calling them 'a child', but they, cautiously, control all the words they speak up. Someone never mentions 'Indonesian', some other one focuses on health issue and sincerely hope this will be over. They may be angry, but they know that this is the problem about border called country, and so it makes this problem 20++ times more sensitive to be talked. I appreciate them more than the ones who blatantly and brutally spread hatred and rage toward the minister and government which sounds addressing to the Indonesians, without exception.

And as time passes, finally, all Indonesians seems awake about this too, and now we all talk about it. Once again, I'm disappointed. Why?! Because once again, Indonesians also see this problem as the enmity, never-ending conflict, between Indonesia and Malaysia (and Singapore also). The companies that are investigated due to the forest burning are related with Malaysia (or owned by Malaysia??). So, many people think our neighbor countries deserve to be suffered by the haze. This is the impact of the thing they make by their own selves by building their business here in Indonesia.

O-kay. I may not understand about this dirty business thingy, but one thing I know: No one deserves to breathe this hazardous haze.

Here, people keep saying, not even a single thank Indonesia get from those countries for the oxygen we give from our beautiful forest, but now by this little haze, they keep crying and raging to stop this. What I wanna say is: This haze is not a little thing. It's a serious problem. It's not a joke.

Recently, Indonesians are more concerned to why our president, SBY, must apologized to Singapore and Malaysia?! Indonesia protests this apology because it is our neighbor countries' 'fault'. O-kay. One thing! This is happening in Indonesia, it should be our authority to begin investigation or whatever to solve this problem as soon as possible. One 'sorry' doesn't make us a runt. What the victims of this haze really need right now is the promise to quickly solve this problem. And take a note that the victims not only people who are in Singapore and Malaysia. People in Sumatera also suffer from this. So, please value their life. This apology is not what we should talk about.

Instead of questioning who to blame, who to apologize, why don't we just stop this hatred?! I keep imagining that it's like two children playing with the leaves and fire, but only one child who affected by the smoke. The child keeps coughing and begging to stop the fire, but the other child always blame his involving in starting the fire and even laugh at him. Why don't they just stop the fight and put the fire out, and promise they will not light the fire again?!

Eh wait, children?! Yes, blaming and fighting is like children. Who's the real child now?!

Now, the enemy should be the only one, the forest burner, whether they are Indonesians, Malaysians, Singaporeans. That moron must be slapped with a raw fish.

Oh, for Indonesians who keep laughing at the victims and telling that they deserve this, maybe you should try to see through their eyes. Ben and Cheesie have ever written about this. Yes, they are Singaporean and Malaysian, my favorite bloggers too. Maybe you will know that the haze is not a joke, and maybe you will know what is really important now is too cool our head down and think how to stop the haze.....and the hate.

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