Thursday, June 27, 2013

Movie Time! with Kiehl's

On June 21st, I went to Pacific Place, Jakarta, to attend Movie Time! that was held by Kiehl's Indonesia. We were gonna watch Man of Steel. Superman yayy! Thanks sis Carnellin for the invitation, and of course thanks to Kiehl's.

Outfit of the day: Nothing special, just wearing red red red.

I asked my sister, Alin, to accompany me going to the event. But, I just knew that we could not buy the ticket by our own for the same show. The entire studio had been booked for this Movie Time! only. Hahahahaha. So, later, I bought Alin ticket to watch Monsters University. She watched it by herself then, and I think she had a really good time. Who doesn't love Monsters University?!

Arrived there earlier than I thought. We decided to take a walk first before going to Galleries Lafayette in which the new Kiehl's store located.

This is the pic of Alin with the Eiffel. Wow she went to Paris. LOL!

While walking around, we bought some ice cream. We argued about what flavors to pick. Alin already chose coffee. She didn't like matcha, but I insisted to add a scoop of matcha ice cream. Later, Alin liked it and she was the one who eat all up. Meh!

So,after spending all time waiting for the event, we headed to Galleries Lafayette, on Ground Floor. Here's the sneak peek of Kiehl's store.

Meet Mr. Bones

Maybe all of you has known from the pic above that Kiehl's was established in 1851. Wow! Even our grandmas have not been born yet. What is the secret to be long-lasted? Isn't it obvious?! Trust! Kiehl's has build the trust to their customers, guaranteeing the very good quality in every products. 

Kiehl's gives all their care to our skin, not only for face but body also. This brand has been famous of the anti-wrinkle treatment. But you may take a look at other products. They also provide all other treatment such as treatment for acne, pores, oily skin, to dry skin.


Here's the beauty bloggers; me, and Tia, and Meylisa.

At there, these pretty macarons were always waiting nicely to be eaten. Guess who's excited?! Alin! Her eyes dilated seeing those macarons, and I think in total, she had eaten five of them (or more?).

Finally, it's the real Movie Time! We went up to Blitz Megaplex on 6th Floor, and we were ready to watch Man of Steel.

I waited with Alin because though we were going to watch different movies, both the movies started at the same time.


Man of Steel, in my opinion,....yaaa it's pretty good, though I dislike that the fight scene seems over-exposed. Henry Cavill is handsome, but I prefer him with beard and mustache. So cool! Huehehehehehehe.

Oh! I went home that day bringing goodies from Kiehl's. Happy happy! Can't wait to try the products they gave.

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