Monday, June 24, 2013

(Shopping) Wonderland

Last Thursday, my family and I went to Grand Indonesia. At the Ground Floor, we saw this wonderland. I thought we need to pay to enter it, but then, when we asked the boy in charge there, he said "Because it will be closed in a few minutes, it's free to enter." What?! O-kay.

So we entered. Mumpung gratis.

Sorry for blur pics. Sometimes I think I need a good photographer or at least someone who can took a good photo whenever I want to take a photo of full body of mine. Hmmm...

There was an old style phone box.

Ted Baker background. Oh, please mind those huge flowers.

In a cage (Ted Baker background)

After taking some photos, the boy in charge came to us and said, "It will be closed.". Oh okay. Enough. Bye!

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