Saturday, June 15, 2013

It's June 15!

And it's my birthday!

Ahh~ I'm 23 now. I just hope everything I have planned will be going well without such a heavy odds.

Birthday, now, feels like a deadline. It feels like a day when I need to have achieved something in my life. 20+ syndrome I think.

People usually make resolutions on their birthday, listing what to do for a year ahead. So do I. But I'm not gonna say a word about my resolution. Because it makes me feel good, and I think it's not good.

Well, enough said. Happy birthday me! And happy June 15 everyone!

By the way, now I feel so broken-hearted because I cannot see GD's performance today at MEIS. Who feels the same?


  1. Happy birthday dear kakak ^^
    sukses selalu kedepannya ya kaaak~
    I see that you're a VIP there, hihi <3

    1. thank youuu dear <3
      yes, I'm a VIP!! :DD