Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ulzzang Eye Makeup

When people see my selca or selfie pic, most of them will say, 'You look so Korean!'. No offense! But for me, I don't like being told like a Korean. Maybe because I'm not into Korean style. Yeah I know most of my makeup stuff comes from Korea. It's simply because Korean product has good quality and good price, and also easy to get here in Indonesia. But using Korean products doesn't mean I'm into Korean makeup style, right?! People should know that Chinese or Chinese-looking-girl who wears circle lens and eyeliner is not necessarily a Korean-craze. There are many many many styles outside Korea, like feizl, gyaru, visual kei, manba, etc. 

So, I'm gonna show how one of the makeup style existed in Korea looks like. This is the real Korean look.

Yap! As the title has said, this post will be about my attempt in being an ulzzang. Ulzzang means best face. It's derived from Korean, 'eoljjang', that also means best face. Best face is best face, so ulzzang is literally someone who has best or pretty face. They are famous because they upload their pretty picture to the internet, and many people see it and like it, and they become online celebrity.

I bet now there're so many people that are really really familiar with this term. I can see it from seeing how many ulzzangs wanna be on facebook. I've been knowing ulzzang since a long time, and I also ever had big interest into this. Even I have written an essay about it for my assignment. Hahahaha. I have some favorite ulzzangs too, like Park Tae Jun, Jungroo, Lee Jung Ha, Hong Young Gi. Yeah, I know they're kinda first or old generation ulzzangs. Pardon my.....age.

So, this ulzzang has their own style. Mostly, the style is about makeup. The trademark is the big eyes. Ulzzang usually wear circle lens that have big diameter so it will make their eyes look big and cute. Not only circle lens, ulzzang also plays much in eyeliner. 

Okay, I'm not gonna say a word anymore. This is 'attempt to achieve an ulzzang eye' step by step:

1.) Wear circle lens. I use Princess Mimi Almond that has 14.5 mm diameter. It also has black outer ring that can make big difference for eye. It will appear big and cute like a doll eye.
2.) Apply a bit of brown eyeshadow. It will help to enlarge the eye because it makes the illusion of bigger eyelid. But not too many please, ulzzang doesn't play much on eyeshadow. Natural eyes, but big!
3.) Just a look of the eyeshadow when I close my eye.
4.) Line the upper line with liquid eyeliner. Don't wing it, just make it longer following the eyeline.
5.) Time to line the bottom line. Line it until reaching the half of the eye. I use pencil eyeliner because it's easier to line the bottom line with that. After that, I define the line with liquid eyeliner.
Before finished.) Use white eyeliner or tear drop liner from the tear gland to the end of the black line. It emphasize the eye more and also make it looks bling bling but innocent, because it's kinda teardrops.

And..finished! I got my ulzzang eye.

Oh, apply mascara or natural fake lashes if necessary. For more ulzzang look, you can make the gradient lips. Just a bit of lip tint or lip stain to the lips.

Here it is, my ulzzang look.

But you cannot be an ulzzang without the pose.

The famous pose of ulzzang (my version):
1. Pouty face or duck face

2. Cute V or peace sign

3. Aegyo, or (trying to) look cute

4. And (awkward) hand pose

Okay, I hope I don't fail too much in being an ulzzang. Don't vomit please. Here the bonus! Pic of me again!


  1. ulzzang banget deh hasilnya... cute^^
    mungkin lbih bgus lg klo gmbarnya lbih terang plus tutorialnya ga cuma eye aja plus ad ket. produk apa aja yg dipke.. hehe..
    btw, nice post! I followed you too.. follback yah.. hihi.. thanks :)

    1. whoopss noted it. thank u ^^
      followed u back

  2. Gradiant Lipsnya bagus ^_^
    Nice post :)