Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Roppan Fun (With No 'Roppan')

On Sunday, my sisters and I went to pick my Mom up. It's just like our ritual; picking up my Mom from the store and then, we, together, will go out for dinner.

This is my face of the day.

When I hang out, I prefer wearing natural circle lens, and my favorite is Princess Mimi Almond which I was wearing on that day. For this look, I also used my favorite red blusher from Holika Holika. Lips looked natural by wearing Etude Fresh Cherry Tint. Actually, I have-ummm...let's call it a mission-to dress up and make up wherever I go. I really want to wear fake lashes, but I always become so lazy. Haiyaah~. So I ended up wearing mascara only.

This, Alin's attempt to photobomb me.

We posed when waiting for the green light.

After Mom had joined us, we headed to Plaza Semanggi coz we needed to buy some bras (LOL!). And also who can stand to not go to Plaza Semanggi?! Affordable clothes, affordable clothes everywhere. Though we actually didn't buy anything except bras. Window shopping is pleasure too.

Since our car drove through the front lobby, before we parked it, I saw Roppan and felt like I wanna eat there. Well, it came true. So there we were.

But before that, when we went shopping, we also bought bubble tea coz my sisters craved for them though Roppan also have bubble tea. But you know, craving is craving!!

Did some sisters-shots before the food came to our table.

Later, my Mom uploaded this on her facebook. I found it funny. Different version of the photo above. 

Just a silly pose with Alin.

Alin no like paparazzi.

But I like :DD

Then, our food has arrived. I know that Roppan is well known with their honey toast. But I think we were hungry. We need rice!! Or udon at least.

Alin's bento.

Nia's curry.

And mine, udon with tempura.

My Mom also ate, of course. She ordered udon too. But her udon arrived so late, so when it came, I was too busy eating my udon, didn't care about taking a pic of her udon.

Me, eating udon. Oh gosh~ my black roots looked so ugly. Need to dye hair soon. *wrong focus*

We were so full...and thankful.
Oh good it rhymes.

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