Friday, August 17, 2012

Prettia in Sweet Pink

Just a few days ago, I dyed my hair with Prettia. I usually use Palty for dyeing my hair, but this time, I wanna try different brand, so I can make a comparison. I, actually, ordered the new colour from Prettia, that called Jewel Peach. But, it was out of stock, and I was sent Prettia in Sweet Pink as the substitute. This is an old version of Prettia, and maybe the new version is called Jewel Peach. However, I'm not sure these two have the same colour or not.

This is the Prettia Sweet Pink.

What are inside the box.

What you need to do is just pour the liquid in bottle no. 1 to the bigger bottle. Close the lid, and turn the bottle down and up, so the liquid is mixed. Don't shake it! It will only make the foam inside the bottle. Then, change the lid with the pink one, and squeeze the bottle to make foam.

The application is so easy. It can be used like using shampoo. So, it's easier to make sure the foam was applied evenly. Besides that, one box of this foam dye is more than enough for my hair. Even, my sister can apply that to her hair. One box for two. Woww!

This is my hair before. The black root is long enough and so annoying seeing that. And also the uneven colour, as you can see near my root seems to be lighter.

And the result!

It's really good in covering my root. Besides that, it helps to even my hair colour. The scent is good too, not damaging scents like others have (but Palty also has the good scent).

Next, maybe, I'll try Palty Bubble Hair dye, the foam series of Palty. What colour should I try?


  1. Kak, ini kakak order dimana dan berapa? Aku jadi pengen ngecat lagi. Udah mulai tumbuh rambut barunya.. hihi. Thank you..

    1. di Miaw Lens, di facebook.
      lupa euy harganya, > 150ribu deh. hehee..