Sunday, February 17, 2013

Schwarzkopf Fresh Light: Clear Ash

Back with another Fresh Light hair dye post.

Last month, I wrote about Fresh Light hair dye in Sweet Apricot. Actually, I dyed my hair on December. I re-dyed my hair on the beginning of February. So it was about two month interval to the next hair-dyeing. The black root already had enough time to show up.

In my February Haul post, I already put the pic of the new repurchased Fresh Light, in Clear Ash. I always wanted ash hair, because it looks so gorgeous. However, I still want my hair go brighter. But when I went to Guardian after attending Beauty Couture event, I bought this Fresh Light. I was determined to go ashy this time.

But, how's the result?
Continue reading this post, please.

This is the box. The Blythe doll has the darker ash hair than my brown hair used to be.

The explanation on the back clearly says that my hair would be darker, rite? I consider my hair would be like the second table, from brown to that ash.

Here's what inside the box.

I'm not gonna tell how to apply because I already told it here, in my post about Fresh Light Sweet Apricot. So, I'm gonna go directly to the result.

Okay, here's my hair before.

Black root, and reddish brown hair color, the result of previous Fresh Light hair dye.

And this is the result of Schwarzkopf Fresh Light Clear Ash. Be readyyyyy...!


Dahell! Why my hair didn't go ash?!

As the pic has shown, my hair still has kinda reddish brown color. In real, it looks more yellowish than reddish. If there's a change, it happens on my root. The black root is successfully covered.

What did I do wrong?

I expected a darker color. I also think, ash has some green tone, not yellow or red. Whoooahh it's really out of expectation. Why Clear Ash color has the same result as another color I've tried?

I'm dissapointed...yeah.. And I try to cheer my self up, by taking pic of my hair under the sunlight. I don't know, it looks yellowish ash there (dahell is 'yellowish ash'?!!). But actually, no difference at all. No one realizes I have dyed my hair ash.

Maybe, this failure happened because my hair was not bright enough before. I should have very bright brown color before dyeing my hair ash. But I already expected much. Sigh!

Pic to end this post.

 o(´^`)o I failed to go ash.


  1. I think it didn't work because you left it on for a shorter time than listed. If the box dye tells you to leave it on for 15-30 mins, you should leave in on for 45 mins in order to maximize the effect of the dye.

    1. Hi ^^

      I left it for more than an hour, so I think the problem is not about how long I left it, or how bad this product is. No.
      This post was written more than a year ago. I've been through some more exciting experience in dying hair. Lesson learnt. It's impossible to get ash hair if I start with hair color like in this post. I should've bleached my hair and toned it first. Or else, no matter what color I chose, it would end up redder.

      Thank you for the comment. ^^
      It made me find it's necessary to write an update about this.

  2. This happened to me as well. And i used revlon no. 41 before so my hair is chocolate brown before. After using this i got that yellowish ash u mentioned, but I love it haha maybe we got this color resut bc our hair was brown before?

    1. I think so. It's hard to get rid the red tone without bleaching and toning.
      Ash dye on brown will result yellowish reddish brown (??!), well, like in the picture. It was shocking to me since I expected my hair to be darker with green ashy tone. Hahaa

      Thanks for the comment ^^