Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It's Safe from the Trash Bin

When I was preparing some stuffs for school, I took a look at my note binder. I separated the important notes and the meaningless scribbles. Arranged the important notes neatly, and threw the rest in to the trash bin. Then, I found my own handwriting on this note. I'd written a story. Here it is.


This morning, I came to school which the students are from low economic class. I got a chance to teach in there. That was so exciting. I love kids very much. But today is different. There was no teaching and learning.   We played together. One thing we did was making chocolate balls.

"Listen, kids!" shouted one of my friends. "Today, we're going to cooking."

"Horray!" The children seemed happy.

"So, line up! We went to divide you in groups."

They started to stand in line. However, it was difficult to put them in order. Some were still playing even fighting each other. But finally, we did it. they stood in group which consist of eight kids.

I handled a group.

"Now, take out your bowls," said me. "I want to give you some maries." (I mean biscuits called marie)

Each got three maries.

"Crush it into powder."

They followed my instruction. After that, I poured some chocolate and margarine in to their marie and made that dough into balls. Then, the chocolate balls were finished.

They gathered to eat the chocolate balls. A minute later, I saw a little girl who didn't eat that snacks."

"Have you finished eating yet?" asked me.

"No. They are in my bag," answered her.

"Are you dislike them?"

She shook her head. "I want to give it to my mother."

I smiled at her, "That's kind."

How sweet! The other children ate all of the chocolate balls but she remembered her mother. She wanted to to share this happiness to her beloved mother.

I was so enchanted. I thought I want to call my mother later.


The End.

Pardon my lack of grammar in that story. I know I did some grammar mistakes, but I don't want to change it. Let it be.

I don't remember where I wrote that, at which class, or for what. And even I don't remember whether it's true or not. Yeaa, some part is true, but either part, I don't know. I can't remember it.

However, I'm kinda amazed. Sometimes it happens, amazed by my own writings. LOL! Some writings are so silly, but all never fail to make me smile even a bit. That one above is kinda touching and really sweet. I just hope it really happened.

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