Saturday, February 9, 2013


On Wednesday, I went from Jakarta to Bandung to attend friends' graduation. This February, many of my friends have graduated, including Tika.

Congratulation for her graduation!

On that day, I kinda felt something. Seeing my friends wearing graduation robes and tams, I felt................OLD.

Yaaa, suddenly memorized all things back, remembered the first time we were still the new university students. Just like old men do, sighing by seeing how time has gone.

Also, felt a bit melancholy, felt lonely, because there's just a few of us who have not yet graduated, including me. I was like a tiny people who was alienated after realizing she...., he...., they....all have graduated. Sigh! My mistake, procrastinate all the time.

But, this year, this August. I swear!

CONGRADUATION once again to all my S.Hum friends! Now it's their and your turn to WISH ME LUCK.

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