Thursday, February 14, 2013

Beauty Couture

Almost two weeks ago (two weeks, eh?! ∑(O_O;) ), on February 2nd, I and other beauty bloggers from Indonesian Beauty Blogger were invited to the launching of Beauty Couture at Mall Taman Anggrek.

What is Beauty Couture?

Actually, it's a place called a one stop to fulfill beauty needs. At there, people can have treatment such as nail art, manicure, pedicure, facial, and many many more. Not only that, at Beauty Couture, people will be able to find many beauty products that are suitable for them. They can discuss their skin problem, and the beauty consultants will kindly suggest the products that are available there. Don't worry! So many beauty products that you can find it there, and they are from the famous brand such as Etude House, Skin 79, Coverderm, Dr. Jart+, Cottage, Redwin, NZ Health Naturally, and Avene.

Sneak peek...

The interior is so nice; pretty, classic, and elegant. Cannot stand to camho.

By the way, this is my very first event. So much chances last year, but only now, in 2013, I can attend an event. Because what? Because I'm unemployed now. So I can focus on my blogger life.... ヽ(´ー`)ノ and my academic life of course. Hahaha...

Okay, back to the event. Here's before going face:

That day, the agenda would be; getting a makeover, learning nail art, and being introduced what inside Beauty Couture.

Okay, first was make over. And I was so lucky! Shoshanah Serly was the one who did the makeover. I got so many beauty tips from her: how to get Korean eyebrows-eyebrows always became my serious problem in doing makeup, but I usually cheated it with bangs, but now I know how to deal with it (⌒▽⌒)☆-; and then, knowing my eyes which have puffy brow-bone and so cat eyes would suit me; how to shade and highlight; and tips for lips also.

After the makeover...

Ouuwwiiee my brows .

After done with the makeover, there was another session. Time to learn about nail art. Theme was gradation nails.

Tools...that could be brought home.

Here is my work. Ummm..messy, huh?! But it is okay, as long as I fill the whole part of my nail.

But..o-kay it's better to see it from a far.(; ̄д ̄)

Right after the nail art session, we were getting ready for the tour inside Beauty Couture.

First to know was the part for body. There was displayed many shower cream, gel, and perfumes.

Beauty tools.

Special shelf for BB Cream...

Why does Beauty Couture keep saying 'Feel Good In and Out'? Because they provides ALL beauty needs, including what inside body needs.

Here are many variants of honey from NZ Health Naturally. 

Yeah, testers! Can be tested for the taste.

Still, they have many products...

Besides many many shelves that displayed many many beauty products, Beauty Couture also has some rooms to do the treatment.

This is pedicure room. They said they have chocolate pedicure which I was really curious about it.

This is room for facial treatment and massaging.

Inside it, they have this. A machine to make face slimmer, cause nowadays girls really want a V-line face.

That was the last to be shown. The tour ended there.

I suddenly realized it was so crowded there. So many people gathered and even had tried to get makeover or treatment. There was also a dance show as an opening for the launching which is symbolized by cutting the ribbon.

Officially, Beauty Couture has been launched and opened. I think they have an amazing concept which knows well what women really need. Shopping, getting makeover, nail art, manicure and pedicure, treatment, massage, those all can be done in one place. Pretty interesting to come back again and enjoy many things that are offered for our beauty.

And that day, I came home bringing nice goodies.

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