Saturday, January 5, 2013

Schwarzkopf Fresh Light: Sweet Apricot

Since I've bleached and dyed my hair, redyeing becomes a must. It's because my hair keeps growing-it scares me if not-and the new grown hair is black, just like my virgin hair. I keep sticking to Japanese hair dye products because they promise the best result for Asian hair. They also come in many various colors from dark to bright.

So, after trying Palty, Liese, this time I tried Schwarzkopf Fresh Light. The first reason I chose this product is because Fresh Light is now available in Indonesia for IDR 99,000. It's cheaper than other hair dye that sold in many online shops. Actually, I wish someday Palty will be available here too, because I'm always in love with the colors that Palty provides.

This time, I grabbed Fresh Light in Sweet Apricot. Unlike most people, I do not hate the orange tone for my hair. I wanted to diminish yellowish brown on my hair and switch it with sweet orange color.

Inside the box: I got the hair dye, developer, conditioner (which comes in pretty big amount, I like it), the lid (comb-shaped), a pair of gloves, and the instruction.

How to use: Pour the dye to the developer. Shake it well. Change the lid to comb, and it's ready to apply to hair.Wait for 30 minutes (but I always wait for an hour). Rinse it and don't forget to use the conditioner.

To get the even color, I think we all need help cos we can't see the back side. I was helped by my sister, assistant in hair-dyeing. Hahaha

I always do my root first, and wait for about 10 minutes, and continue to do the rest of my hair. My black root need more time to absorb the hair dye.

Here is the detail of the applicator: tilted comb. And the dye itself has purple color, it changes from creamy yellow to purple like this.

After my sister had done dyeing my hair, all I could do was waiting for an hour before I rinsed my hair. So let's do something useful in between, and don't forget to wear shower cap to prevent the air messes the color outcome. Because I am a grateful and dutiful grand daughter, I helped my grandma to ngupas toge for killing the time. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha I looked like a mill-hand, wearing my grandma shower cap, working in front of bean sprouts.

What I like most from Fresh Light hair dye is the conditioner. It has orange scent, so refreshing, and it comes with a big amount in a tube, unlike Palty or Liese that provide it in a sachet, never be enough.

The result!

2-3 cm black root has been gone. My hair color really looks like the Blythe in the box. No more yellowish tone, now it becomes Sweet Apricot. At first look, Sweet Apricot seemed won't give me the bright color, but in real, maybe because the orange tone, it makes my hair looks brighter than it used to be. I think I will give a try to another color from Fresh Light. The Champagne Pink seems good.


  1. hahahaha it cracked me up when i see the "ngupas toge" photo lololol i hate that duty, always trying to find excuse to run out of it.
    i wanted to try the clear ash, but wel maybe next time

    lovely blog you have here!

    1. LOLOLOL epic, rite?! but it's so effective for killing the time.
      oh ya, clear ash is coooool!

      thanks for ur visit ^^

  2. Pretty colooorr...~ :)
    Aku suka bagian "ngupas toge" nya... SO cute laa~ :p


  3. Hi! I just nominated you for Liebster Award, please check :)

  4. Does the product damage your hair??
    Btw, "ngupas toge" is the BEST!:))

    1. I always dyed and re-dyed my hair back then.
      I cannot say it won't damage hair, but it won't put it in danger, in my case.
      Fresh Light made my hair dry, but it was still bearable.