Monday, February 4, 2013

February Haul

It's February, it's a new month. I think there will be such a pleasure to do haul. I know it's still 4th on February, but to change the title to January Haul is not right cause I purchased all of things below after January 31st had passed. So here it is, let's call it February Haul.

Not much. Need to save money. Hahahaha.

First thing is my two-monthly-necessary thing. It is hair dye. Still stick to Fresh Light cause it's easy to get at Guardian and other local drugstore. Also, now Guardian sell it cheaper, IDR 80,000 each, instead of IDR 99,000.

Oh..., and I try Clear Ash color, wanna go darker this time.

Next is concealer. I choose Skinfood Rice Concealer Pen No. 1 Light. Cheap cheap, only IDR 70,000.

Then, a mask from Beauty Diary, Bulgarian Rose. IDR 18,000 for one sheet.

I also wanna try Mediheal Clinic Sulfur Blackhead Suction Nose Patch to pull out this super annoying blackhead on my nose. Got it for IDR 15,000 each patch.

Last, my first makeup product from Holika Holika. I always want a red blusher, so here it is, Holika Holika Love Fantasy Cheek Blusher in Red. Like any other Korean products, they always have such a cute packaging. I got this for IDR 145,000.

Okay! That's my February Haul. Gonna make a review about them. Actually, I have dyed my hair with that Fresh Light and a bit disappointed. It's on the next post!

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