Monday, July 7, 2014

Dr.Jart+ Most Moist Water-Sure Gel

I rarely make the post about skincare, but if I do, that skincare must work really well on me. Trust me! I'll guide you to the right path.

This post is about the famous skincare brand from Korea, Dr.Jart+. One of the series from Dr.Jart+ is called Most Moist. This line of products is created to keep our skin moisture for 24 hours. For couples of weeks, I have been using the Most Moist Water-Sure Gel, an oil free gel cream with lock & lock double moisture system for moisturization and lifting effect.

My first impression of this product was totally liking the texture. It felt like gel, very light one. So it gave me the feeling the gel was made from water. And when I applied to my face, this gel cream gave such a fresh sensation.

Now how it works on me?

For me, this product has done well. Usually, moisturizer indeed will moisturize our skin. But in such a humid weather like Jakarta has, most moisturizer will bring some new problem; acne, sebum, redness, etc. My skin had suffered redness and sebum before I tried to apply the Water-Sure Gel. Not more than a week, the redness has disappeared, and the sebum also has started to decrease.

However, the lifting effect that this product has promised doesn't really happen to me. Comparing with the previous cream that I used, it doesn't make my skin super supple. You know that the cream is powerful when you apply the cream at night, and the next day, you wake up with the very supple skin, seems like the cream has done the lifting really well a whole night.

But it also means that Water-Sure Gel is very suitable for young adult's skin, maybe around 20-30 years old. It gives the right amount of moisturizer considering its light texture. For me, this product is really worth to have, because the gel keeps the skin moist and helps me reduce redness and sebum. Oh! And also prevents acne.

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